Leo Love in 2014

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Leo Love scope and Love compatibility for 2014

Aries - One look at Aries and you end the search, Leo. Aries is the one you have been waiting for, Leo. Aries is your 9th House of travel, spirituality and foreign countries. You're both passionate, get one another instinctively and actually find true and lasting love together. It only gets better with an Aries, Leo. This outgoing sign can out do you on a good day. You will find Aries to be an adventurous love and ideal match for you in 2014.

Taurus - Leo adores Taurus practicality from the get go. Taurus can improve Leo's social life and introduce Leo to VIPs, people in powerful positions and important contacts that Leo is seeking. Leo can in turn, provide Taurus with stability, unconditional support and keep Taurus laughing out loud all night long. A love of animals also plays a key role in this relationship. Together Taurus and Leo will experience laughter, history and a strong bond. The only issue arises when Leo isn't giving Taurus his or her undivided attention. Taurus is super sensitive to Leo's wandering eye. In 2014, Leo ponders a serious future with Taurus. 
Gemini - Leo takes one look at Gemini and sees instant fireworks. Gemini takes one look at Leo and sees the good life, a life Gemini is seeking. Gemini has a fantastic sense of humor and the banter between you two is unmistakable. Here is a friend for life, Leo. Love with a Gemini is an excellent choice for you in 2014. You're free to be you and engage in silly and off beat conversations in your romance and social life with Gemini. This relationship becomes more important over time for both of you, Leo. To keep the fires burning, it is important that you keep the lines of communication open.
Cancer - When Leo meets Cancer, Leo senses this is a soulful, expressive and caring/loving personality and one that is intellectually interesting and sexy to boot. Leo admires Cancer's instant devotion and will reward Cancer for always being there, no matter what. Leo also finds someone to share their deepest secrets with. The Sun (Leo) needs the Moon (Cancer) to sustain life. The only problem arises when Leo isn't giving Cancer the attention Cancer needs. It's fun while it lasts and how long it lasts will usually be up to Leo. Sorry, Cancer! :(

Leo - This is NOT an "ideal" pairing for you, Leo. Not only in 2014, but, in general as well. At first, there could be a heavy physical attraction however, the spark fades, FAST. As you get to know another Leo, you find that your emotions dominate over your intelligence and that is no fun or practical for either one of you. You share a mutual love of the spotlight and both need to realize that someone (one of you) is going to have to eventually give in. It might be best to keep this relationship on a friend level basis unless one of you is willing to let the other shine or seek the spotlight. Be the yin to your partners yang if you want this relationship to survive the storms of 2014, Leo.

Virgo - Leo meets Virgo and is drawn to Virgo sex appeal and understated charm. Virgo is someone who doesn't brag about themselves. The earthy nature of Virgo is alluring to Leo. Leo learns to cut expenses and balance the budget with Virgo, but secretly gets the most SATISFACTION from Virgos loyalty, sensual approach to love and the warmth Virgo brings into Leo's life. Good food, travel and good friends will be a huge part of this relationship in 2014 and beyond.

Libra - Air and Fire get along famously and Leo loves Libra's overall style while Libra admires Leo's bold approach to love and relationships. Music plays a big role in this relationship and Leo will learn more about music with the assistance of lovely and talented Libra. This is a mutual admiration society. And one of your top choices for love in 2014, Leo. The only downside is that after time, Leo gets restless and checks out emotionally or sexually. This is where problems can arise. Leo needs to give Libra more consideration and focus for ideal results.

Scorpio - Scorpio is your 4th House of home, family and the past. "Have I seen you before?" or a feeling like it occurs with Leo when initially meeting a Scorpio. Leo and Scorpio are a magnetic and powerful pairing. You're both fixed signs (like Taurus and Aquarius are), so stubbornness or a fixed opinion could end this relationship before it begins. In 2014, Leo finds Scorpio's outgoing friendly approach attractive, while Scorpio gets the VIP treatment from Leo. It will be worth a shot in 2014.

Sagittarius - Leo loves Sagittarius contagious, infectious and optimistic approach to life. Leo finds Sagittarius not only positive to be around, but attractive and compatible from the moment they first meet. Sagittarius will inspire Leo in the arts, music and in life. This pairing has what it takes and it doesn't get much better than this, Leo. The only potential downside is that Leo could mistake Sagittarius friendliness as a sign of flirtation and interest. Leo sees a compassionate person who matches their personality or so it seems. Leo needs to understand, though, that when the going gets tough, Sagittarius will be long gone. Special to Leo: Draw clear boundaries of what you both want from this relationship from the get go and make sure, Leo, to remind Sagittarius to never break them.

