The Moon in Cancer

When the Moon transits Cancer in Astrology
Cancer is the 4th House in Astrology

Whenever the Moon enters the sign of Cancer, we become moody, sensitive and more emotional than usual. People will respond to personal attention and mothering of any kind. It's a day when we will feel like staying home, being nurtured, having a nice family dinner and reaching out to our mothers (especially if we have a good relationship with them). Nostalgia, memories and intuition are heightened. 

You will want to hang onto people and things. This is not a good day to clean out your home or your closet. You could give something away only to want it back at a later date. We will all have shrewd insights into what others really need and want. There is a tendency to be able to instinctively know what others are feeling. It's a great time to pay attention to your dreams and gut reactions. 

Remember under a Cancer Moon that there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason, we relate on a more emotional level as opposed to logical and emotions tend to get overly exaggerated. Get ready for a day of emotions gone wild!

The signs of Cancer and Capricorn will be in the spotlight today. They will have sex appeal, radiate charm and be relentlessly charming in personal and business affairs.