Pisces Compatibility in 2016

Let's take look at those partners who want to sweep Pisces off of their feet.


Aries - This is an odd combination but it is also powerful. Pisces and Aries will collect things together and take journeys. They could hit it off and feel a strong bond. Pisces needs to remember that Aries is impulsive, headstrong and won't back down, especially if pushed into a corner. Aries needs to realize that Pisces needs a tender loving touch. Get that worked out and this relationship can escalate. Otherwise, you two could come to the conclusion that you have different views when all is said and done. Try to weather any rough storms as you both can stand to learn much from each another and this relationship.

Taurus - Pisces meets Taurus and hopes to make instant music together. From their first meeting, there is a strong attraction and they both share a similar sense of humor. Laughing will keep both coming back for more. Taurus is a good choice for Pisces. Pisces can learn much from Taurus - including how to be more decisive and less torn between one destination versus the next. Taurus makes Pisces more in tune with Pisces head and heart. Pisces emotions won't be in opposition when in the presence of Taurus. This is a great match for both of you.

Gemini - Gemini intrigues Pisces at first. Here is someone Pisces considers smart, witty and compatible. Gemini is drawn to the lifestyle that comes with Pisces and Pisces is attractive to Gemini. Pisces and Gemini could come together in a way that is beyond every ones comprehension. Gemini is multi dimensional much like Pisces and the connection between you two could heat up. If both of you are free of other partners, then go for it. A strong physical attraction gets serious.

Cancer - Here is a safe match for you, Pisces. Cancer is your 5th House of children, romance, pets, parties, children and risk taking. Cancer and Pisces have enough in common to keep one another entertained until the sun comes up. Pisces will appreciate the gentle touch of Cancer and Cancer will appreciate Pisces need to give him or her space exactly when Cancer needs it most. This is a great choice for Pisces. Cancer has learned lessons and will be less emotional and more attentive to your needs, Pisces. Just give Cancer a chance to prove his or her undying devotion to you. 

Leo- Leo is a Fire sign and Pisces is a water sign. Water can fuel fire or douse it out completely. Pisces relationship with Leo will get resolved once and for all this year. Pisces senses that Leo is keeping secrets or not being forthright. Leo could find Pisces overly emotional and this could escalate into arguments, separations and endings. Pisces needs to trust his or her intuition and not allow Leo to intimidate sweet Pisces. Unless you have your Rising sign, Moon, Mars or Venus in a fire sign or compatible element, avoid Leo in general as this relationship can lead to stress, drama and arguments. Who wants that? Not Pisces! Leo could try and manipulate Pisces feelings but Pisces is not one to take it or deal with it. 

Virgo - Virgo is a compatible choice for Pisces. Virgo is Pisces opposite sign and rules Pisces 7th House of marriage. You might want to marry Virgo and vice verse, Pisces. This is someone who brings a sense of balance into your life. Make sure you both maintain goals or one of you could get eventually restless. It will be imperative that both signs have shared interests and bring an equal give and take to their relationship. Compromise will be needed in this relationship though and it will most likely come through a request from Virgo. These opposites continue to attract and Pisces will lead in this love.

Libra - Venus ruled Libra is an attractive/complimentary match for you, Pisces. Libra is all about balance, harmony and is good at teaching you new things. You learn from Libra constantly. And Pisces displays what could best be deemed as intuitive powers when in the presence of Libra. Libra is fascinated with Pisces artistic qualities and these two have what it takes to have a lasting love. Libra and Pisces possess an accurate understanding of one another; they will appreciate what they have built together and decide to expand, begin something new or start new traditions. Love with a Libra keeps Pisces grounded and helps Libra feel emotionally secure.

Scorpio - Pisces senses mystery upon meeting Scorpio. Pisces is attracted on a physical and sexual level but needs more time to figure out this unusually similar yet different sign of Scorpio. As time goes by, these two will travel together, share a love of common interests and could make their union official. This is an ideal match where two sensitive spirits come together and feel as though true love really does exist. In 2013, this relationship either gets better or it ends. There is no in between here. With Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, these two will know where they stand, for better or for worse. 

Sagittarius - Pisces meets sexy Sagittarius and sparks fly. Water (Pisces) and Fire (Sagittarius) although not generally compatible will be strongly physically drawn to one another. The only problem is that there is really not that much beyond that, unless you share a similar career. Both of you are mutable signs meaning that you are both fickle in love and relationships. For Sagittarius to take this relationship seriously, Pisces must learn to get a grip on his or her emotions and come from a place of sincerity and honesty. If Sagittarius can maintain a level of calmness and loyalty, then these two could experience a serious romance but, Pisces usually has their eyes on other signs than just Sagittarius and this could surprise even Pisces.

Capricorn - Capricorn is fascinating to Pisces. These two can relate from the moment they first meet. Here is someone Pisces finds to be on his or her wavelength. Pisces will take a risk to be with Capricorn even though this could mean alienating another previous love. These two get each other and once they fall in love, there will be no stopping them. You won't regret it, Pisces. Capricorn is an ideal choice of romantic partners for you in 2013. You find Capricorn to be more than relationship potential. You could sign papers, commit to a serious relationship and entertain the idea of living with a Capricorn, Pisces. 

Aquarius - Pisces is fascinated with Aquarius ideals, spirit and innovative ideas. These two fascinate one another. Pisces sees romance and Aquarius is flattered. These two can share a lasting love and that could include marriage, children and a future. Pisces will give Aquarius the perfect dose of attention, affection and praise. Just what Aquarius needs, Pisces. Aquarius will never bore you and you learn about the dark side of life with an Aquarius. This relationship has serious potential. 

Pisces - When Pisces meets another Pisces, there could be an initial whirlwind romance. It might seem as though you have met a love for life. Not so fast, Pisces. There is not enough space in one room for both of your imaginations, spot on intuition and ideals. There will be an initial attraction followed by a sense of not getting where the other Pisces is coming from. Also, the two of you could be attracted by your fondness for escapism and this only leads to a dead end. When all is said and done, you might want to rethink this special relationship with another Pisces, Pisces. Another Pisces could be exactly what you need, emotionally, spiritually and can fulfill you on every other level this year.