Gemini in Love - 2013 Love Compatibility

You are a dichotomy to many around you, Gemini. But, what you don't know is HOW MUCH others find you charming, intelligent and WANT to be with YOU. With Pluto in Capricorn and your 8th House, YOU are beyond sexy, possess intellect and are a born communicator, writer or speaker. You could talk to anyone about anything. Your curiosity about life and the world we live in now will appeal to others in 2013 as you're filled with enthusiasm, warmth and a positive attitude even in the midst of occasional chaos. The secret to your success in love affairs comes from a stand out personality who tells it like it is. This will be refreshing for most people in your life throughout 2013 as your views about love, relationships and all that comes with them are due for a major change. Independent by nature, you prefer variety in your romantic life. You have learned about loving someone unconditionally and this experience will serve you quite well as the planet of prosperity (Jupiter) will be in your sign until June 12th, Ironically, in 2013, you decide to settle down with or at the very least, explore a committed  relationship. If single, the idea of one night stands will not appeal to you as much with Jupiter in your sign. If coupled, you might change your mind frequently as trust issues with a partner might arise. You want any relationship to expand and grow in 2013 although that might take a little bit longer than you suspected with Jupiter retrograde. Personal and confidential to Gemini: You need a versatile partner who is a people person and can talk to anyone about anything from hiking to sex to politics. It's all about beauty and brains with you. For you, Gemini, romance begins in the mind.

Let's see what sign might hold the best possibilities for you in 2013, Gemini.


Aries - Gemini meets Aries and sees fireworks, potential and a future. Intense chemistry is explored when you meet Aries, Gemini. Here is someone you find appealing on almost every level. You find Aries and you share much in common but after the dust settles, you might find that Aries is as much of a people person as you are in 2013. This relationship gets better with time and Gemini concludes that Aries is a perfect choice for them. Conversations get better and this relationship continues to surprise Gemini in 2013

Taurus - Taurus is your 12th House of secrets, psychology and covert affairs, Gemini. You're drawn to Taurus solid practical ways and stand out sex appeal. This relationship could begin in secret or there also could be the element of secrecy, secrets brought to light that occurs rather unexpectedly when Gemini and Taurus hook up. You're drawn to one another, yet an element of secrecy continues to keep you both from ever really connecting. Keep Taurus as a friend, Gemini, and you will have the greatest confidante you could wish/hope for. Love wise, this might not be the ideal choice for you in 2013, Gemini, unless you're up for secrets and intrigue.

Gemini - When two Gemini meet initially, the chemistry is palpable and intense. You feel as though you have met your twin. Another Gemini understands you inside and out. Another Gemini also brings out your playful, optimistic side and together, you could create a lifetime of happiness together. The key to keeping this love alive is to make date nights and when one of you backs off, make sure to keep the communication open, honest and direct for the best results, Gemini. Otherwise, in 2013, the communication breakdowns between the two of you could get bad, fast!

Cancer - Cancer appeals to you on a visual and mental level. However, how long this attraction lasts will be up to both of you, Gemini. Cancer is a water sign and you are an air sign. Although you can make money with a Cancer, you might feel something is missing eventually, Gemini. Cancer can sense what is beneath the surface and might seem distant or aloof to you. These snafus could cause Gemini to get offended over the relationship. The silent treatment by Cancer will cause Gemini to be even further perplexed. You can be lifelong friends or lovers so make sure to keep Cancer around because you will miss Cancer once he or she exits your life, Gemini. Think about it!

Leo - Gemini meets Leo and all bets are off. Here is Gemini's idea of a sexy, outgoing and socially fulfilling playmate. You two can and will party and play all night long and work the day shift the next. You get energized by Leo, Gemini. You also explore ideas, create new concepts and feel inspired by Leo. Leo sees his or her hopes achieved through your relationship. In 2013, it will be obvious. And it will be evident to everyone but you, Gemini. You tend to idealize this relationship when it's no longer in your life.

Virgo - Upon meeting Virgo, Gemini feels they have met his or her intellectual equal. Virgo is flattered initially with your way with words and intellectual expertise. Both find each other's attention flattering. After time, Virgo will remind Gemini of daily responsibilities, obligations and the reality of life. Gemini is a philosopher and a dreamer. Virgo will bring Gemini back down to earth and remind him or her that life is not a dream and bills need to be paid. In 2013, these signs can have a war of words that leads to a communication breakdown. On again.. off again....Is this really worth it? Drama and chaos will ensue in this association in 2013. Keep Virgo as a friend and keep looking unless you're ready for public scrutiny, secrets or emotional displays. Yikes!

Libra - Gemini instantly recognizes the beauty and attractive personality of Libra. Once a relationship is established, it moves fast as you both live in a world of ideas. Discussions will revolve around love, creative ventures and marriage/family. Libra matches your Air element and the communication between the two of you will dazzle and astound both in 2013, Gemini. You share similar interests and worldviews and this could be "the one." Libra is a top choice for Gemini in a love relationship in 2013.

Scorpio - You find Scorpio to be an enigma but eventually Scorpio feels alienated by your social life taking precedence over your relationship with Scorpio. Scorpio needs to be needed while you have other needs that, although similar, are fundamentally different, Gemini. This combination can work, however MANY compromises have to be made and who wants that? Monotony kicks in sooner rather than later and one or both could end up not on not so great terms. Scorpio reminds Gemini of obligations they would prefer to avoid and Gemini brings up issues relating to health and wellness to Scorpio. Gemini decides that there are other temptations out there and Scorpio is not worth the risk. Caution:  Things could reach a boiling point in 2013 so make up your mind or move right along, Gemini.

Sagittarius - Opposites attract, Gemini. Sagittarius rules your 7th House of marriage and commitment. The adventurous nature of Sagittarius is what Gemini has been looking for. In 2013, you learn about love, commitment and what it means to in a deeply committed relationship in your relationship with a Sagittarius. Sagittarius never bores you. You are mesmerized by the spirit of Sagittarius and the feelings are mutual in 2013. This is as good as it gets, Gemini. You could marry a Sagittarius in 2013.

Capricorn - Gemini is drawn in by the lure, mystique and powerful charisma of Capricorn. Capricorn brings your attention to the mysteries of life, such as who did what and with whom. You could explore into the unknown/mysteries and learn things you only read about in books or saw in movies with Capricorn. The flip side is that Capricorn is looking for a stable, serious and lasting love so there could be issues with the way you both handle commitment. You have discussions re: the psychology of people and why they act or do what they do with Capricorn in 2013. You might appear less fickle to serious Capricorn in 2013. This relationship is worth the insight for both of you this year.

Aquarius - You place a high value on information. So does Aquarius, Gemini. You love to engage in serious conversations but manage to always keep things light, on the surface and fun. Aquarius will see you as a dream lover and will want to commit, like yesterday. Gemini will be flattered by Aquarius persistency and you might decide to give this relationship a potential chance in 2013, Gemini. You have nothing to lose and a lot of information and life experience to gain. Together, the two of you could decide to take this relationship to the next level. Once Aquarius enters your life, this sign will be a lifelong friend even after the romance has ended.

Pisces - You find Pisces mysterious and that is sexy to you, Gemini. You both possess dual natures and this makes you feel at ease together. Pisces intelligence, class and social status will turn Gemini on big time. In 2013, you could meet a Pisces or have known one for a very long time and suddenly, you decide you might want to date this sweet, tender and lovable sign. Gemini and Pisces will get along well in 2013. The flipside is that you both expect commitment from one another but will have problems with a monogamous relationship.