Aries Yearly For 2017

As we begin 2017, it's important to note that 2016 was a # 9 year in Astrology. The # 9 represents a high spiritual vibration, but also relates the end of a cycle and endings in general. So, 2016 was all about the end of one cycle. This year, 2017, is a #1 year. 2017 features new beginnings, independence, and therefore a tearing down of the old in order to make way for the new. According to Numerology, 2017 will have a sharp contrast in comparison to last year (2016) as where last year there were endings - the end of one cycle, now in the year of # 1, it's about new loves, new projects, a total overhaul, break from the past and new beliefs about love and ourselves. In Numerology, the energies of these numbers (# 9 as opposed to # 1) are the equivalent of night and day. So expect a year of drastic new beginnings on a universal/world and personal level. 

As 2017 begins, Jupiter transits the marriage minded sign of Libra and the 7th House in Astrology. The 7th House rules marriage, legal partnerships, open enemies, divorce and other legalities. Jupiter is also about our personal belief systems and with Two Eclipses in the romantic sign of Leo this year, the House of passion, relationships, creativity, taking risks and children are key areas for Aries in 2017, the way we all see them, how we want them and your beliefs about love could change drastically, Aries. Expect to see beginnings and endings all around you and you yourself could take a relationship and make it legal or you could meet a new love, get pregnant or experience a love year that is memorable and that is an understatement. Your greatest luck, success and prosperity begins the year in your 7th House of partnerships and ends 2017 in your 8th House of personal power, Aries. 

Jupiter (Success/Expansion) in Libra,(love and marriage) 

Eclipses in Leo, your 5th House of passion, romance, creativity and children

Uranus (Surprises/Shocks) in your 1st House of image, appearance and self. 

Another possibility of this influence is how you handle issues with tact, deal with issues of fairness and try and find diplomacy among times where we feel at odds with one another. With Jupiter in Libra, there could be differences of opinions in partnerships because Libra is prone to indecision. It could be the best year ever to get married, set records, bring about changing beliefs about marriage/partnerships as Libra rules the 7th House (Marriages) and Jupiter rules expansion. Justice and the legal system are also properties of Libra, so your own personal and intimate views about justice, and what love and partnership intimately means to you will be a strong possibility due to Jupiter in the compatible fellow cardinal sign of Libra and your opposite sign of the zodiac. Think back to last year to get an idea of how this planet has played out for you so far, Aries. Jupiter entered Libra on 9/9/2016 and remains there until 10/10 of 2017. We also have two eclipses in February and September, so be ready for some major changes where your love life, children, your hobbies, creativity and your sex life are involved, Aries. In February there could be some secret matters that are highly classified and confidential. You will need to be very careful with important papers and passwords of all kinds, as you could make a mistake, spill a secret to the wrong person or a secret of yours might become exposed with the Eclipse in Pisces. Those Aries who separated, are separating or might be getting divorced have completely changed the way they view love since this transit began and those who did divorce or separate ended on good terms. Aries has luck on his or her side in this area, so use it wisely and avoid excessive behaviors as these can back fire under a supposedly lucky time, if you don't apply moderation, you will find a surprise. Jupiter is also all about our belief systems. With Jupiter (Luck - Fortune - Beliefs and World Views) in (Libra) the areas of partnerships, romance, legal matters, business affairs will be on your side, Aries. Jupiter will transit Libra, Your 7th House of partnerships, until 10/10/2017, then, Jupiter enters your 8th House of power, birth and transformation.  

With Jupiter (Luck, success and prosperity in your 8th House, Expect great expansion where your personal power, other peoples money and areas like inheritance issues, wills, legacies, mortgages, taxes and your sexuality are involved. Expect your greatest growth to come from areas such as marriage, partnerships, legal matters with favorable outcomes and then in October, your 8th House of transformation, sex, death, rebirth, money, other peoples money, deeply committed relationships, personal power and all matters sexual and mundane (8th House), Aries. Until then, you can expect marriage to grow during Jupiter in Libra as it activates your 7th House of partnerships, Aries. Expect to see expansion in your partnerships and where money and all properties of the 7th and 8th Houses are involved, Aries.

Saturn continues its transit of Sagittarius, Aries. Sagittarius is your 9th House of higher education, publishing and overseas travel. Saturn is the planet that expects maturity from you. It comes in and asks you the big questions and wants to know how much you have learned from experiences past and how you are applying them to your present or not applying them. Saturn in your 9th House can bring about tests and challenges when it comes to people in foreign lands, while you pursue people from distant lands, legal matters and when dealing with religion and all spiritual matters, Aries. A Sagittarius promises be helpful to you with regard to money and your home life during the Saturn transit in Sagittarius!  

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