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Ruled by Mercury, you're the master of communication and can sweep any potential love interest off his or her feet this year, Virgo. With your thorough and meticulous approach, you, much like Gemini, love to gather information and make conclusions. Caring, conscientious and careful of others feelings, you are a natural at the game of love but you are so hard on yourself that you might view it differently, Virgo. The only issue is your desire for a perfect love. Yes, you are picky, fussy and concerned with finding the perfect partner who compliments you on every level. Ideally, you prefer someone who can understand you have many facets to your personality. Someone who can get to know you while making you feel secure is the key to winning your open heart. Drama, distasteful displays and dishonesty will have you fleeing a potential love, fast. In 2015, make sure to keep the levels of communication wide open with a love relationship as Saturn (Lessons/Discipline) transits your 3rd House of communications. 

You have an intuitive nature so despite what others tell you, you instinctively know who is BEST for YOU. In 2015, Virgo is learning to love on a profound level. A partner who doesn't make you feel vulnerable or exposed is the one for you in 2015, Virgo. Additionally, with Neptune in your 7th House of marriage and legally binding relationships, you find that you have many opportunities to see right through a love relationship for the next seven plus years. What partners don't know about you is that you will remain by a lovers side for eternity when you do find lasting love, and 2015 will be a year to remember where love and romance are involved.

Let's take a look and see what potential partner will sweep you off your feet this year.
Aries - Aries is a wise choice for you, Virgo. Aries teaches you how to express yourself in a relationship and you develop self awareness with the assistance of Aries. You're drawn to the fiery nature of Aries but could find that secrets eventually come to light and not in a good way, Virgo. Over time, Virgo feels that Aries is too demanding and wants to exit, stage left. You might feel that something is missing and you could be right, Virgo. Follow those instincts this year. Secrets from the past will play a big role on both of your parts. You will know whether or not Aries is a keeper and vice verse.

Taurus - Taurus is a top choice for Virgo. Taurus makes Virgo feel loved like no other. Travel will play a role in this love relationship and so will Virgos world views. Virgo learns from Taurus and Virgo opens up and confides in Taurus and this cements their love and devotion. This is an IDEAL match as Taurus shares many of your best qualities such as patience, determination and unwavering loyalty. Don't let Taurus get away, Virgo. This could be the one you ultimately decide to marry and have children with. Yes, it can get that real, Virgo.

Gemini - Gemini will intrigue Virgo initially. Gemini mental abilities and extensive knowledge will appeal to Virgos mind and that is where romance begins for Virgo. There will be some rules that will need to be firmly put into place before you two can commit, however. Gemini will need to tone down his or her party/other life and Virgo will need to grant Gemini space for this to work. One thing is certain: Conversations between the two of you never get boring but they can lead to drama, disappointment and ultimately embarrassment, Virgo. Don't say I didn't warn you, Virgo. Gemini can be fun but when it's time to get down to business, they might be running out the door leaving you (Virgo) ultimately stranded.

Cancer - You meet Cancer and see your future already mapped out,Virgo. Cancer is another wise choice for Virgo. Cancer is ideal for Virgo and Cancer helps Virgos dreams become realities. Virgo feels they have met someone whom they can not only confide in but that Virgo feels safe enough to share his or her secrets with without feeling ashamed or put on the defensive. After time, communications could become strained, so to keep this relationship going, Virgo must communicate clearly with Cancer, for better or for worse. That will be the only issue that crops up between an otherwise excellent pairing, Virgo.

Leo - Leo is attractive and knows how to make an impression you, Virgo. Here is someone bold, assertive and socially fun to hang out with and sexually enticing. Virgo is introduced to people in high places (VIPs) and Leo feels they have met a partner who can be trusted in Virgo, finally. Virgo and Leo will share stories and talk until the sun comes out. Leo appreciates Virgos work ethic, understated but powerful appeal and meticulous approach to presentation and business. Why not join this powerful sign, Virgo? You will have to show your vulnerable side, however, or Leo will not trust you!

