Virgo Yearly Astrology Forecast Horoscope for 2015

Virgo - Your 2015 at a glance:

It's a year of adventure, travel, celebrations, community matters, resuming closeness with siblings (your bothers and sisters) and making some changes/adjustments in your personal life, Virgo. Your determination stands out and so does your creative potential. It can be a year of deep healing, expansion and the realization of your hopes and wishes. You can make tremendous strides in 2015 - especially during August (8/11) when Jupiter enters your 1st House of appearance. Venus will be retrograde when Jupiter enters your sign - but that won't deter you from reaping the good fortune and expansion this lucky planet has in store and promises to bring more opportunities into your life. A Gemini, another Virgo, Sagittarius and a Pisces are involved. 

Where you get lucky..

Jupiter begins 2015 in your 12th House of privacy and secrets, Virgo. Jupiter (Good fortune, prosperity and abundance) will be in the outgoing sign of Leo. Leo is your 12th House and Leo is a sign you tend to have many private conversations with, about and you also learn about secrets with a Leo, too. The 12th House rules secrets, the subconscious mind, yoga/meditation, seclusion, hospitals, institutions, prison, government offices, hidden enemies and psychic abilities. 

Jupiter begins 2015 retrograde in your 12th House of issues from the past. During this time, your secrets could get leaked, you could be dealing with misunderstandings and miscommunication with others close to you. You will also benefit from alone time during this transit as those Virgo in a committed relationship will be dreaming of freedom until Jupiter resumes direct on 4/8. Coupled Virgo could find the best times in his or her relationship take place when it's just the two of you together! You could also be dealing with expansion where hospitals, privacy and anything else relating to the 12th House is involved. Jupiter can also deal with your beliefs, so during this transit, you could change your mind about topics, people and places that you previously had little or zero interest in. 

What you may need to learn, Virgo. Your 4th House of Home life and your personal and domestic environment(s)

Saturn begins the year in Sagittarius, your 4th House of home, residence and relatives, Virgo. The 4th House also rules motherhood and issues from the past, so you could face some obstacles where these areas are involved. This transit can bring issues that involve your home, relatives and family life, Virgo. Children will also be an issue that brings about some challenges. It is imperative that you remain positive when you feel anything but, in 2015. Something you say/said or reveal in 2015 or said in the past could com back to haunt you in 2015 under Saturn in Sagittarius, Virgo. Secrets get revealed and you could face some difficulties with a romantic partner, female or a child. Saturn will slip back into Scorpio in March (3/14) and will give you one last chance to right the wrongs of any past behaviors, words or mistakes and fix them. Saturn will exit Scorpio in August on 8/1. Remember that Saturn is all about building solid foundations, hard work and refuses to tolerate immaturity. Ironically, Saturn's transit into Sagittarius brings you out of your comfort zone and thrusts you into situations where you might prefer your personal freedom. In 2015, you might want out of a job, relationship or some other restrictive influence, Virgo. You will desire independence from something or someone during Saturn in Sagittarius. It might be time to follow your desires and blaze your own trails, Virgo.  

Where you will notice slow but powerful change & a personal and total transformation in your life....

Pluto has been in Capricorn - your 5th House of love, passion, creativity, children and taking risks since 2008 and will continue to transform these areas in a slow but powerful way, so that you can rebuild on a more solid base, long term. Single Virgo could meet a soul mate during this year, especially in September. Coupled Virgo will decide to move into together, get engaged, married, have a child or work on a creative project together. You will also notice that creativity is something you enjoy, admire and want to involve yourself in someway this year. Continue to watch as these areas of your life are subject to a total transformation where passion, children, romance, creativity, taking risks and hobbies in 2015.   

Lucky Love and Romance dates for 2015:
Your best times for love, applause and admiration are any time Venus tours a Earth sign or is in the Earth element - for you that would be when Venus transits Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Your personal sex appeal, popularity and appearance stand out during these dates/times. See the dates below for these compatible and fun times for you:

Venus in Taurus - 3/17 - 4/11 

Venus in Virgo - 10/8 - 11/8 
Venus in Capricorn - 1/1 - 1/3/15

The planet of passion, persuasiveness and allure, Mars, when placed in your 1st House - exerts a powerful magnetism that is sensual, earthy and powerful, Virgo. Whenever Mars transits your 1st House is a good time for you to focus more closely and begin important  personal and professional endeavors, Virgo. When it travels through your 7th House, marriage and relationships become the focus. 

Mars in your 1st House: 9/25 - 11/12
Mars in your 7th House: 1/12 - 2/20

***********Venus will retrograde in Leo (Not a good time for love but can be an ideal time for making peace with people from your past that you need to resolve key matters with as well as any other matter from your past or that has to do with hospitals, the courts and government offices) This takes place in your 12th House of issues from the deep past between 7/25 - 9/6.