Aquarius Love in 2015

See how the stars influence your love life

Aquarius Love 

There is a sense of drama in Aquarius that others sometimes fail to see. You tend to live in your head and navigate through life through a world of ideas. In 2015, your planetary ruler, Uranus, will be in the sign of Aries and your 2nd House of finances. In 2015, you might change the way you view your income or your income could change in some way. This could prompt you to change your views about your possessions and what really matters. This new perspective could also serve other areas as well, especially when dealing with love. At the end of the day, it really is about LOVE and Aquarius knows this. With Jupiter in Leo, your powers of persuasion are legendary and you can elevate others spirits to new heights. Aquarius are known to have a wry sense of humor and this captures potential romantic interests in 2015 but Aquarius will have their eye on someone special. You possess brilliant ideas and can turn them into serious realities this year, Aquarius.

You can be happy and upbeat one moment then you can burst into tears the next. A complex personality is part of your Astrological make up. You are a leader, a master at innovation and are ruled by the 11th House of friends, hopes and personal wishes. The 11th House also rules futuristic and far out ideas and Astrology. You gain insight into spirituality throughout your life and you are more open minded that you sometimes get credit for, especially in your love life and via humanitarian service.

It will be imperative for you to be more expressive with romantic partners in 2013, Aquarius. Be vulnerable and show that special someone you care even more than they believe you already do. You surprise others and this is part of your mystique. There is a dual nature about you that once others think they have figured out, a new side emerges and this keeps others guessing and attracted to you. Love will have a few surprises in store for Aquarius this year. Jupiter, planet of expansion will tour Leo (your 7th House of marriage, commitment and romance) Expect to see changes, expansion, movement and opportunity in these areas throughout 2015 but having a partner by your side can really benefit you since Leo is opposite Aquarius in Astrology 

Let's see who your best pick is, Aquarius.

Aries - Aries and Aquarius meet powerful people when together. Aries admires the free spirit of Aquarius and Aquarius wonders who Aries really is. Together, they can find out this year. Aries finds it impossible to be bored while in the company of Aquarius. Aries might come to the eventual conclusion that Aquarius is not everything they first thought. Aquarius needs someone who accepts them despite any so called flaws. Aries thinks Aquarius ideas might be a bit far off. This relationship grows closer by making subtle but important changes.

Taurus - Aquarius is instantly drawn to the charm of lovely Taurus. Taurus is grounded, practical and powerful in business. Aquarius could gain in prestige within his or her association with Taurus. These two will find security and stability in their romance this year. Taurus gains useful knowledge and Aquarius finds Taurus charming, funny and best friend potential central.

Gemini - Here is another good choice for Aquarius. Gemini finds Aquarius attractive, intellectually appealing and someone Gemini wants to commit to. You two meet and are instantly drawn to one another. You feel as though you could not meet a better match, Aquarius. Gemini and Aquarius could delve into spiritual areas together and create a perfect home life. One that Aquarius will feel fulfilled with.

Cancer - This is an interesting match for Aquarius. Cancer makes Aquarius think, ponder and pursue life from an emotional standpoint. Cancer is attracted to the independent nature of Aquarius. Aquarius becomes secure enough to become inquisitive.  No topic will be off limits in this relationship. In 2015, these two have a lot to talk about. If a relationship develops, it will occur at its own pace.

Leo - Leo is your 7th House of marriage, Aquarius. Leo is physically drawn to you and wants to turn a casual relationship into a serious one. In 2015, Leo and Aquarius attract, bond and connect and how, Aquarius. Leo will make Aquarius think about creative and original ideas and thoughts. This relationship grows exponentially in 2015. Think marriage, kids and a secure home life. This is one of your best choices- if single in 2015, Aquarius.

Virgo - Virgo instantly bonds with you, Aquarius. Virgo is open minded, loyal and sees a friend and future with Aquarius. Aquarius is serious about the studious and sexy Virgo. These two will form a lifetime attachment from the moment they meet. This association could experience some communication snafus but nothing that can't be solved. The topics of metaphysics, anything taboo and anything hush-hush will be discussed between the two of you. This trend continues throughout 2015 and beyond.

Libra - Libra appeals to you on every level imaginable, Aquarius. You find Libra elegant, charming and in touch with life. You admire Libras life approach and looks. Together, this relationship gets stronger, more secure and more solid than Aquarius thinks is possible. Libra and Aquarius will talk the nights away. Aquarius philosophy about life will be enriched by Libras presence and Libra in turn finds a sense of security from their relationship with you, Aquarius.

Scorpio - Aquarius and Scorpio meet and a strong need to get both of their affairs in order suddenly occurs. So does Aquarius need for practicality and willingness to get his or her basic obligations done and over with. Scorpio dreams of home life and can see a future with you, Aquarius. In 2015, you grow closer to a Scorpio quite unexpectedly. However, In 2015, you could also be saying farewell to a Scorpio or working out the kinks in on an ongoing committed relationship with a Scorpio. Your get married or divorced with this fixed sign. There is no in between.
Sagittarius - Sagittarius takes one look at you and wants to make what feels like instant love official, Aquarius. Aquarius and Sagittarius are an interesting mix. Together, you shine at parties and both have found someone who matches the other in terms of shared idealism, spirituality and the belief that "All rules are not only unfair but should be broken". Both of you are service oriented so this could be an excellent choice for Aquarius and a perfect unexpected but compatible match for Sagittarius.
Capricorn - Capricorn is attractive, willing to please you and finds you to be one of the most interesting people in the room, Aquarius. In 2015, Aquarius should take everything Capricorn says seriously because Capricorn means what Capricorn says, Aquarius. You have way more in common that you might think. In 2015, you two could find a fulfilling relationship that both of you are beyond thrilled with. You two look better together physically than when apart. Capricorn is a total keeper for Aquarius in 2015 and vice versa. 

Aquarius - When Aquarius meets Aquarius, there is a strong attraction between these two. Aquarius looks at everyone he or she meets as a potential friend. For some reason, you and another Aquarius tend to create controversy together. A hint of rebellion occurs over time and you could use occasional space away from another Aquarius unless you want to deal with the occasional drama, gossip and secrets. Another Aquarius will tell you what you want to hear, not what they really believe which is odd for an Aquarius. 2015 is not a year to stir up any controversy. You and another Aquarius could wind up regretting saying something that could start a chain reaction of emotions, Aquarius.

Pisces - Aquarius stirs up something in Pisces that Pisces can't quite seem to put into words. Aquarius feels the need to clean house and get rid of things when in the presence of Pisces. These two signs can attract each other but where it goes beyond that depends on both parties current marital status. In 2015, where one of you was previously in a relationship, this year could change all that. Pisces could finally be free and the timing will be perfect for both of you. This dreamy water sign will never be at a loss of words or compassion and these qualities are beyond attractive to Aquarius. Pisces and Aquarius can take a casual relationship into a more serious one overnight. 

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