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Written on 2/14/2013 - Published on 2/15/13

Pluto in Capricorn - 2008-2024
Exteme weather all over the world: 2012 was the oddest year in weather and made headlines as being the hottest year on record. Global warming is becoming the norm and we will all adjust to this continued freakish weather which WILL continue throughout Pluto in Capricorn. Beginning in 2011, I stated that our biggest threat is the weather. You don't need/want or have to study Astrology to see how the climate is changing universally. Pluto is about destruction and Capricorn is about time. Water damage, water shortages, fires, explosions, bombs, (foreign and domestic) threats and acts of terrorism will be rampant, volcanoes will erupt, there will be an increase in tornadoes, an increase in hurricanes, more earthquakes, a heavy emphasis on ice, fires resulting from weather related disasters and other fires in general, strong wind storms and more avalanches. Since Pluto represents decay, we can continue to see more sinkholes and collapses in the ground or collapses in structures which have deteriorated due to decay.

There will be an increase in knee/joint and bone injuries (Capricorn rules the knees). Extreme sports will appeal to the masses and make news during this long transit of Pluto in Capricorn. A heavy emphasis on extreme sports gains momentum and new sports and athletics that require strong legs and knees become more popular world wide.

Misuse of power and control, especially where the police, government and those who exert power over society are involved will continue. Previous incidents of misuse of power will be discovered and made public.

Incidents involving trains colliding, train accidents and the infrastructures of buildings, freeways, tunnels and bridges will be addressed after a serious accident where people are put in danger and possibly harmed by serious infrastructure weaknesses.

Families will be in financial crises. The middle class is slowly but surely being eradicated, so expect riots and protests to continue around the world.

The divide between rich and poor continues to escalate at a alarming rate. The middle class will forgo dining out and other luxuries in order to cover their basic expenses. Capricorn also rules our jobs/careers. By the time this transit ends, the way we work will change/transform dramatically. More people will work from home, work longer hours for less pay and some people will have to perform more work in less time. The way we view our jobs universally will be changing. It's all about taking what is not working or what has been taken from you (like your job) and rebuilding from the ground up (starting over).

There will be an increase in the already high suicide rates. There is an epidemic of depression and isolation. People will not be able to cover expenses for needed doctors and unfortunately, people will feel alienated by past trauma and depression and feel there is no other way out. An increase in domestic suicides will also occur.
Capricorn is about aging, so expect older people (65+) to be in the news, on TV and in movies. Seniors will be making the news during Pluto in Capricorn. Think Betty White!
Banks, big businesses and corporations will rise or fall depending on how fair and honest they have been.  Whatever has been kept hidden (in and by these institutions) will come to light and be made public. There will be severe consequences for the offenders.

Mining accidents or incidents continue to make the news worldwide; gold will be a hot topic; fathers and those whom we see as father figures will be a big topic with Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn is all about aging. With the planet of death (Pluto) in the sign of time, there will continue to be more love relationships with a large age difference (May/December romances) during this long transit of Pluto in Capricorn. Older women with younger men and older men with younger women will become more common and more accepted.

Places of learning such as elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities will make the news in a negative way. Things that have been kept hidden from view will be revealed and these issues will prove to be surprising, shocking and disturbing. The lack of police presence and delayed response in an emergency will outrage people and cause them to speak up and try to change laws that should be changed. Unfortunately, our children will continue to be in harms way. Shocking, disturbing and highly emotional incidents regarding the abuse and lack of regard for the lives of children will be in the news. We learn more about sex trafficking and children exploited on many levels. The outrage from the public regarding these issues will result in stricter laws and stricter enforcement of these laws.

Everything old will be new again, from toys to movies, musicals and music, there will be a heavy emphasis on the past during this long transit. We saw a heavy emphasis last year with movies, music and retro clothing making a serious comeback. This trend continues through 2013 and until 2024 with the exception of Pluto retrograde.

Animal rights and animal issues will be in the news. This especially involves abuse and mistreatment of all kinds of animals.  This comes to our attention through
discovery by individuals and groups who have been seeking recognition of this problem and finally succeed in bringing this issue to the public and to authorities.
The infrastructures of buildings, freeways, tunnels, train tracks and bridges will be addressed as we realize that these are not as sturdy as we had once thought they were. Government, politicians and corruption will be in the news throughout this entire transit. However, Pluto reveals what is hidden, so it's entirely possible that we will get a sneak peek into areas of misconduct and corruption like we did with John Edwards, General Petraeus, the Secret Service and their involvement with prostitutes and corruption regarding financial misappropriation taking place in our government. Capricorn represents the government and Pluto is all about death and tearing down in order to rebuild. We have now seen same sex marriage become legal, two states legalizing marijuana and a new government (from the election of 2012). This is only the beginning. By the time this transit ends, the USA as we know it will have a very different type of government that is barely recognizable come 2024.  

