Scorpio Yearly For 2017

As we begin 2017, it's important to note that 2016 was a # 9 year in Astrology. The # 9 represents a high spiritual vibration, but also relates the end of a cycle and endings in general. So, 2016 was all about the end of one cycle. This year, 2017, is a #1 year. 2017 features new beginnings, independence, and therefore a teardown in order to rebuild. According to Numerology, 2017 will have a sharp contrast in comparison to last year (2016) as where last year there were endings - the end of one cycle, now in the year of #1, it's about new loves for some, new beliefs about love for others it's about justice and legal matters. In Numerology, the energies of these numbers are the equivalent of night and day. So expect a year of drastic new beginnings on a universal/world and personal level. 

As 2017 begins, Jupiter transits the marriage minded sign of Libra and the 7th House in Astrology. The 7th House rules marriage, legal partnerships, divorce and other legalities. Jupiter is also about our personal belief systems and with two eclipses in the sign of Leo this year, the House of passion, relationships are where it's at in 2017, the way we all see them, how we want them and our beliefs about love could change drastically. Another possibility of this influence is how we all handle issues with tact and diplomacy. But with Jupiter in Libra, there could be differences of opinions in partnerships because Libra can be prone to indecision. It could be the best year ever to get married, set records, bring about changing beliefs about marriage/partnerships as Libra rules the 7th House (Marriages) and Jupiter rules expansion. Justice is another property concerned with Libra so, your own personal and intimate views about justice, and what it means to you will be another possibility due to Jupiter in the air sign of Libra. 

Jupiter (Movement/growth and prosperity) exits your 12th House of privacy and enters your 1st House of appearances on 10/10/2017. The big news in (October) is that the planet Jupiter, (which has been in your 12th House since last fall), changes signs from Libra into Scorpio. On 10/10, Jupiter will enter your 1st House for a year long stay. During this time, you can expect expansion and movement where your personal, social, family, home and professional life are involved. This transit lasts until 8/11/2018 and provides you with the ability to experience greater luck, prosperity and see serious movement in your personal, professional and social circles, Scorpio. The flip side of Jupiter is that it can bring about overconfidence. Jupiter represents growth and abundance but can bring about the ability to get lazy and possibly gain weight and overspend if not entirely careful. You can find yourself  becoming more self indulgent during this time and you could gain weight if not entirely careful with sweet treats and tasty dishes, Scorpio! This generous planet bestows you with popularity and sex appeal, but there is a down side to having Jupiter in your sign as well. Since Jupiter is all about expansion, you will need to watch a tendency to over indulge in spending, any type of excess. Use this Jupiter transit wisely as it only occurs every 12 years and you won't have this much expansion, luck, success and prosperity in your personal, social, image, appearance and professional life until the next transit of Jupiter in Pisces. Just try to achieve a sense of balance and avoid excess and you get results and see the luck that comes with all things private and then come 9/9, it's about your image for the duration of 2017, Scorpio. 

As 2016 begins and for the first ten months of 2017, Jupiter will transit your 12th House of privacy, secrets and that which occurs behind closed doors, Scorpio. Libra is your 12th House and Jupiter will be in this part of your chart until September. During this transit, you could be working on an artistic project, desiring solitude or sleeping more than normal. Your could find yourself dealing with hospitals, psychology, your best kept secrets and could find areas such as meditation and mind, body and spirit subjects to surround you and capture your interest. You will be lucky in these areas, so  look at your Houses and always look to see more about other areas the 12th Houses rules, so you can get an idea of where your luck transpires. You could also be dealing with a secret romance or meet someone at work that feels like a soul mate or you and a partner make sure your love is kept hidden from view during this time. Scorpios will want alone time, especially if coupled. Singles can meet someone new while couples might desire some hibernation together. If there is anything I can tell you about this placement Scorpio, it would be to keep to yourself, don't open doors previously shut and move forward and be as selfish if you need to be and take your sweet time.   

Uranus (Shocks/Surprises) will be activating your 6th House where it's been touring since 2011 and remains until 2018. This year, you can expect some shocking and unexpected events where daily routines, work, repairs and maintenance, health and professional concerns/matters are involved, Scorpio. 

Saturn (discipline/structure and lessons) begins 2017 direct in your 2nd House (Sagittarius) of property, income, valuables and investments. Whenever Saturn retrogrades, There could be a tendency to exaggerate financial facts and blow money matters out of proportion. The energy of this retrograde transit can seem like a wake up call especially when dealing with finances, so avoid misunderstandings by utilizing diplomacy. Financial affairs begin to pick up steam and show signs of improvement whenever Saturn resumes direct motion. Just make sure you have put in the time and effort in order to reap the rewards of Saturn in your 2nd House of personal possessions, money and valuables, Scorpio. Saturn demands that you show up, work diligently and maintain a stable pace built with a solid foundation. Those Scorpios who have taken short cuts or not put in the time could be in for a shock or at the very least, a reality check when it comes to their possessions and finances. Those Scorpios who have exercised great maturity will find their finances grow during this transit of Saturn. Offers to make money, change your job or create a new one are there for those Scorpios who have the knowledge, maturity and who have learned from lessons of the past. It's good to be you this year but try and keep your secrets to yourself during the first ten months of 2017 for ideal results, Scorpio.   

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