The Moon in Sagittarius

When the Moon transits the sign of Sagittarius in Astrology - Sagittarius is the 9th House in Astrology

Whenever the Moon falls in the sign of Sagittarius, it's a great time to travel, take/plan or reserve a weekend getaway or to meet up with friends, loves, throw a party and socialize. Engage in philosophical discussions and plan long range goals as these are especially favored under the Sagittarius lunation. It's an ideal time to influence, inspire and motivate others. You will notice a significant lightness in the air as we all become more happy-go-lucky, optimistic and lighthearted after the heaviness of the intense Scorpio Moon. Take the time this weekend to get outdoors, participate in athletics such as working out or sports activities. We will all be feeling more adventurous and upbeat.

This is a great time to take a risk, gamble or do something you consider to be challenging. This is also a favorable time for teaching, writing, publishing, dealing with people from overseas, overseas travel, advertising and anything related to spirituality. A side note: Spend extra quality time and pay attention to the care of your animals. Also know that this is an ideal two days to bring a new pet into your home. Risk taking and adventure beckon today and tomorrow, so make sure you get out and about, be adventurous and take that risk you have been contemplating. It could very well pay off.

The signs of Sagittarius and Gemini will be considered most popular today and tomorrow as Sagittarius will feel unstoppable as they can get their way in just about anything they put their mind to and will notice their luck improves when it comes to serious relationships, both business and personal. Gemini can also feel the effects of the Moon in their 7th House of serious relationships. Gemini will be low on energy and feel drained, but despite this, Gemini can make important strides in their most intimate one on one relationship.