A side note:

The President has been stressed out and will continue to be throughout most of his next 3 years, especially where his policies are involved. Overspending, misuse of funds, banking corruption, scandals combined with the chaos in the Middle East will continue to overwhelm him although he continues to present a cool exterior. The natural disasters (earthquakes, natural disasters, freak weather storms) have provided additional stress and unfortunately will continue throughout his presidency.

Neptune in Pisces - 2012 - 2026
Pisces loves the underdog, so expect the underdog to succeed during this long transit of Neptune. Water, especially, will prove to be an issue, whether it is drought (not enough water), damage from seawater or flooding. Water and issues with water will continue to be a widespread concern that we will hear about with Neptune in Pisces. The ocean plays a major role.

Issues involving the ocean, the tides, sea creatures (sharks, whales, penguins and any other ocean species) of all kinds, tsunamis, ocean accidents, oil spills, tidal waves and water damage are all on the agenda for 2013 and beyond. We will see more shark attacks during this transit of Neptune in Pisces. We will also see more coverage on the news about the ocean, ocean related events and sea creatures such as whales, penguins and dolphins.

 Health, illness and the wellness of others (mind, body and spirit, psychology and the mental health of others), will play important roles during Neptune in Pisces. Psychology becomes popular and psychologists explain/teach us about the serious disorders of others.

The unexplainable, psychology, unsolved mysteries being solved, ghosts, news of hauntings or haunted places comes to our attention and perhaps past life regression will become topics of interest in mainstream culture. New forms of creativity via social media and technology come alive and soar. New forms of movies and how movies are made will occur and TV will experience numerous changes especially in how news and other material is disseminated. Art will become more innovative and abstract and all types of dance continues to be even more popular and more mainstream. Photography also falls under the domain of Neptune in Pisces and we will see amazing discoveries via photo sharing, new technology such as Instagram is just the beginning. Photography will become very popular as we have just begun to scratch the surface in all forms of creative expression and all Pisces ruled properties throughout this transit.
Pisces rules oil, so we can expect issues with oil and petroleum to arise and cause concern with rising gasoline prices and possibly accidents concerning oil or petroleum facilities. 
Since Pisces rules the feet, expect shoes to have a new look and unique style to them. 

Pisces rules escapism, dreams and psychology. Pisces also represents alcohol and drugs. The topic of addiction will be a widespread concern. Addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, the Internet and anything else that is harmful will become BIG issues that affect our lives. We will learn about what addiction is and how it is diagnosed with Neptune in Pisces.

Escapism, isolation, fear, uncertainty and depression can also occur during Neptune in Pisces. People will be feeling isolated, fearful, depressed and uncertain with Neptune in Pisces. The importance of mental health will be brought to our attention. Psychology and psychologists will become important issues during this time and we can expect to learn about addiction, human nature and crimes via police, doctors and psychologists.
Pisces also rules pharmaceutical companies and prescription drugs, so be on the lookout for news about both. New drugs could emerge during this transit. Drugs and the abuse of drugs will appeal to others as Neptune is in its natural ruler when in Pisces. Pisces represents escapism and mind altering substances. We will learn about and hear about new information on these subjects.
This placement does not value money or materialism. We find ourselves exploring our inner values and developing new ways of looking at the world in which we live. Social structures will be examined and possibly redefined, as will the topics of equal/civil rights. Expect to see powerful women dominate the year as women become more prominent in business, athletics, government and leadership roles. We could very well see the first female president with Neptune in Pisces. And women WILL rise to EVEN HIGHER power under the influence of Neptune in Pisces.

