Virgo February Astrology Horoscope Forecast

The Sun and Mercury (Your planetary ruler) will tour Aquarius, Mercury will be retrograde in Aquarius and will remain retrograde in Aquarius until 2/11. Aquarius is your 6th House of daily routines, fitness, health matters, pets, employment, work, associates and repair and maintenance issues. Mercury Retrograde sets the stage for a few misunderstandings, delays and possible setbacks in these very areas but once the 11th rolls around, you can and will be making tremendous strides where work, daily routines and your health and wellness are involved, Virgo. The Sun will be in Aquarius until 2/18, Virgo! 

A Full Moon forms in Leo on 2/4 and a New Moon forms in Aquarius on 2/18. More about these New and Full Moons will be covered in our Weekly Forecasts. 

Good news, Virgo! Venus (Love and Money) and Mars (Sexuality, physical motivation and attraction) begin February in Pisces, your 7th House of marriage, partnerships, legal contracts, legal issues and professional relationships and will remain in your opposite sign until 2/20. This transit can bring about fireworks in your love life - but remember that Mars is an impatient planet and it wants what it wants, so the best way to maximize this transit is to maintain your composure when dealing with partnerships, legal matters/contracts and where your business dealing are involved. You might be amazed at the strong connection you and someone special share and a serious change in your martial status could occur during this time for you, Virgo! It's bound to be a powerful month with the exception of your planetary ruler out of phase. If any arguments take place this month, make peace with a partner around the 24th for ideal results, single or coupled. 

On 2/20, several planets (A stellium) occur in Aries. Aries is your 8th House of finance, shared resources, transformation and power. Aries is impulsive and doesn't think before they act, so this could prompt you to spend way beyond your means, Virgo. Try not to go overboard during this week as you could be sorry when the bill arrives. With Mars and Venus in Aries, your impulse control could spin out of control and so could your sexuality and desires. Expect love and a relationship to be all consuming as the month wraps up, Virgo! Happy February!

Your Best Days for Love and Money: 2/1, 2/2, 2/25 & 2/26

Challenging days: 2/5, 2/20, 2/22 & 2/23