Aquarius Forecast for July of 2014

The Sun transits your 6th House of daily routines, fitness, health matters, pets, employment, work, associates and repair and maintenance issues throughout the Suns transit of the emotional, intuitive and sentimental sign of Cancer until 7/22, Aquarius, when the Sun exits Cancer and enters your 7th House of marriage, legal contracts and professional associations.

As July begins, Mercury (communications, travel and your intellectual nature) resumes direct motion in Gemini until 7/12. Gemini is your 5th House of love and romance. Gemini is a compatible air sign, so you could find this transit zeroing in on your love life and romance at a pace you feel comfortable with. Children and creative ideas and projects are also properties of the 5th House. Expect the first twelve days of July to be filled with serious and stimulating conversations where these areas are involved, Aquarius. On 7/12, Mercury enters Cancer and your 6th House of work, routines and your health. Caution Aquarius: this placement could find you short tempered as work life will appear stressful at times with constant calls, texts, emails and nonstop activity. Take your time during the 12th - 31st and pace yourself where career, your health, your daily routines and your work life are involved. You could feel overwhelmed with responsibilities throughout this transit, but hold your temper and keep your opinions to yourself when it comes to the input or opinions of others. You could feel challenged and overloaded during this transit of Mercury in the water sign of Cancer, Aquarius. Best advice! It's to your ultimate benefit to say as little as possible around criticism or you could risk putting an important professional relationship in jeopardy.  Your month will center strongly on your daily work, routines, personal health and career issues. You might feel as though your career needs to trump your love life at times as the pressure is on you big time and you could be required to perform overtime in order to fulfill costly but much needed necessities and ongoing obligations.

A Full Moon occurs in Capricorn (Your 12th House of privacy) on July 12th. You might desire some alone time on this date, as the emotions of others can seem too intense or over the top and you might need some time out to rest, retreat and recharge. It will serve you well to take a "moment for yourself" on this date - even if it's just for an hour. Your intuition will be running on overdrive on this Full Moon (Cancer component) and Saturn is involved suggesting that you give what you get when it comes to matters from the deep past.    

Venus (Love and Money) begins the month in Gemini. Gemini is your 5th House of love children and creative projects. Venus enters in Cancer on 7/18 and remains in Cancer until 8/12. With Venus in your 5th House as July begins, expect to be feeling the love and experiencing a surge in your personal popularity. A serious attraction is involved and a relationship can be formed, cemented and make serious progress with Venus in your 5th House. Enjoy the romance in the air and know that if you focus on anything relating to children, your children, creative projects, the arts and taking risks, these will be areas that you can make gains and receive applause and the most admiration. You could even make money from anything you do for fun during this time, Aquarius. On 7/18, Venus enters Cancer, your 6th House of career, associates and deals with your daily routines. A desire to look your very best will come into play with Venus in your 6th House. you could also focus more on your health and wellness during his time. People will be taking note of your personal grooming and health practices, so make sure you remain looking your best to really maximize the potential affection, love and applause that comes your way effortlessly with Venus in your 6th House. With Venus in Cancer, you could attract a Cancer and or a Capricorn, Aquarius, single or coupled! 

Mars (Physical Energy/Motivation) will begin to wrap up its stay in Libra, your 9th House of overseas travels, legalities and publishing on 7/25, when it enters Scorpio, your 10th House of public persona, your prestige and deals with your superiors. With Mars in your 9th House, by now you have learned about changes in your spirituality and when dealing with your worldviews. Your energy could have turned inwards during this time and you might have taken a deeper or closer look at higher education, spirituality or you could have reexamined your worldviews. Since the 9th House also rules foreign countries and foreign places, you could have began a new passionate romance with someone from overseas or began a relationship through a place of  higher learning or via a legal matter. Try and remain above the law during Mars in your 9th House, Aquarius. Legal issues might not go in your favor and be be costly during this time. Also, try and not get into any heated debates with those who hold opposing viewpoints from you - especially when it comes to religion or your spiritual views for perfect/ideal results. Serious interactions with someone from a foreign country or foreign travel is a another possibility with Mars is in Libra, the partnership oriented sign. On 7/28, Mars will enter your 10th House of career, public persona and prestige and stays there until September. During this transit your career becomes a more serious focus. You will posses the tenacity and become more motivated with career matters and your professional relationships with Mars touring your career sector.   

