The Cancer Astrology Profile

The Cancer Profile

Emotional, Loving, Intuitive, Imaginative, Shrewd, Cautious, Protective and Sympathetic, Changeable, Moody, Overemotional, Touchy, Sexy, Psychic, Can be attached to the past, Clinging and unwilling to let go of anything or anyone.


A Cancer's first love is their home, security and their family. They love nothing more than to nurture and mother those closest to them. No sacrifice is too large to ensure their home life is stable, secure and their loved ones are safe, healthy and happy. Cancer is kind, warm hearted and extremely sensitive.

Cancers can also become very moody quickly, and often retreat into their world of feeling and moods in order to regenerate their emotional state. The quickest way for Cancer to banish these alienating moods is to do what comes naturally: nurture and give to others. This brings Cancer good fortune and amazing karma. It is always a good idea to keep your friends close and your enemies closer when you are a Cancer. Do something nice for a stranger and watch how your luck returns, tenfold.

Cancer can be very iron-willed and likes to have things their way. Very sensitive to imagined slights, paranoia and insecurity, Cancer will occasionally retreat into their protective home to seek solitude or they may just rebel and look for adventure elsewhere. You really never know where you are headed with this sign. Be assured though that the ultimate destination is likely to be a secluded and romantic time spent with your Cancer.

Generally, Cancer avoids confrontation at all costs, Cancers are not about seeking revenge against those who have hurt them. Rather, they channel their pain into constructive outlets.  Cancers are compassionate, forgiving and free with their affection for family, friends and others.

They will set their own worries and problems aside to help solve their friends, lovers and families problems. Being extremely sensitive and highly intuitive, they often know what is upsetting someone without being told. They are the great/true psychics of the zodiac.

Stellar communicators who help those in need with just a few kind words or gestures: Cancers take late night calls and help anyone who is in a crises, trouble, emotional pain or otherwise.

Overall, Cancers are quite compelling and they make friends and lovers for life. No one-night stands for this home-oriented sign.

Cancers love to socialize and mix business with pleasure, Especially if it involves their friends and family. Their need to mother and nurture others will eventually make them a wonderful asset to any family member, regardless of their status within the family.

Cancers form long-lasting bonds with trusted, solid and loyal people.


In relationships, Cancers are the most sensual and nurturing signs of the zodiac.  Cancer is secretly seeking a soothing and secure home life, equipped with a loyal and intuitive partner.

They are best involved with someone who understands their creativity and will accept them for who they are, intense moods and all. Because their emotions are so powerful, they seek partners who are stable and responsive, someone with an innate understanding of their occasional need for solitude. A Scorpio or a Pisces will adore the depth of your passions, Cancer!

Cancers are protective, even possessive. While not jealous or overly domineering, Cancer will become very jealous lovers when they feel sexually betrayed or made to feel insecure in anyway by their lover.

Although they present a hard shell to the outside world, Cancers are sensitive, receptive and romantic souls by nature. As a lover, Cancer will need tons of emotional security and your infinite fidelity.

Cancers can be deeply wounded if the one they care for betrays their trust (which is never forgotten). It is important for Cancer to have a positive upbringing as this can give a worthy relationship a solid chance at lasting success. Conversely, If Cancer was raised in an unhappy home, love will become more important than ever to them. When feeling unloved and under appreciated, a bubble bath, massage or a good song will be therapeutic for this sweet and most sensitive soul. Spending time near water is another way to alleviate and banish the Cancer blues.

Cancers are poetic, romantic and extremely sensual. When with a lover they trust, both parties will flourish and love can last forever.


Chris Pratt, Princess Diana, Jessica Simpson, Nelson Mandela, Pamela Anderson, Robin Williams, Estee Lauder, Tom Hanks & Tom Cruise 


Cancers are well-suited to work as politicians, presidents, in the hotel and restaurant business, nutritionists, chefs, realtors, any job that requires hospitality, psychotherapist, sex therapist, masseuse, food critic, cruise ship employee. Boat captain and a marine biologist are other excellent jobs suited for Cancer.