Virgo - When Virgo meets another Virgo, these two are usually changing relationship status when they first come together. The attraction could be strong but there will be also be a feeling that something is missing over time. If one Virgo is thinking this and the other is not, confusion ensues. You two tend to experience constant new beginnings together and this will be a huge part of your romance, mutual fascination or a big source of irritation over time. It's entirely up to both of you how you choose to live out your love life together. Constant changes will always play a role in this relationship. Something to think about before making a legal commitment, Virgo! In 2015, fireworks ensue, past secrets come to light and there may be trouble in paradise.

Libra - Libra is Virgos 12th House of secrets, the past and untapped creativity. You find Libra to be especially attractive, well dressed and stylish. Libra is drawn to Virgo but as much attraction as there is here, there could be a big element of secrecy and who wants that? Not Libra and definitely NOT you, Virgo. The communication between you two is very strong but it might be best to keep this relationship as friends as opposed to lovers. Virgo will feel that Libra is withholding information and could be right. Don't ignore you intuition with a Libra, Virgo. It will be spot on accurate. Disagreements will ensue overtime if the two of you do remain together. Virgo has a dark side so anything is possible.

Scorpio - Scorpio is your 3rd House of communication, short trips and siblings. When Virgo meets Scorpio, Virgo feels a physical connection. Scorpio is flattered by the undivided attention that Virgo provides. In 2015, these two are powerful match. Scorpio has toned down his or her intensity and Virgo has learned how to get a handle on what they reveal to Scorpio. In 2015, keep the communication lines wide open, Virgo, or Scorpio might you ask questions you prefer not to answer. The past or secrets could play a role for both of you in this relationship, for better or for worse.

Sagittarius - When Virgo meets Sagittarius, there are serious sparks. But sparks don't keep a relationship going long term unless there are other variables. This relationship is worth the effort it requires, Virgo. Sagittarius shows you your potential and you show Sagittarius a good time. Talk about passion. This is a social, compatible and romantic pairing. These two usually make it official whether they have dated for years or just met. A serious connection evolves to the point of a home, family and children. There is an incredibly strong bond between the two of you.

Capricorn - This is a top match for you, Virgo. Capricorn understands you on a human and basic level and you sense this immediately upon meeting him or her. There is attraction, shared interests and a strong desire to make this relationship official, FAST. Virgo and Capricorn will be going places together. You have a strong bond and will make a marriage/relationship last. It doesn't get better than this, Virgo. Don't let Capricorn get away. This will be the ideal match for you in a long term love relationship. Capricorn will keep Virgo grounded.

Aquarius - Aquarius is intriguing to Virgo. Virgo sees Aquarius as the leader, provider and friend that Virgo wants to have. Aquarius represents what Virgo finds attractive and prompts Virgo to study, delve into metaphysical studies or do some serious research. Aquarius adores Virgos work ethic and dedication to his or her health and personal health and wellness. The two of you can make a relationship solid, secure and lasting in 2015 but Virgo needs to exercise caution here. Aquarius could have a roving eye in 2015 and attract partners left and right, behind Virgo's back. This relationship sustains itself overtime. Aquarius appreciates the loyalty of Virgo and Virgo will prove to Aquarius that friendship is where love begins. Talk about shocks and surprises, Virgo!

Pisces - Pisces is Virgos 7th House of marriage, legal contracts and partnerhsips. These two opposites will learn from one another and the attraction between these two will be undeniable, indescribable and passionate. Pisces grounds Virgo while Virgo grants Pisces the space and it couldn't be any more ideal. Pisces is a keeper and a top choice for Virgo this year. Virgo needs to make sure they don't let their opposite get away. After time, Virgo might feel under shadowed by the attention Pisces attracts. If Virgo can hold off and be reasonable not overly sensitive, then this is the relationship you have been waiting for, Virgo. Talk of serious subjects such as marriage and commitment will occur in between Virgo and Pisces in 2013.