Capricorn - When Leo (You) meets Capricorn, there could be a sense of immediate friendship pending. Capricorn has much in common with Leo, but it's mostly on a surface level. After getting to know one another, you could have a friend and lover for life, Leo. Like Barack Obama (Leo) and Michelle (Capricorn) Obama, you will complement each other quite nicely and you balance each other out. Capricorn is more methodical in their approach to love whereas Leo dives in head first. Take this one slow for best results, Leo. You could have a friend and love for life if you play your cards right. In 2014, you grow even closer to a Capricorn. Marriage is a possibility this year.

Aquarius - Opposites attract in 2014 for these two fixed signs. There is immediate attraction, a strong sense of compatibility and enough challenges to keep you both interested. Aquarius will keep you intrigued by his or her innovative, stylish and leadership qualities. Together, you beat the status quo and others will find you two to be more attractive together than when apart, physically. You could take a casual relationship to the next level with Aquarius in 2014. Go for it! You only live once and shouldn't miss out on what could be your most deeply fulfilling relationship.
Pisces - Pisces is Leo's 8th House of sex, power and the paranormal/metaphysical world. This relationship could dazzle Leo, initially. Here is someone Leo can talk to about anything and finds Pisces physically appealing on every level imaginable. Pisces sparks Leo's interest in areas like power, control and sex. You could find yourself hopelessly drawn to Pisces, but there are so many other prospects waiting for you, Leo. Think twice before saying farewell to someone who has been there for you, for better or for worse before committing to a Pisces in 2014. And remember that character is doing the right thing when no one else is looking, Leo. Make that your motto in your relationship with a Pisces in 2014.

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Cancer Love in 2014

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Cancer Love Scope and Love compatibility for 2014


Aries - Cancer loves playing with Fire and doesn't mind getting burned. Aries could be the one for Cancer. At first glance, Cancer is smitten with the outgoing, assertiveness and energy that Aries brings to their first conversation. Although Fire and Water typically don't mix, there are exceptions, and Cancer and Aries are one of them. Cancer, this could be the one you have been looking for. Here is someone who is ready to commit to you, like NOW, Cancer. This is a huge turn on, Cancer. Another bonus? Aries can help you climb to the top of the corporate ladder and beyond, Cancer.

Taurus - Taurus is ruled by Venus and Cancer loves nothing more than the pleasures of life, so Taurus is an ideal choice for you, Cancer. Taurus gives you large doses of attention, affection and brings the applause you need. You entice Taurus into doing almost anything your heart desires and Taurus returns the favor. Taurus finds you beyond irresistible and you can persuade Taurus. If a commitment is what you both seek, this relationship is solid, serious and can weather the storms of life in 2014. Special Tip: Give Taurus freedom and occasional space for ideal/best results, Cancer. Taurus dislikes the feeling of being trapped, especially by home bound Cancer. Minor adjustments and changes can lead to a lifetime of love. 

Gemini - Something strange happens when you meet Gemini. You don't know what exactly it is or what to make of them, Cancer. Over time, you sense that Gemini can see through you and guess what, Cancer? Gemini CAN read you like an open book. This could either be a turn on or it could make you head for the nearest exit sign. It will be all or nothing at all. This relationship could have an element of secrecy to it. It could start secretly or end the same way. Since Gemini is your 12th House of isolation, untapped creativity and what takes place behind closed doors, there will be an element of secrecy throughout your association with a Gemini. Listen to your famous intuition and don't allow Gemini to manipulate your emotions, Cancer. It might be better to pass on this relationship in 2014.

Cancer - When you meet another Cancer, you will be instantly taken aback by the ease in which you feel around this sweet and tender spirit. You two will be drawn to one another initially and how. However, both of you are so psychic and in sync that you might sense this match to be a little too close for comfort, like reading the feelings of one another. In other words, one of you could read the actual mood/thoughts of another and not be happy about what they sense. If a relationship continues with another Cancer, there will be red tape, restrictions and details which drive one of you to a breaking point. You would think someone like you could comprehend the drama of another Cancer, Cancer. Think again when it comes to another Cancer. The drama could be overwhelming in 2014.

