The Moon in Aries

The Moon in Aries is a time to get motivated and begin new ventures. This is a great time to start over, begin a new project or get seriously motivated to accomplish whatever you set out to do. You might notice an air of impatience in the air today. People will tend to be forceful, short fused and aggressive. Everyone wants to be first or expects to be, or so it might seem. 

Be extra careful while at work and when driving, especially as people in general will be short-tempered and in no mood to be courteous. Avoid accidents by taking your time. Don't rush or show any hint of impatience as this can seriously backfire. It's a great day to let off steam via any method that helps to relieve tension. Work out, be kind to those who get on your nerves and have patience for anyone who seems slow and unable to catch on quickly. 

This is not a good day for any type of seriously detailed work or following up with anyone or anything where there could be consequences if mistakes are made. People will be less focused on love today and more focused on their own agendas. 

The signs of Aries and Libra will be the ones to watch as they will possess an air of mystery, sex appeal and that extra something special. Expect Aries to be feeling unstoppable and looking exceptionally attractive. Aries will be the most popular today as they can get their way in business, love and just about anything else they put their minds to. Libra might be feeling low on energy but will capture the hearts of his or her special someone, as long they remain honest with their partners. Talk about surprises, Libra!