Pisces Yearly For 2017

As we begin 2017, it's important to note that 2016 was a # 9 year in Astrology. The # 9 represents a high spiritual vibration, but also relates the end of a cycle and endings in general. So, 2016 was all about the end of one cycle. This year, 2017, is a #1 year. 2017 features new beginnings, independence, and therefore a total tear down in order to rebuild. According to Numerology, 2017 will have a sharp contrast in comparison to last year (2016) as where last year there were endings - the end of one cycle, now in the year of # 1, it's about new loves for some, new beliefs about love for others it's about justice and legal matters. In Numerology, the energies of these numbers are the equivalent of night and day. So expect a year of drastic new beginnings on a universal/world and personal level. 

As 2017 begins, Jupiter transits the marriage minded sign of Libra and the 7th House in Astrology. The 7th House rules marriage, legal partnerships, divorce and other legalities. Jupiter is also about our personal belief systems and with two eclipses in the sign of Leo this year, the House of passion, creativity and relationships are where its at in 2017, the way we all see them, how we want them and our beliefs about love could change drastically. Another possibility of this influence is how we all handle issues with tact and diplomacy. But with Jupiter in Libra, there could be differences of opinions in partnerships because Libra can be prone to indecision. It could be the best year ever to get married, set records, bring about changing beliefs about marriage/partnerships as Libra rules the 7th House (Marriages) and Jupiter rules expansion. Justice is another property concerned with Libra so, your own personal and intimate views about justice, and what it means to you when Jupiter transits the sign of Libra will become evident. 

 As 2017 opens, Jupiter will remain in Libra, your 8th House of sex, power and a personal transformation, Pisces. Refer to the Houses in Astrology to cover every property of that House and apply the basics of Jupiter (Luck) and how it functions in Astrology. In mainstream Astrology, Jupiter is the planet of luck, success and prosperity, Pisces. When placed in your 8th House, you can expect to see expansion where your sexuality, money, other peoples money and mortgages tend to be areas that promise growth, expansion and bring you lucky breaks. This transit began in September of last year and continues as we enter 2017 until 10/10, so see for yourself how this plays out for you personally, Pisces. Are you feeling expansion or seeing your luck improve where finances are involved? Confident with your sexuality/sex life/gender? 

The 8th House is considered a power House in Astrology, however, it also deals with more diverse areas than many other Houses do but it's basically considered a money House in Astrology. The 8th House also deals equally with sexuality and personal transformation. With Jupiter in Libra, you could take a strong stand (Scorpio Component) in a particular event that is private and most personal and it will most likely center on a financial, birth, death or a private sexual matter. It could also deal with your finances, so take note of this time and watch what transpires. 

2017 is a year of surprises, the unexpected and you're considered one of the most intuitive, psychic and receptive (without wanting to let others always know) signs. You're also a mutable sign and you share this quality with the signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. You naturally tend to be flexible, social, spontaneous, yet you're internally restless by nature, so you tend to get bored, lose interest or sometimes initiate endings, so that new beginnings can occur for you, Pisces. Sometimes Pisces needs his or her (Your) space. This is detrimental for all Pisces! Regardless of your marital status, you need breaks, space and an occasional time for just you, Pisces! Don't think you're being selfish for allowing yourself these moments because it is when these moments occur, your greatest ideas emerge. Know this and be aware, so that if your overextended your time with another, you might feel trapped and check for the nearest exit. The good news? Pisces always picks a love who allows them some space and usually this does not become a problem in Pisces your (You)love life. 

The BEST news? For Pisces come 10/10, Jupiter will enter the more compatible water sign energy of Pisces and your 9th House of spirituality, travel overseas, people in distant lands, publishing and anything pertaining to these ares will flourish as the year winds down but wait. There are 4 eclipses in Astrology this year. And these eclipses will have a most profound impact on your personal life, Pisces. Additionally, Venus, Mars and Uranus will be in Aries when the Solar Eclipse occurs in your 1st House on 2/26. 

Pay Attention dates for you in 2017

Standout months for all signs: February and September

You look gorgeous: Whenever Venus tours Cancer, Virgo and Pisces

You can have YOUR way whenever Mars tours your 1st, 5th or 7th House

Your High Cycle time is your Birthday Month

A Solar Eclipse in your 1st House of Image/Appearance on February 26th - A Very Big Deal, Pisces!  

Your powers of persuasion, intuition and luck are most ideal on the New Moon in Pisces.