Aries Yearly Forecast - Addicted to Astrology 2016

Aries Yearly Forecast - Addicted to Astrology 2016

Uranus in Aries - A year of surprises, a few shocks and events you never dreamed possible! Have you experienced this, Aries? The planet that naturally rules Aquarius, continues its 9 year transit in your 1st House of image (personal, professional and social) and when looking back, since 2010, can you see how this planet, the planet of shocks, surprises and events you never dreamed possible has impacted your life and that of those around you? The planet will remain in your 1st House until 2019, so watch how this transit plays out and realize that this will continue its influence in your life until 2019, Aries. In your 1st House of image, you will continue to see, hear and experience events that surprise you in ways you never imagined. A side note: Whenever this planet retrogrades, it can bring about upheavals, or you could just be feeling generally unsettled where your image, personality, physical appearance, and name are involved during any Uranus retrograde in your 1st House, Aries! 

Where you have good fortune and prosperity 

Jupiter begins 2016 in your 6th House of health, and remains there until 9//9/16. The first half of 2016 finds expansion where your health, daily routines and repair and maintenance issues are involved. Jupiter promises to bring about expansion in every House this planet travels through. It is also possible that you find your beliefs about your health and daily work are expanding and you can see for yourself how this period will manifest by the time Jupiter enters your 7th House of marriage, partnerships, business partnerships, legal matters on 9/9/2016 -10/10/2017, your 7th House of partnerships, Aries. A marriage, romance, legal matter, legal documents, divorce and possible open enemies are areas that promise to bring about expansion, Aries. Your world views about people you admire and work with could undergo drastic changes, if single, you take a relationship to the next level. You could also possibly be dealing with a legal matter that could bring in a fortunate outcome. Your image, love life and house of health will be areas to pay attention to in 2016 and throughout 2017 (6th and 7th Houses) as you will be able to look back and see how these transits played out for you in both 2016 and well into 2017, Aries. Not thing is certain, with Jupiter in your 7th House of marriage, a new romance or an existing one can expand, bring you luck, success and promises good fortune where a serious partnership is involved! 

Are there Lessons or Rewards for past efforts, Aries?

Saturn (Karma/Lessons) remains in Sagittarius throughout 2016. Sagittarius is your 9th House of publishing, overseas travel, people from overseas and the 9th House also deals with publicity, advertising and promotion, Aries. With Saturn in a compatible Fire sign, you might fell less tested than other signs or you could notice pressure or great rewards with regards to travel and foreign countries, higher education, publishing and legalities, Aries. Saturn wants you to learn lessons during this time. However, if you have built solid foundations in these areas, you could see great rewards come to you during this time. Realize that wherever you extend the most effort or create solid, lasting foundations is where you reap the greatest rewards with Saturn, Aries. This is not a planet to be feared. Enjoy the foundations you have been building and appreciate the lessons you are learning when it comes to publishing, advertising, promotions, overseas travel, foreign countries, higher learning and legalities. These areas can seem challenging to you but you come out wiser and more mature when all is said and done, Aries.

Your Best times / High cycles of 2016:

Whenever Venus tours Aries, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius

When Mars tours Aries, Leo or Libra
Your High cycle time is your Birthday Month 
When Jupiter moves through any Fire sign

A simple reference guide I made for you on how to learn The Houses in your Astrology chart, that are unique to your sign, Aries. 

Aries is your 1st House

Taurus is your 2nd House

 Gemini is your 3rd House

 Cancer is your 4th House

 Leo is your 5th House

 Virgo is your 6th House

 Libra is your 7th House

Scorpio is your 8th House

Sagittarius is your 9th House

Capricorn is your 10th House

 Aquarius is your 11th House

 Pisces is your 12th House

What does this all mean? It's important in Astrology to know/learn your Houses. It's good to know this because, for example, that Venus (The planet) is in (The sign of) Gemini,  (All planets in Astrology that transit through the sign of Gemini) will always transit your 3rd House and the 3rd House is all about communications, self-expression, siblings and neighborhood/community affairs. Also, when the outer planets such as Neptune (Currently in Pisces - Your 12th House of privacy), Pluto (Currently in Capricorn - Your 10th House of prestige)  and Uranus (Currently in Aries - Your 1st House of image) you can begin to see how Astrology works on a more comprehensive level. 

A Taurus, Virgo and a Capricorn play special roles in your year, Aries. With Taurus, expect laughter, good times and the feeling that you and Taurus can work through any red tape that you encounter. A Virgo will spill secrets to you this year, Aries. You will learn what has been kept hidden from you and you might just wind up falling madly in love or building the friendship of a lifetime, Aries. There is a growing and lasting history connection with this person or you have known them for a long period of time. Regardless, you two connect in 2016 and how. A Capricorn can get your attention easily this year. You find that life with Capricorn is heaven and you adore the positive nature of Aries as Aries brings you laughter, stability and helps you with your public image, Aries.

Happy New Year!