Leo - Cancer takes one look at sexy Leo and quickly decides they could fall madly in love and guess what? Cancer usually falls for Leo quite quickly. Here is someone confident, appealing on a social level and makes Cancer feel secure and look exceptionally attractive in public. This could be fun for a short term relationship, but unless Cancer doesn't want to feel left out, gets sensitive to criticism or by the everyday attention Leo gets from admirers and strangers, Cancer could become devastated by Leo's need for outside stimuli. If you can handle Leo's need for constant applause and give your Leo a long leash, then go for it in 2014. Leo will eventually find Cancer possessiveness unattractive and Cancer could walk away brokenhearted.

Virgo - This loving sign will make you feel grounded and will grant you just enough space to keep you happy, fulfilled and smiling. Virgo is consistent, funny and loyal. All of these qualities will appeal to Cancer and an added bonus: Conversations will never get dull. There will always be someone, something or someplace to discuss. The sexy, practical and sensuous Virgo is another ideal choice for you in 2014, Cancer.

Libra - Cancer, you are a cardinal sign (like Aries, another Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are) and this means that although you like to have all the attention, even you need occasional space and downtime. This seems contradictory and it is - but this is how you prefer to love. With a Libra, this sign might give you a little too much space for your liking. Libra can help with matters relating to your home, real estate and where your finances are involved. At the end of the day, it might be best to keep a Libra as a friend. There is much to be learned from this carefree easygoing sign. Watch, listen and learn from a Libra. And if you do fall in love, keep Libra satisfied by remembering every Holiday and special date you share together.

Scorpio - When Cancer meets Scorpio, Cancer feels an instant connection to Scorpio that cannot be explained. The key to this relationship is where both are when they meet. Over time, Cancer could fall madly in love with a Scorpio. Scorpio will feel as though they have met a soul mate and Cancer feels satisfied with the loyalty that comes with Scorpio. This combination has what it takes to make a family and a future together. Give one another occasional space and you might have met a dream love who will forever be faithful and devoted to you, Cancer.

Sagittarius - Here is an unlikely pairing that can become highly likely and long standing.  Cancer loves the optimistic nature of Sagittarius. It lifts Cancer up from their ever changing emotional nature. Sagittarius finds Cancer intriguing, mysterious and a potentially viable candidate. Sagittarius helps Cancer in areas such as health, personal wellness and taking care of your daily responsibilities and routines, Cancer. Sagittarius helps you simplify your life in 2014. This relationship is great at first but over the long term, it might get a bit stale for Sagittarius and Cancer could walk away wounded. Sagittarius might view Cancer as clingy and this is the last thing Sagittarius wants- a partner who is jealous, possessive or obsessive.

Capricorn - This pairing of opposites is powerful, solid and secure. These two will be drawn instantly to one another and feel as though no one else exists in the room when their together. Capricorn rules Cancers 7th House of marriage, divorce and open enemies. You two find each other extremely appealing and your relationship tends to grow stronger with each passing day. It only gets better with Capricorn, Cancer. Cancer entertains the idea of seriously committing to a marriage and signing legal contracts - even legal papers with a Capricorn. This is a perfect match as you find balance, love and harmony in this association. Just make sure you are both free of previous relationships or it could get tricky and neither of you want interference, Cancer. Loyalty will be an issue in this relationship sooner rather than later.

Aquarius - Strange happenings tend to occur when you encounter Aquarius, Cancer. Here is someone who has ideas, projects and concepts that you find interesting. Aquarius is Cancers 8th House of sex, power and money. Cancer loves the free spirit of Aquarius yet feels that Aquarius lives inside his or her own head and this can frustrate Cancer who wants to fully merge with another on a soulful level. In 2014, Cancer finds Aquarius personality to be extremely compatible with Cancers. This isn't the best combination for love, however there is enough attraction to keep you mutually fascinated with one another. In 2014, You can be assured you will never bore of an Aquarius.  

Pisces - You meet Pisces and both of you instantly recognize   a strong mutual attraction. Here is the person you have been waiting secretly and patiently for, Cancer. Pisces, like you, wants to merge with a lover and on a deep, soulful and spiritual level. You both share a "love of love" and will travel, play and party the night away. Pisces gets you instinctively, protects you and makes you feel secure like no other. Loyalty between you will be strong and you both know where the relationship is headed without even talking about it. You can find an ideal lover in Pisces and never want to let go of this sweet and most sensitive spirit. Make it official, Cancer. What are you waiting for?

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