The Moon in Virgo

When the Moon transits Virgo in Astrology
Virgo is the 6th House in Astrology

This is a time for practicality, details and tending to personal care, both health and overall wellness. This is not the day to ask for favors, as you might notice others in a critical and fault finding mood. Focus on repairs and maintenance. Try to become an efficiency expert and concentrate on streamlining everything. Have a health check up, start a diet, end an addiction and clean up messes. This is the sign of practicality, so all things practical should be tended to. Clean your house, literally and figuratively. Reorganize your home, love, BUSINESS and family life so they can run more smoothly for you. This is a great time to take control of your finances and try to save money if possible. Cut back on extravagant purchases but be prepared to find others in picky and critical moods. OMG! Also, try not to be too hard on yourself or others. This is also an ideal time to rid yourself of any unhealthy lifestyles and work on taking better care of your overall health and personal wellness. The Moon in Virgo will ask you to consider these areas and make the needed adjustments where possible.

Today and tomorrow belong to Virgo and Pisces. Virgo will capture the attention of loved ones and make a name for themselves in business and get special attention from lovers and loved ones while Pisces might be feeling low on energy and listless but can expect to make tremendous strides in his or her love life. All Virgos, single and coupled, will be more appealing to the public and will get noticed by those that MATTER. Virgos will possess a special appeal publicly while Pisces can make a commitment that is bound to last, especially in romance.