The Moon in Scorpio

When the Moon transits the sign of Scorpio in Astrology 
- Scorpio is the 8th House in Astrology

This is a great time to do things with passion and intent. You could find that you have excellent concentration and a sharp focus today. Avoid a tendency to get too intense. Avoid saying the wrong thing, making rude exchanges with others and make sure to treat your closest relationships with extra care. Some people will tend to go to extremes, get jealous and overreact. This is a great time to troubleshoot, solve problems or do extensive research.

It's definitely considered a favored time for sex, intimacy and deeply committed relationships. Pay attention to your gut instincts and spend time with someone you love. You can find chemistry to be explosive and intense. It's no wonder that Scorpio is called the sign of transformation.Try not to take any disappointments too hard and don't be critical of yourself, as this is another issue that possibly could crop up under the Scorpio Moon

Pay attention to gut feelings, psychic vibes and your intuition today. Scorpio, like Cancer and Pisces, are considered to be the most intuitive Water signs and can count on his or her instincts to be correct. So, follow your intuition, everyone, and tone down any extremes when dealing in your communications. Tempers could flare! Avoid extremes and make love not war today and tomorrow!

The signs of Scorpio and Taurus will be the most popular signs today as they will radiate charm, sex appeal and can make strides in whatever they hope to achieve. Scorpio will capture the attention of strangers and the public, while Taurus might be feeling low on energy but can do extremely well in all personal affairs.