The Moon in Pisces

When the Moon transits the sign of Pisces in Astrology - Pisces is the 12th House in Astrology
Whenever the Moon is in Pisces, it tends to be a highly creative day. It's an ideal time to follow your imagination, intuition and dreams. Escapist tendencies will abound. The need to escape via food, drinking or harmful/toxic substances can be quite strong for some during this cycle. Channel this energy wisely by getting lost in music, film, dance, the Internet or anything else that captures and fuels your dreams, creativity and spirituality. Reading books, going to the movies, watching television, playing video games, yoga, meditation and anything that requires your imagination, such as writing or painting would be ideal activities for the Pisces transit. So is spending time alone/in seclusion, helping the less fortunate and being there for anyone who needs extra love and support are all favored activities for this placement. It's an ideal time to focus on someone special as we will all be in Love with the ideas of love today.

On a personal note: Expect the signs of Pisces and Virgo to be center stage today. Pisces will be highly regarded and very attractive to the public while Virgo can get his or her way in love under the Pisces Moon. The signs of Pisces and Virgo will make the news today. They will be considered exceptionally attractive, articulate and entertaining. These signs will surprise all of us with their talents and sex appeal.