Saturn (Lessons/Karma) turns direct on July 20th in Scorpio. Scorpio is your 10th House of honors, prestige and centers on your career and career matters, Aquarius. You could feel restricted or challenged in these areas with Saturn moving direct. You learn lessons and create solid foundations with the help of Saturn, Aquarius. You could be feeling insecure regarding your place in the public and get withdrawn when Saturn moves direct in your 10th House of prestige, public persona and your career. It might feel as though career advancement is being delayed or tested in some way and you might have no other choice but to remain silent and keep to yourself about how you wish to fit in to public. On the other hand, if you have been working diligently and created solid foundations and built serious structutes in your career matters, you will receive rewards, possibly a promotion or a rise in salary for your professional efforts and hard work. 

Uranus (Things you never imagined possible, surprises and wake up calls) (Uranus is also your planetary ruler) turns  Retrograde on 7/21 in Aries, Aquarius. Aries is your 3rd House of siblings, self-expression, travel and deals with your neighborhood and community matters. During this long retrograde which lasts until 12/21, your planetary ruler might have some surprises in store where these specific areas are involved. Whenever your ruling planet retrogrades, there is a tendency to turn inwards, create worst case scenarios and possibly examine what is wrong and what might need improvement. Caution Aquarius: Avoid losing your temper or turning small issues into bigger ones throughout this long retrograde in your 3rd House. Uranus is the planet that gets you out of a rut, if you have been stuck in one - and this powerful planet will let you know what needs to change and what needs to go. During this time, you can be dealing with surprises and some possible erratic events within your home/residence, Aquarius. You may decide to relocate, spruce up or sell your home. Just tone down any overreactions or worrying you might have when dealing with home and your family life during this time. You could be prone to excessive worrying, so realize that all will work out as long as you avoid turning small matters into bigger ones than they actually are, you will fair far better than you thought!    

Jupiter (Luck, prosperity and expansion) enters your 7th House of marriage and legally binding relationships on 7/16 for a year long stay. Jupiter will exit your 6th House on 7/16 and enter Leo, your 7th House of marriage, bringing you a year of serious growth, good fortune and if you are going through a divorce, this transit should make it easier to separate, Aquarius. Single Aquarius will enjoy the transit of Jupiter in their 7th House of marriage as it speaks to important changes ahead in love, career and legal breaks - for the better, Aquarius, single or coupled. This is an important change of signs for you because Jupiter expands everything it touches, and when placed in your 7th House, a love relationship expands and turn serious, fast. Single Aquarius will not be single much longer with Jupiter entering their 7th House of marriage for an entire year. Jupiter will exit your 7th House on 8/11/15 so get out, be seen and know the power is within you, Aquarius! This should be an exciting time for all Aquarius as professional relationships also promise to broaden and introduce you to new beliefs and new ways of looking at your personal and professional relationships. Legal matters also promise to benefit you during this time, Aquarius.  

A New Moon forms in Leo on 7/26. This will be a stand out stellar day for you, Aquarius. With Jupiter (Expansion/growth and prosperity) in the mix, you can expect offers regarding marriage, legal issues or a professional matter to get clarified and you could even be offered a serious raise or promotion at your place of business. Love and professional relationships get a green light and its all systems go for Aquarius on this New Moon. You might feel low on energy but will be excited by the advancement and abundance offered to you, so you might not even care if you feel low on energy and tired on this New Moon because you will be busy savoring new offers.

Good days: 7/1, 7/7, 7/12, 7/13, 7/18, 7/19, 7/22, 7/23, 7/25, 7/26, 7/28, & 7/30 

Not so great days: 7/3, 7/6, 7/8,  7/11, 7/20, 7/21, 7/24, & 7/31.

Signs involved: Virgo and a Pisces will play special roles in your month, Aquarius. With a Virgo, you gain stronger sense of security and this extends to work, family life and your personal possessions. A Virgo will be your lucky charm this month, Aquarius. A Virgo might also wonder about traveling with you this month. With Pisces,  you share everything. Secrets are exchanged, stories are told and this relationship gets better with each passing day. A Pisces will offer excellent financial advice to you this month and it would serve you well to listen to a Pisces when it comes to earning additional income