The Moon in Leo

When the Moon transits Leo in Astrology
Leo is the 5th House in Astrology

Whenever the Moon is in Leo, strong decisive feelings of confidence and generosity overcome each and every one of us. Everyone will be feeling more confident, warm, optimistic, generous and in a fun loving mood. It's a great time to ask for a raise, since employers will be feeling more sympathetic to their employees. People will respond to the compliments that we give them so make sure to tell that special someone how great they look, admire something unique about the way they are dressed, or give them a compliment on their hairstyle. Be sure that it's sincere, genuine and truly heartfelt. Under a Leo Moon, we all can easily sense insincerity so be sure you mean what you say.

It's an ideal day to dress to impress, wear jewelry and step into the limelight. We will be feeling extravagant and have tendencies to treat ourselves and those closest to us like royalty. Strut your stuff and show the world what a knockout you are. Be careful, however, of a temptation to overspend as we all will be feeling overly generous, especially towards the people we truly cherish. Don't break the bank and be extra cautious of promising others more than you can deliver.

Pay attention to the signs of Leo and Aquarius today. They will exude sex appeal, confidence and we could find ourselves drawn inexplicably to these powerful signs. They will be the most popular, attractive and able to make tremendous strides in their personal and professional endeavors today and tomorrow. So move over and let Leo and Aquarius take the spotlight where they tend to shine naturally and dazzle us with their personal style, leadership abilities and amazing sense of humor. We could all learn something from these movers and shakers of the Zodiac.