Weeklies for 1//22 - 1/27 Venus in Capricorn


Venus (Love) will remain in the sign of Capricorn and your 10th House of prestige until February 1st. On Tuesday (1/22), matters from the past crop up and can find you in a sentimental state of mind.  Control your emotions and your temper for best results. On Wednesday, it's time to get back to basics and give the best you have to give to your career and any dealings with VIPs and authority figures. Focus on building solid structures in your career and ignore the opinions of others, Aries. Thursday is an ideal time to plan special time with your family, parents and/or siblings. The signs of Cancer and Capricorn find you fascinating and want to assist you where possible, Aries. Avoid what could be perceived as  reckless behavior over the weekend since there is a possibility little issues could turn into huge misunderstandings. Friday is a day you might want to take a personal day if possible. If you cannot arrange this, make sure to get plenty of rest and exercise since emotions could run high with the Full Moon in Aries (your 5th house) approaching on Saturday. You enjoy and appreciate the love in your life and feel positive about an ongoing relationship that means everything to you. As the last week of the month approaches, think about your future goals and what you hope to achieve, personally and professionally in 2013. Look forward, not back, Aries!


Venus (Love) is in your 9th House of Capricorn until February 1st, Taurus. Tuesday finds you in a comfort seeking frame of mind. You feel good about your life but other people might have questions for you. Watch your temper, Taurus! People only want the best for you so try to hold back if you feel pushed into a corner. Wednesday brings about some secrets and classified information to your attention. There are some mysteries in the air and some people close to you could be acting strange or odd. Thursday finds you dealing with siblings, neighbors and taking short trips. You express yourself well, but avoid coming across as a "know it all," Taurus. As the Moon grows fuller on Friday, you could become sentimental or emotional and not really know why. Friday finds you out of sorts and overly attached to your loved ones. Avoid any hint of possessiveness for ideal results. On Saturday, there is a Full Moon in your 4th House of home, motherhood and the past. Family matters top your agenda and you gain insight into a matter involving your current home. Sunday finds the public fascinated with you. Monday and Tuesday are stand out days for Taurus and you light up the room the moment you enter it. A Gemini and a Sagittarius will take note of your good looks, smoldering sensuality and powerful presence. As we enter the last days of January, Taurus feels on top of the world and satisfied with their most intimate relationships.


Venus (Love) is in your 8th House of Capricorn until February 1st, Gemini. This week could feel isolating on some level, Gemini. You might find that issues with your family and relatives are emerging and need some adjustments or slight modifications. There could be a sense of needing to look back into your past to resolve an ongoing issue that has been nagging at you. Tuesday begins with an emphasis on your health and wellness. You could find yourself concerned with your appearance and might feel the need for perfection when it comes to the way you look. Wednesday is a day for being selfless and of service to those who need it most. You will know who these people are instinctively, Gemini. Thursday will have a strong focus on money as you think about debits and credits and who owes what and to whom. Spread cheer and try to remain positive and sunny. In other words: don't freak out about your finances! Friday finds you in a social mood and you might feel highly psychic when it comes to the wants and needs of those closest to you. Follow your intuition and nurture those who need your love, time and support the most. A Full Moon in Leo transits your 3rd House of self-expression, travel and intellect on Saturday. Saturday has a powerful/insightful message for you. You might feel as though "what comes around really goes around" as a matter in your life comes full circle. Sunday is great for anything related to playing games, solving puzzles and problem solving in general. Any time spent with close friends provides stress relief and brings comfort to you, Gemini. You're never at a loss for friends. As the final week of the month approaches, you take a sober assessment of your current love life, marriage or another serious relationship. You know deep down who is best for you!


Venus remains in your 7th House of marriage and serious relationships until February 1st. On Tuesday, the Moon is in your 12th House of secrets and the past. You might want to chill out and relax at home as there could be some people who are taking advantage of your generosity or some who might have the purest of intentions, Cancer. Create some distance between you and those people who give off a bad vibe. Wednesday could bring on some distractions and it is important that you look at ongoing love and career matters with your head and not just with your heart. Someone might be envious of your success and not want the best for you. This is a day when it's crucial that you avoid toxic people and see things as they really are and not how you may idealize them and their promises. Thursday is your day to shine as the public admires you and others step up and say "hi". Everyone wants a piece of you on Thursday. Friday as the Moon grows full, you notice that your emotions are scattered. You could alternate between hot and cold as a Full Moon forms in your 2nd House of the people and possessions you value highly.  The Full Moon in Leo occurring on Saturday finds you coming to realistic terms with your finances.  On Sunday, the energy of Saturday is still with you as you mull over what you value and what can be tossed out. As Monday begins, your personality shines in group gatherings and you notice more positive interactions with siblings and relatives, especially female relatives. On Tuesday others will be drawn to your way with words, written and spoken.  A Virgo and a Pisces will play important and mysterious roles in your week, Cancer.