Saturn in Scorpio - 2012- 2015 

2013 will bring: issues of power and control being abused by those who have it; bisexuality, transgender awareness; sexual abuse survivors finally coming out; gay/bisexual men and women coming out. All things regarding sex (think "50 Shades of Grey"), including breakthroughs in science, will be highlighted. The way we are viewing marriage is changing universally and issues considered taboo will surface. Mysterious/suspicious deaths will really make the news during the transit of Saturn in Scorpio; the issue of same sex marriage continues to become more acceptable in the USA in 2013. In 2012, we had our first openly gay women elected to congress! Once Saturn officially exits Scorpio, same sex marriage will be more acceptable and laws involving same sex couples continue to change in favor of equal rights. .

Crimes and issues involving sex that are unusual, shocking and disturbing will make the news again in 2013, unfortunately. Scorpio rules sex: the good, the bad and the ugly. Since Scorpio rules extremes, we could hear about all aspects of sex from those who abstain to those who enjoy a swinging lifestyle. We have already seen the sex boom via movies and TV. Scorpio rules all things sexual so literature, movies and our own sex lives could change, as we all learn what we value and what we might need to learn regarding sex, birth and death.
Past and present sexual actions and previous indiscretions of those in power will be made more public. People will change their minds where their sex and love lives are involved.
The look of androgyny could resurface. Women sporting short hair and wearing men's clothing is very Scorpio. The classic tuxedo look will appeal to women and blazers and vests will make a comeback and be considered fashionable. The topics of sex, birth and death (although common and really everyday issues) will be highlighted and make the news. We will see and hear way too much information where sex and unexpected deaths are involved. There will be a fascination with "baby fever," resulting in an increase in births.
Since Scorpio rules sex, we could see a resurgence of sexually transmitted diseases, and possibly hear about new cures or even new diseases that are sexually transmitted.
 Sex scandals involving celebrities, politicians or those in power will become news. What was certain yesterday will no longer be that way in many areas.

Issues in areas such as taxes, insurance and mortgages will also affect all of us.

Uranus in Aries - 2011 - 2019

We might actually witness the president's health care issues come into play during the next 3 years and in addition, we might see independent new groups springing up helping the less fortunate who cannot afford to pay for their current health care premiums.

There could be surprises with electricity, with sudden explosions, fires and an increase of power outages as Uranus represents surprises and shock and Aries rules electricity and bombs, explosions and war.

New trends will involve hats and anything concerning the head. Think hats which will become MORE fashionable. Hair continues on every one's agenda. Rainbow colors, extensions and wigs will become the norm.This is a time of change, variety and the unexpected involving hair and breakthroughs in hair treatments and brings new options for those who might be overly concerned with their hair or lack of it .
Head injuries, concussions and head traumas continue to be areas that make the news. The brain as it relates to head injuries/traumas will be explored as we learn more about these injuries (how serious they are and how they affect the brain long term). Barack Obama made a public statement about the issue this year, so we will continue to expect to learn about and hear about people affected with injuries to the head. More people will suffer head injuries and this will make the news, as will the long term effects they have on people who experience them. Many athletes, regular citizens and prominent people will experience falls and head injuries. There will be breakthroughs as scientists teach us about new discoveries in these areas. The eyes are also a concern as we will hear about new ways of dealing with vision loss and how science is coming up with solutions to retinal problems. Headaches will be a big topic as will be problems with sleep. The brain in general and how it functions will be emphasized by scientists who will discover and announce to the public new information regarding diagnosis and treatments. Aries rules the head, so we can expect to hear about innovations in these areas and they will come to our immediate attention. Examples in the news: Hilary Clinton and the recent news about football and the head injuries associated with playing this sport addressed by the president.

Uranus in Aries brings about changes in the health care system as premiums become impossible for most people to afford, and with Uranus in Aries, there can be sudden and totally unexpected changes where hospitals, doctors and nurses are involved. Medical breakthroughs will occur. But most middle class Americans will have to forgo their health benefits due to the loss of a job or the inability to pay for their premiums. Uranus is also referred to as the planet of revolution. Uranus in Aries rules war and brings about continuous extremist groups who force their opinions on others via violence. We will see increased racism unfortunately (worldwide), a heavy emphasis on illegal immigrants (in the USA) and we can expect more radical religious movements (in the US and worldwide). With Uranus in Aries, we see surprises such as more removal of troops in the Middle East or on the flip side of Uranus - we could be subjected to even more radical groups coming forward in mainstream culture.
Fires, explosions and electricity issues come to our immediate and unexpected attention. During storm Sandy in 2012, there was no electricity or power for months. Natural disasters and earthquakes will have a strong and sudden impact on us as there will be a higher number of earthquakes during this seven year transit.