Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

The moon falls in your 7th House of love, serious committed relationships, the law or legal affairs. You might find these areas take on a greater importance (for the next two and a half) days. It's a lucky day and you will be seen as very powerful, attractive and come out the winner in any endeavor, debate or contest. The signs of Taurus, Libra and a Scorpio will play active roles in your day. It's a four star day so work that sex appeal and take the lead in all romantic matters. Boldly go where you want to go today, Aries!  

The moon falls into your 6th House of health, repair and maintenance issues and your overall health/well being. It's a great day to give it your best when it comes to your job, taking excellent care of your body and being a care taker of children and pets. Work hard, remain confident and watch the results pay off, literally. Practice being of service to everyone you encounter today. Listen to to the sound advice of a Scorpio. Love, intimacy and personal relationships are accelerating at a comfortable pace, Taurus.  

The moon falls into your 5th House of love affairs, fun and good times. You will find your luck in these areas as they will  highlighted and life can feel like a big celebration. Be advised that your special someone might need you to give more love and care just a little bit more, Gemini! Your head has been in the clouds lately. You're able to decipher motives of others and love feels brand new- as long as you make it happen. Let a Taurus, Leo and Libra know how much you really care, Gemini. 

The moon falls into your 4th House of  home, family and security. You will want to explore these areas and you will experience luck when it comes to these subjects today, Cancer. You're changing and close friends are paying attention or vice verse. Luck is restored as you remained focused on keeping the current momentum going. Decorate, make your home a sanctuary or enjoy relaxing at home. The signs of Leo and Virgo can give you priceless insights worth seriously contemplating, Cancer. Venus direct in Scorpio brings about closeness and smooth sailing where love is concerned, Cancer/ 

The moon falls into your 3rd House of relatives, trips and visits and communication. You remain helpful towards your siblings, on short trips and through communication skills.  Don't forget that we are all in this together, Leo. You can turn things around with just a bit of effort. Do it! The signs of Taurus, Libra and a Scorpio will find you attractive today. You have the power to reach out and touch others today, Leo. Use it or lose it!

The moon falls into 2nd House of money and possessions. Smile, because luck is on it's way regarding your income earning potential and your ability to make a decent living. Focus on being responsible for watching over accounts, paying off debts and keeping greater track of your cash.  Another Virgo, Scorpio and a Libra will be impressed with your talents today, Virgo. Venus movement suggests your intimate affairs will be examined in some way or another.  

The moon falls in your 1st House of personality and sex appeal. You have that special something today that others step up and notice, Libra. You can sell just about anything to anyone. This is a great time to appear before the public. You will find you're lucky today as someone could pay you a random compliment or someone very special will request some extra time with you. Accept compliments and adoration from the Air signs of Gemini, Libra & Aquarius. It's a four star day, Libra

The moon falls in your 12th House of secrets, solitude and what goes on behind closed doors. This a time of reflection and reviewing everything you have recently contributed.  Try and get some solo time to take stock of your past, present and future as they can seem to be colliding into to each other. Some close to you could be missing you more than you  may realize. An Aries and a Leo will play extra supportive roles while Venus direct in your sign guarantees a stroke of good luck.

The moon falls into your 11th House of hopes, friendships and wishes coming true. You will be in sync with the Libra moon as it brings these areas into the spotlight. You will be thinking about your friendships, bonding with newcomers and realizing just how fortunate you really are, Sagittarius. Let love develop naturally for best results. You find tonight to be adventurous, care fee and full of unexpected happenings. The signs of Taurus, Libra and Capricorn will yearn to be closer to you, Sagittarius.  

The moon falls into your 10th House of status, reputation and how the world views you. You can expect to feel elevated by the progress you have made for yourself, Capricorn. You will think about ways to improve these areas and will realize that you're in a much better position than you thought. Refuse to doubt yourself, Capricorn. You will be occupied with facts, figures and how to get good at business while really trying. An Aries and a Libra appreciate your contributions. Expect a romance to start heating up, Capricorn.

The emphasis today falls in your 9th House of  travel, religion and spirituality today, Aquarius. You will find yourself strongly drawn towards others who appear unusual in some way or who is actively involved in these areas somehow. It's a great time to explore the world, draw your own conclusions and remain optimistically open minded.  A Virgo, Scorpio and and an Aries will support you unconditionally. Let them for today anyway, Aquarius. 

The Moon will fall in your 8th house of sex, rebirth and transformation. Subjects considered taboo could be on your mind as you take a closer look at unusual subjects such as psychology, taxes, inheritance and other 8th topics. You are startled by what you discover as lovers, friends and people closest to impress you. (See The Houses in Astrology article and read all about the 8th House) An Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will reach out and explain the unexplainable, Pisces. Lovers gets even closer under the current Venus transit.

********When Reading your daily horoscopes, be sure and look at the Houses in Astrology article (under) All About Astrology. Check the House that your sign is passing through to gain more insights into activities and themes that you
can expect to encounter in your day!********