Venus is now in Capricorn, your 6th House of health, wellness and daily routines. As the week begins, Leo, your friendships top your agenda as you spend time with close friends and find that friendships bring you satisfaction.  "The more the merrier" is your motto. Wednesday centers on your finances and brings a Cancer and a Capricorn into the picture. Unexpected luck via finances comes to your attention on Wednesday. You will be in a power position and those in authority will be watching you closely, Leo. Be on your best behavior as double rewards are possible. A Full Moon forms in your sign on Saturday but you could be feeling low on energy as early as Friday. Friday can find you in a hot and cold state of mind. You might feel emotional, drained or beyond stressed out. The Full Moon on Saturday in your sign is a day when you will be concerned with public appearances - yours and your partners. You could receive an award or some type of recognition or be handed a nice bonus for a job well done. Leo will want to look his or her best on Saturday as your public persona will attract immediate attention. On Sunday, emotions are under control, you feel physically energized and you have the stamina to get through anything. As the last week of the month comes to a close, you will be strategizing your next big move, personally and professionally.


Venus remains in Capricorn and your 5th House of children, love and creativity until February 1st. As Tuesday begins, you notice that your superiors recognize your hard work and you get rewarded through unexpected sales or public recognition. You stand out in your profession on Tuesday, Virgo. On Wednesday, you are loved by those that matter most and it works to your advantage to focus on showing your best professional side on Wednesday and Thursday, Virgo. Friday finds the Moon growing fuller in Leo, your 12th House of secrets, the past and self-doubt. On Saturday, you find the Full Moon in your 12th House to be an ending to a project or undergoing dealing with personal and confidential information. There is a secret in your past that has yet to be revealed. You confront someone or something you don't like and make peace with past mistakes and possible errors. A partner could be involved or you could make a confession to a partner who has been in the dark. You can resolve any long standing issues and let them go once and for all. The emotions of the weekend will be intense and find you in a nurturing, sensitive and loving frame of mind. Just avoid extremes in your personal displays of attention. As the week begins, your future looks bright as others take note of your talents and let you know it. The opposite/same sex finds you alluring and you can bond closer than ever in a relationship. You know exactly where you stand this week in every aspect of your life. The Full Moon will be insightful, Virgo.


Venus remains in the cardinal sign of Capricorn and your 4th House of home, family, motherhood and the past until February 1st. You gain admiration and attract love where these areas are involved, Libra. This will be where you reap rewards. Additionally with Jupiter in Gemini, you could be feeling content on the romance front. Travel is a strong possibility during this year and on your mind this week, Libra. There is a Full Moon in Leo occurring on Saturday night. This week is all about love if you want it, focusing on higher education that you might feel is needed and you place a high value on learning a new skill or having more of a variety of skills. On Friday, the Moon grows fuller in Leo and your 11th House of friends, groups and your hopes/wishes. Expect to find this Full Moon in Leo bringing a personal message to you regarding your closest friendships, Libra. You will know who your real friends are and feel as though a part of your life has come full circle. Only the strongest friendships will survive. Sunday is all about group involvements and making your hopes into realities. As the week begins, Libra might want to step back and away from any situations which could promote negativity. The past could play a serious role on Tuesday. The message of the stars is to keep your feelings to yourself, for now, Libra. It will be to your benefit to not say everything you feel or think. An Aries and another Libra can influence your emotions.  


Venus remains in Capricorn and your 3rd House of self expression, siblings and intellect until February 1st. These areas bring the greatest pleasure to your life. There is admiration where these areas involve you, Scorpio. Tuesday finds you in a restless mood asking yourself big questions about your love life and career choices. Make sure you know what you want to do with your life and reexamine your goals for the future if you feel unsure about your role in an ongoing commitment, Scorpio. A Full Moon forms in Leo and your 10th House of prestige, honors and career achievements. You come to a better understanding of your coworkers and you make strides in your career. Emotions could be testy on Friday as the Moon grows fuller but Scorpio should be feeling as though past efforts are bringing results. With Saturn in your sign, this is a time to take very seriously where and how the most important relationships of your life are progressing, Scorpio. You will know where you stand and what to do by the time Monday arrives. This is a great week to reach out to your siblings and neighbors for these are areas that bring you joy and appreciation. Take it easy on Monday and spend some time making adjustments to projects you are finishing up. Tuesday is ideal for hanging out with your friends and highlights benefits that happen via group involvements and ongoing friendships. There could be news from or about an ex love. A Cancer, another Scorpio and a Pisces will play helpful roles in your week.  


