The Scorpio Profile

The Scorpio Profile

Determined, Forceful, Emotional, Intuitive, Powerful, Passionate, Exciting and Magnetic,  Jealous, Resentful, Compulsive, Obsessive, Secretive and Obstinate, Tolerant, Loyal, Psychic and Hopelessly Curious.


Scorpios are born investigators of the Zodiac. They must know everything about everyone. When an answer is sought, leave it to Scorpio to figure it out. Unfortunately, Scorpio can perceive life in terms of black or white.

This sign always has a hidden agenda and will never fail to keep it that way. They aren't keeping secrets, it just seems that way. Born under the planet Pluto, which rules the underground, this sign isn't someone who wants to just skim the surface. They want all or nothing.

Scorpios are the masters of their own destinies. They only know how to live one way: their own way and in their own world. This is a way of hiding a deep fear of rejection and abandonment.  Scorpio adheres to living this way in order to avoid getting too close to the wrong person, place or given situation. A broken heart is the most devastating experience for sensitive Scorpio.

This is someone who loves everyone and everything unconditionally, almost a little too much.  Just don't ever lie to a Scorpio. This sign can literally feel your emotions, for better or for worse. They were born with a built in lie-detector and can sense any form of sincerity or a lack thereof.

They don't live life, they master it. When life brings losses, they do waste time sulking, but will eventually continue on their choosen path, certain they will eventually succeed, and they almost always do.

Scorpios are driven by intense passions and desires. Other people view this sign in a way that is completely wrong and misunderstood. Although they project an air of reservation, it really is a test to see if they can trust you. Once you establish trust with Scorpio, you have a  loyal friend, lover and ally for life.

Scorpios are secretive by nature. Those around them may never know the depths of their passions. Probing your Scorpio lovers psyche will only make him or her defensive, leery and prone to emotional outbursts.

Whether in business or play, Scorpios love to compete and they prefer having an opponent. Scorpio does not take slights well, either. If you ever betray them, be assured they will retaliate with a painful sting.

Remember one thing about seductive Scorpio: They will never quit and never surrender. If anyone can get a difficult task done, it is a Scorpio. And we all need someone who can get the job done and look sexy while doing it.


Scorpios have a dark and mysterious style which, combined with an irresistible personal magnetism, creates an intense, almost obsessive fascination with members of the opposite sex.

They ooze sexuality, excitement and require a partner who can keep up with their marvelous capacity for taking everything to the limit.

For Scorpios emotions run deep, and their faculty of intuition is remarkably accurate, so their antennae can pick out a cheating partner at first sight.

They need, however, to keep a part of themselves private and personal. They can react vigorously, should a lover trespass in their personal domain. This is where and when a Scorpio can be unduly domineering in personal relationships, especially when they perceive their partner to be weaker than themselves.

Their biggest problem is finding someone who, while strong enough to maintain a tempestuous lifestyle, is interesting enough to remain a challenge. Once they find the right person, they mate for life.


Leonardo DeCaprio, Demi Moore, Calvin Klein, Bill Gates, Lorne Michaels, Picasso, Goldie Hawn, Joni Mitchell, Ryan Gosling, Condoleezza Rice, Vivien Leigh, Maria Shriver, Nick Lachey and Hillary Clinton.


Scorpions are well-suited for careers as doctors, investigators, actors,  secret agents and entreprenuers.