Daily Forecast for Tuesday, June 27th, 2012


The Moon in Libra brings out your passionate and creative side today as it transits your 7th House of marriage and committed relationships. It's time to let loose and have fun. You notice popularity rising with the opposite sex today, Aries. Wear something that makes you feel sexy and confident to enhance your attraction factor. Money could be a source of worry or contention. Call on a Gemini, Virgo and a Sagittarius for assistance if you find yourself overly concerned, down or worried about your closest relationships. Chances are you might need to reexamine/review some romantic choices. You have a tendency to be lucky in love and committed relationships, both personally and professionally. Slow down and listen to what others are trying to tell you. Pay serious attention to the body language of others for clues. 

The Moon in Libra affects your career and what you do for a living as it transits your 6th House of repair and daily routines, Taurus. Some unexpected assignments could land in your hands or a promotion in business and possibly even advancements in love could are in the picture. You conclude that you're fortunate to have the personal security that some don't have or think they do have. Be gracious, grateful and charming when it comes to the people you work with and especially that special someone who remains in your heart. There is progress occurring in your love life and a relationship is heating up unless you are not making efforts, Taurus. Another Taurus will dispense wise advice. A Leo and an Aquarius will find you irresistible.

The Moons placement in Libra is your 5th House. Stay on top of all important relationships. You want to be seen and heard in love and you will be. Make certain that you give love, children, passion/creative projects and what you love to do the very best you have to give, Gemini. You will appear charming, personable and have a great sense of humor today. You have no idea how appealing you are to others. Realize that your way with words can inspire others while causing others to feel misunderstood. Try to remain diplomatic in the company of dramatic people. You know who they are, Gemini. A Taurus, Virgo and a Capricorn are involved.

The Moon in Libra transits your 4th House of home, property and issues around your home that come up suddenly. Focus on being kind, loving and understanding of your family and any other domestic issues that could suddenly arise. You find tonight to be exciting and notice passion building with someone special. Another Cancer, Scorpio and a Pisces play provocative roles. Show your love to those you have a genuine fondness and growing admiration for. Be vulnerable with any newcomers in your social and romantic circle. The Sun transit in your sign of Cancer brings about new opportunities to express yourself well, for new romance and can bring about lifelong friendships. Things are definitely looking up, Cancer.

The Moon in Libra is your 3rd House of siblings, communications and contracts. Your relationships with your siblings, neighbors and everyday routines could be of serious focus as conversations you have been waiting for may get delayed or postponed today, Leo. Your focus falls on family members, short trips and visits and the signing of documents that could bring a serious boost in your income. Realize that someone close is going through a rough time and might need more love and understanding from you. A Virgo and a Pisces would love to have a serious conversation with you. Topics could come to light suddenly and unexpectedly where your family relationships and business are concerned.

The Moon in Libra impacts your 2nd House of finances and possessions. It's time to get issues related to money out on the table and balance the budget. Some expenses are mounting and you might find yourself overly concerned with details, facts and figures. Others have opinions and answers and expect you to take the lead in finance and your financial life. Choose your words with extra care, Virgo. A give and take approach will work wonders for you in your most important one on one relationship. It's time to take charge of your life and let others know you are in control. You have a tendency to rescue others but this is the time to rescue yourself. Take a risk as it could pay off big time. A Gemini and an Aquarius play friendly/familiar roles.

The Moon illuminates your 1st House of sex appeal, beauty and personality. You are more than capable of gaining the interest and trust of those you hope to impress, and higher ups will notice you and your contributions. You could be pleasantly surprised as you receive compliments from strangers, friends and a current love relationship. Be advised that your physical and mental state will be directly linked to your productivity today. Luckily, things will work to your benefit without much effort on your part. You will find others reaching out, calling and inquiring about you. You will find yourself in the mood for major changes and new beginnings tonight. The signs of Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius will be in the mood to join you.

The Moon in Libra touches to most private and personal part of your 12th House. You could be on the receiving end of unwanted attention from more than one associate or admirer. You make progress and work behind the scenes. Your influence could be felt far and wide. Work hard but leave some time for yourself under the Libra transit. The Sun transit in the sign of Cancer can balance out any lingering feelings of uncertainty especially where love and your career are involved. You could receive an unexpected call, text or mail from a Taurus, Leo or another Scorpio, Scorpio. Expect the unexpected! There is a chance for a new attraction to emerge during this cycle just try to avoid feeling downtrodden.

The Moon in Libra enters your 11th House of friendships, hopes and your deepest wishes. There is a strong desire to reach out to your past despite the history you might have had. Your mind could be focused on a past separation, old memory or someone who still carries a torch for you or vice verse, Sagittarius. This has been a year of tremendous change for you, Sagittarius. The Sun transit in the sign of Cancer should increase your luck with love and restore any previous misunderstandings, while the Moon in Libra brings out your desire to look and feel your very best. You get what you pay for, Sagittarius. An Aries, Taurus and a Libra play roles. A Scorpio can be counted on. 

The Moon in Libra falls in your 10th House of status and ambition. You will be overly concerned with friendships and the opinions of higher ups. You might find yourself attracting all new and exciting types of people into your life. You will reap what you have sown in your career and your love life and you will see and feel it today. The opinions of others might bother you more than you care to admit. Speak up for yourself, be assertive and don't allow the opinions of constant complainers or sad people to drag you down. Avoid gossip and don't let anyone upset you. You can learn from others mistakes. This approach will gain you friends and more admirers. A Gemini, Libra and an Aquarius will play supportive roles.

The Moon in Libra touches your 9th House of higher education, spirituality and your world views. You can ask for whatever you want today and get it. Realize that this is a great time to follow your instincts, especially as they relate to your income and your closest relationships. You could be feeling rejuvenated from some time off and bond closer with friends, loves and family members. A strong sense of wanderlust takes over while your mind remains focused on those at a distance. Someone close has some very important and exciting news to share with you. An Aries, Leo and a Pisces will say the right words at the perfect moment.

The Moon in Libra falls in your 8th House of sex, rebirth and transformation. In addition, Venus transit through Gemini makes you highly desirable and sought after by crowds of admirers as long as you play by the rules, Pisces. No breaking hearts, Pisces. You exert a powerful and commanding presence today especially on the home front. Avoid conflict with anyone you have disagreements with. You may find that you have to agree to disagree with personal or business associates. Bide your time and realize those who have been out of touch with you will reappear as long as you avoid extremes and reach back with sincerity. A Taurus, Scorpio and an Aquarius will play loyal roles.