Venus remains in Capricorn and your 2nd House of those people and places you value and how you handle your possessions until February 1st. Tuesday and Wednesday are your days to shine in public. You sway the masses with your powerful personality. Others admire your speaking skills and take note of your influential personality. There is a Full Moon occurring in your 9th House of travel and people from foreign countries. You find that a relationship grows more serious and a special someone is carrying a torch for you big time. A marriage or serious commitment is a serious possibility. With Jupiter in Gemini, you find a partner who compliments you in a perfect way. Mars in Aquarius brings physical energy where family members, children and relatives are involved. On Saturday, you could find a serious relationship consuming your attention. Distance, separation or previous commitments could keep you away from a current love. You could be restless and find that your intuition deepens throughout the week, Sagittarius. On Monday, you encounter some unexpected financial assistance. This should come as a total surprise to you. Tuesday is a day for completions and finishing up important tasks. There will be a flurry of calls, emails and texts to tend to this week. You're that popular, Sagittarius! A Taurus, Leo and a Scorpio w play key roles.


Venus remains in Capricorn and your 1st House of ego, fresh starts and physical appearance until February 1st. Whenever Venus transits your sign, admiration, love and gifts come your way, Capricorn. You could find your emotions to be scattered this week as the biggest relationships in your life take center stage. You feel nurturing and loving towards loved ones and a special relationship. You might be feeling moody on Friday as the Moon grows fuller. With the Moon in Cancer, relationships become intense and have an element of drama. Children could play a major role in your week, Capricorn. On Saturday, a Full Moon forms in your 8th House of taxes, insurance and deeply committed relationships. You could feel as though you struck the jackpot where insurance, mortgages and resources you might share with someone close are involved. You will know where you stand and catch some breaks. Those Capricorns who have been slacking off, personally and professionally, will feel the effects of their past actions on this Full Moon. You might be drawn to topics that some consider taboo under the Leo Moon. Spend some time on Sunday gathering information about a topic that intrigues you. Inheritances, insurance and sex could be areas that top your agenda. As the week opens, you get a fresh start on Monday as you wrap up pressing matters. Tuesday is your day to make a serious impression on the public. Use your personal power wisely, Capricorn.  An Aries and a Libra play key roles.


Venus remains in Capricorn and your 12th House of the past, secrets and isolation until February 1st. Mars is in your sign giving you energy, sexuality and what some might perceive as aggressive behaviors. This should be an adventurous week for you, Aquarius. Tuesday and Wednesday are all about change, variety and versatility. You might feel restless and desire some small but meaningful changes. Implement these changes on Tuesday and Wednesday, Aquarius. Thursday and Friday are days of service. Focus on your health and well being as several people might want you to look your very best. The Moon grows fuller on Friday and can find you moody/emotional as it transits your 7th House of marriage and serious relationships. You find the Full Moon on Saturday has a "get back what you give" feel to it. You notice that decisions you made in the past are affecting you in the present. A partner is serious and your relationships are suddenly clarified, personal and professional. Legal matters could come to your attention and may need immediate action. Sunday finds you enjoying the afterglow of the Full Moon in your relationship sector. As you begin the week, look back to early January and see how much progress you have made. It's time for a new chapter and Aquarius has the wherewithal to take pending matters into his or her hands successfully.   


Venus remains in Capricorn and your 11th House of children, love and creativity until February 1st. Friendships, your hopes and wishes and any group involvements will benefit you this week, Pisces. Reach out to those friends you have been missing and confess how much you miss these dear loved ones. You might be surprised at what you hear but you will know where you stand, especially when it comes to your deepest hopes, secret wishes and making gains through your friendships. Tuesday and Wednesday will focus on your home and family life. Take time to listen to the advice you receive from your family members. Thursday and Friday highlight your 5th House of love, children and creative ventures. You benefit from interactions with children and you feel sensitive to the moods of those around and closest to you. On Saturday, a Full Moon forms in your 6th House of health, wellness and your routines. Your past work catches up with you. Decisions made in the past pay off or you learn where you stand with an important assignment. Hard work pays off and you hear news that brings fulfillment your way. On Sunday, focus on your health and fitness routines. Make sure you keep on top of any appointments regarding your health. Any nagging health issues can be resolved with diligence, so do your research and remain on top of issues involving your overall optimal fitness. As the last week of the month opens, Pisces will enjoy the Moon in their 7th House on Monday and Tuesday. Allow others to voice their opinions but walk a fine line and do not allow others to influence you. In other words, don't let people tell you what is best for you, Pisces! This is where you can get lost and lose your way. Stand firm in your deepest beliefs and know that YOU know what is best for you, Pisces.