Leo Yearly Forecast - Addicted to Astrology 2016

Leo Yearly Forecast - Addicted to Astrology 2016

Where you are luckiest in 2016, Leo! 

Jupiter begins the year in Virgo, your 2nd House of money, personal possessions and what is personally and financially meaningful to you , Leo. The 2nd House is all about your valuables, so expect great success and prosperity with regard to your personal possessions and money during this powerful transit that lasts until 9/9/16. Jupiter will then enter Libra and your 3rd House of communication on 9/9 - 10/10/2017. The focus on success turns to communication, writing, self-expression, the Internet, your siblings, neighbors and community matters, Leo. Watch these areas and see how these transits play out for you. Remember that Jupiter is the planet that is considered to bring you luck, prosperity and success in mainstream Astrology. 

Where you get a surprise.....

Uranus (Surprises/the unexpected/wake up calls) continues its transit in Aries, your 9th House of overseas travels, people in distant places, higher education, publishing and places a greater emphasis on your worldviews and highlights your spirituality, Leo. Whenever Uranus retrogrades, you tend to look inwards when it comes to these areas. You might be surprised to find some unexpected developments when it comes to these specific areas during any retrograde of your 9th House. With Uranus direct in your 9th House, you might tend to experience strong forces when it comes to travel, publishing, legalities and while pursuing any kind of higher education. You could also be dealing with people from foreign countries and overseas during this time. Make sure you avoid reacting to anything that does transpire as the job of Uranus is to wake you up where you might have been stuck or need a jolt, Leo. The best way to navigate this transit is by realizing that without change, there would be no growth. You will emerge a wider, more mature and educated individual before 2017 begins. Pace yourself in these areas (9th House) for ideal results and try not to let little interferences escalate into bigger ones especially in 2016. On the flip side, you could get some surprises that delight you. Just see how anything relating to the 9th House of spirituality and overseas travel plays out and you will begin to understand how these planets function, Leo!

Are there lessons or rewards for the foundations you have created, Leo?

Saturn (Discipline/Structure) resumes direct in your 5th House of passion, romance and creative hobbies. There could be a tendency to exaggerate facts and blow small matters out of proportion. Your love life, relationships with children, taking risks and creative projects begin to show signs of growth and renewal but you could have overblown expectations when it comes to a certain love relationship. All is not exactly as it appears on the surface. With Saturn in the compatible fire sign of Sagittarius, you might decide to take big risks and possibly pursue a secret romance. You will encounter some snafus while mixing business with pleasure from time to time. However, realize that Saturn is not a bad planet or anything to fear. The function of Saturn is to test your maturity and see how responsible you are/have become in areas such as love, children, your hobbies, taking risks and where creative projects are involved

Your Best Times/ High cycles of 2016:

Whenever Venus tours Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius
When Mars tours: Leo, Sagittarius or Aquarius
Your high cycle time is your birthday month
When Jupiter moves through a Fire sign

Learn about your personal Houses - A simple guide on how to understand the Houses in your Astrology chart that are personal and exclusive to you, Leo.

Taurus is your 10th House

Gemini is your 11th House

Cancer is your 12th House

Leo is your 1st House

Virgo is your 2nd House

Libra is your 3rd House

Scorpio is your 4th House

Sagittarius is your 5th House

Capricorn is your 6th House

Aquarius is your 7th House

 Pisces is your 8th House

Aries is your 9th House

What does this all mean? It's important in Astrology to know your Houses. It's good to know  for example that whenever Venus (The planet) is in (the sign of) Aquarius, (All planets in Astrology that transit through the sign of Aquarius) will always transit your 7th House and the 7th House is all about partnerships, marriage and legal matters. Also, when the outer planets such as Neptune tour (Currently in Pisces - Your 8th House of transformation, sex, death, power and money), Pluto (Currently in Capricorn - Your 6th House of health, daily routines and work)  and Uranus (Currently in Aries - Your 9th House of spirituality, foreign countries, publishing and people from distant lands) you can begin to see how Astrology works on a more comprehensive level.  This is the easiest way to begin to learn how to understand the basics of Astrology.

The signs of Cancer, Scorpio and a Pisces will be involved in your year, Leo. With Cancer, you uncover what has been hidden and Cancer in turn provides you with relief. A Scorpio could be a friend or an associate but this relationship heats up in 2016. There could be some issues or disagreements about health, your daily routines and or nutrition but you admire Scorpios unique work ethic plus Scorpio always brings excitement. A Pisces is a mystery to you but in 2016, you're intrigued and want to know more. A Virgo also plays a serious role in your year, Leo, single and/or coupled. Virgo has news that involves security, money and family matters in 2016. 

Happy New Year, Leo!

Painting by Gregory Morss