Virgo Yearly for 2017

As we begin 2017, it's important to note that 2016 was a # 9 year in Astrology. The # 9 represents a high spiritual vibration, but also relates the end of a cycle and endings in general. So, 2016 was all about the end of one cycle. This year, 2017, is a #1 year. 2017 features new beginnings, independence, and therefore a total tearing down in order to rebuild. According to Numerology, 2017 will have a sharp contrast in comparison to last year (2016) as where last year there were endings - the end of one cycle, now in the year of #1, it's about new loves for some, new beliefs about love for others it's about justice and legal matters. In Numerology, the energies of these numbers are the equivalent of night and day. So expect a year of drastic new beginnings on a universal/world and personal level. 

As 2017 begins, Jupiter transits the marriage minded sign of Libra and the 7th House in Astrology. The 7th House rules marriage, legal partnerships, divorce and other legalities. Jupiter is also about our personal belief systems and with two eclipses in the sign of Leo this year, the House of passion, relationships are where it's at in 2017, the way we all see them, how we want them and our beliefs about love could change drastically. Another possibility of this influence is how we all handle issues with tact and diplomacy. But with Jupiter in Libra, there could be differences of opinions in partnerships because Libra can be prone to indecision. It could be the best year ever to get married, set/break records, bring about changing beliefs about marriage/partnerships as Libra rules the 7th House (Marriages) and Jupiter rules expansion. Justice is another property concerned with Libra so, your own personal and intimate views about justice, and what it means to you will be another possibility due to Jupiter in the air sign of Libra. 

Jupiter (Abundance, luck and prosperity) exits Libra and enters Scorpio on 10/10/2017. Jupiter is the planet that brings about a change in beliefs and also promises great prosperity/abundance. With Jupiter in Scorpio, you will be able to look back on the past year and see how this planet has brought you abundance when it comes to your career, dealings with those in authority or power positions and when it comes to your public persona. The job of Jupiter is expand everything it touches, but Jupiter can also influence our beliefs about these areas, so once Jupiter enters your 3rd House of Scorpio, you will notice the abundance that it can bring to your neighborhood, relatives, the internet, siblings, Virgo. The 3rd House also deals with your communication faculties, so don't be surprised if someone from your past challenges you  to rekindle a romance. This transit promises to bring you a year of expansion, growth and prosperity in your 3rd House. So,focus the keys words of growth, prosperity, communications, the internet, neighbors, your neighborhood, siblings,and watch where you stand to gain prosperity in these areas.     

Neptune (Planet of illusion - Things you cannot see clearly)  Continues to tour your 7th House of marriage, legal issues and business partnerships, Virgo. Whenever Neptune retrogrades, you might conclude at times, you feel lost, listless, vague or experience conflicting feelings/emotions (that are impossible to put into the right words) about an ongoing relationship. Perhaps you feel unable to express, define or communicate your thoughts and feelings about/to someone close to you, such as a romantic partner and yet it will be hard to translate that clearly to anyone during this time. If coupled, one or both of you might be unable to clearly define what you feel or why you're feeling blurry, foggy or stumped. This transit is a two way street for Virgo in a relationship. The flip side to this transit is you or a close partner could over idealize your relationship and feel a spiritual connection that simply cannot be described. Remember that Neptune blurs the boundaries between you and others, Virgo. There could be unintentional deception or mystery involved in a legal, professional and or a marriage. Do your research if you sense something is off because it most definitely could be, but you can resolve and share these feelings and intuitive insights with your partner for ideal results. You might be surprised to find that a partner, parent or close friend is feeling the same way you are. Keep the lines of communication open if in a serious committed relationship during this time. This applies to personal and professional relationships that are binding, legal and super serious and meaningful to you! Neptune is retrograde in August.

Saturn (Discipline/Structure/Lessons) continues direct in your 4th House of home, family and domestic matters. There could be a tendency to exaggerate the facts and blow matters on the home front out of proportion, especially when this planet retrogrades. Your home life, areas pertaining to relatives, your residence and issues from the past begin can begin to speed up and show signs of effort and you will be able to better your home life and focus on those hopes you have for your home life during this time, Virgo.

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