Cancer Yearly Forecast - Addicted to Astrology 2016

Cancer Yearly Forecast - Addicted to Astrology 2016

You’re ruled by the Moon, Cancer. In Astrology, the Moon changes signs every 2.5 days. Where other planets transit signs for more extended periods of time, you're ruling planet (The Moon) deals with the cycles of the Moon and since the Moon changes signs every 2.5 days, your sign (more than ANY other), tends to be most influenced by these changes and cycles. You're a cardinal water sign and your Sign, Cancer naturally holds rulership over the 4th House of home and family in Astrology. In 2016, Cancer's marital status is a big deal. With Pluto (Transformation) in Capricorn, your 7th House of partnerships, this can sometimes seem like a sobering influence where the properties of marriage, partnerships, divorce, open enemies, justice, legal matters and the legal system become big topics in your life. You could be going through a divorce, getting married for the first, second or third time or be dealing with legal issues, galore. Your love life can transform enormously in 2016 & 2017, so it's important that you trust the people closest to you 120% and as well as those new partners you want even closer to you, Cancer. Relationships will be intense and all or nothing at all. There will be no grey areas in your love life, not with Pluto in opposition to your 7th House of marriage, Cancer, single or coupled. You need to make a commitment and realize that you will see these properties (7th House) come to your direct attention throughout this very long and powerful cycle of your 7th House, Cancer. Since this planet entered your 7th House in 2008, you have a good idea of how this has played out for you, single or coupled. The idea of the planet Pluto is to tear down in order to rebuild, so the bottom line is that you need to realize that whatever isn't working goes and eventually becomes replaced with something even better, Cancer! 

Where you get lucky, are fortunate and can expect good news? 

Jupiter begins 2016 in Virgo, Virgo is your 3rd House of siblings, short distance travel as opposed to overseas travel, neighborhood and community matters. The 3rd House also deals with self expression, since Mercury rules this House naturally. Then in September, Jupiter enters Libra, who is also a fellow cardinal sign, Cancer. Libra is your 4th House of home, relatives, where you live now, where you have lived in the past and where you might live in the future, Cancer. It also deals with motherhood and issues from your past. Good news, Cancer! You're most fortunate in these areas or you could undergo a drastic change of heart with regard to these areas as Jupiter is also the planet of our personal and intimate world views, Cancer. If single and still looking for love, be patient and realize that in 2017, you could meet a soul mate when Jupiter enters the compatible Water Sign of Scorpio, so you can afford to be picky and please follow that famous intuition as it has ALWAYS proven to be correct in the past, single or coupled. When has it ever been wrong, Cancer? 

Where you can expect surprises, Cancer?

Uranus (Things you never expected and surprises) tours your 10th House of prestige, public persona and career advancement. During this extended transit that began in 2010 and ends in 2019, you might have noticed by now or found yourself experiencing some surprise events in this area of your life. Uranus is the planet that wakes you up and brings surprises, Cancer. Your 10th House of career might undergo some internal evaluation on your end throughout the next 6 months, Cancer. This is all good news! By the time Summer comes around, you might decide to venture out on your own or make radical changes in career matters. Your intuition is your greatest asset and will guide you into making the right moves when it comes to professional matters and your public persona. An Aries and a Libra will play serious roles when it comes to making any type of spur of the moment career decision in 2016.

Your Best Times/High cycles of 2016:

Whenever Venus tours Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn

When Mars tours Cancer, Scorpio or Capricorn

Your high cycle time is your Birthday Month

When Jupiter moves through a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces)

When a New Moon forms in Cancer 

Learn about your Houses - A simple reference guide on how to understand your personal houses in Astrology.

 Aries is your 10th House

 Taurus is your 11th House

 Gemini is your 12th House

 Cancer is your 1st House

 Leo is your 2nd House

 Virgo is your 3rd House

 Libra is your 4th House

 Scorpio is your 5th House

 Sagittarius is your 6th House

 Capricorn is your 7th House

 Aquarius is your 8th House

 Pisces is your 9th House

What does this all mean? It's important in Astrology to know your Houses. It's good to know because whenever you read, for example that Venus (The planet of love) transits Scorpio, you begin to see that any planet that transits Scorpio will always transit your 5th House and the 5th House is all about your creative endeavors, hobbies, children, lovers and pleasure. Also, when looking at the outer planets such as Neptune (Currently in Pisces - Your 9th House of world views), Pluto (Currently in Capricorn - Your 7th House of partnerships)  and Uranus (Currently in Aries - Your 10th House of career) you can begin to understand how Astrology works on a more comprehensive level and you can can check upcoming transits to see how these transits will play out for you personally, Cancer 

The signs of Taurus, Capricorn and Aquarius play serious roles in your year, Cancer. With a Taurus, friendships and your hopes come alive and soar. Passion is evident and a physical attraction could dominate. With a Capricorn, you could be dealing with serious legal matters and relationships. You could also find a current, former or ex partner becomes a trusted friend. With Capricorn, anything is possible this year. Pay close attention to the months of February, July and September. An Aquarius intrigues you and vice verse. This relationship brings a variety of sort to your life. You find Aquarius uplifting and fun to be around. Your martial status commands the spotlight in 2016.   

Happy New Year!