Virgo Forecast for May for 2014

The Sun transits Taurus, your 9th House of overseas/foreign travel, higher learning, publishing, advertising, public relations, legalities, promotion, philosophy, religious beliefs and highlights your spirituality, Virgo. Late last month (April), there was a Solar Eclipse(4/29) New Moon in this same area of your chart, suggesting that at times, your personal, professional and home life were ultra fast paced, unstable or uncertain throughout April. Mercury begins the month in your 9th House of overseas travel, distances and travel. Expect areas such as publishing, people from overseas and your personal life to command your undivided attention. With Mercury (Communications and travel) in Taurus until 5/7, some time off would do you a world of good.
The good news? Mercury enters Gemini (10th House of prestige and career) on 5/7. Mercury functions best when it occupies the sign it rules. With Mercury in Gemini (the sign you and Gemini rule) your communications with others are duly noted and highly respected. A serious emphasis falls on how the public perceives you and you can expect endless discussions when it comes to dealings with people in power positions, Vips and authority figures, Virgo. 

Mars (Physical Energy/motivation) continues it's retrograde transit of Libra (Your 2nd House of finances and income) and finally resumes direct motion this month on 5/19. good news, Virgo. Your finances continue to be your biggest focus and primary motivation throughout this extended visit of Mars in your 2nd House of money. Your finances, property matters, fixed income and what you deem valuable in life resume a fast pace beginning on 5/19 and this transit continues until 7/25. Take note of your physical energy levels this month and pay attention to your income and opportunities to make more money. You could get lucky where a partner is involved (Libra component) or the money of others could be another area that benefits you. Mars will move direct in Libra until 7/25, when it enters your 3rd House of Scorpio. You might feel as though you're working longer hours for less pay but the final results promise to pay off. Be patient, Virgo! 

Venus (Love & Money) transits Aries from 5/2 - 5/28. This should bring positive results your way when it comes to personal transformation and deeply committed relationships,
Virgo. Whenever Venus transits your 8th House of finance, other peoples money, power, sex and control - you tend to benefit in these diverse areas. The 8th House brings about lucky breaks where insurance, taxes, mortgages and anything having to deal with inheritances are involved.

The New Moon occurs on 5/28 in Gemini. Gemini is your 10th House of prestige, power and deals with your career.  New Moons bring new offers and new beginnings. Mars forms a smooth angle to this Moon suggesting that serious changes are put into motion where your professional and career aspirations/matters are involved. Expect to hear positive news.

The Full Moon occurs on 5/14 in Scorpio. Scorpio is your 3rd House of self expression, siblings and deals with neighbors and community issues. Expect to receive news centering on communications, siblings or where neighborhood and residential matters are involved. This Full Moon puts a serious focus on relatives. Expect news received on this date to involve a sibling or someone close to you. 

A Leo, Scorpio and an Aquarius will be involved. A Leo presents you with an offer you might not be able to refuse. Expect some stimulating discussions to center on a variety of topics. A stronger connection is formed via a social network or close tie this month. With Scorpio, your thoughts center on the deep past in this association, Virgo. A Scorpio and an Aquarius could present offers in a professional matter that are solid durable and promise to stand the test of time.

Your perfect colors for for May are: Grey, khaki and black.  

Your BEST days for May: 5/2, 5/8, 5/9, 5/12, 5/18, 5/26, 5/28 & 5/31