Mars in Pisces

Mars (Planet of physical motivation and sexuality) changed signs from humanitarian goals in Aquarius into the dreamy and mystical and dreamy sign of Pisces. With Mars in Pisces,  
Pisces and Virgo are the signs to watch. So will Scorpio, Why Scorpio? Because Pisces is Scorpios 5th House of passion in Astrology and Mars co rules Scorpio.  

This is a favorable time for Pisces to begin new projects, initiate a new chapter and Mars can be generous when it comes to personal and professional affairs. Pisces will benefit most from this transit that lasts until 1/28/17, so make the most of this powerful, intense and sexual energy, Pisces! Special to every sign: Tone down what others could interpret as aggressive or impatient behaviors as Mars is also the planet of war, so use this energy wisely if you wish to benefit from this powerful planetary energy according to Astrology. 

Best advice: If you are a  Virgo or a Pisces, NOW is an ideal time to begin a new chapter, love affair, start a new business and generally make the most of this time as Mars promises to bring you good timing in your both your personal and professional life. Why Virgo? Because Virgo is Pisces 7th House of marriage and legal contracts, so Virgo will have his or her greatest motivation when dealing with marriage, legal contracts/legal issues and where even the topic of divorce and open enemies are involved.   

Celebrity example: Virgo Cameron Diaz and Pisces Benji Madden!