Aries July Forecast for 2014

The Sun transits your 4th House of family, residence, motherhood, the past, ownership, community and property issues. Expect these areas to play important roles in your life throughout the month of July, Aries. It's going to be a fast paced month, filled with non stop activity, so be prepared for lots of social stimulation, Aries.

As July begins, Mercury (Communications, travel and your intellectual nature) will station direct in Gemini until 7/12 and then enters in Cancer on 7/12 until it enters Leo on 7/31. Mercury begins the month in Gemini. Gemini is your 3rd House of short distance travel, siblings and deals with your neighborhood. Any time Mercury transits your 3rd House, your communication skills stand out and your ability to effectively communicate with the public, with neighbors, via your home life and within your community will be heightened. On 7/12, Mercury enters Cancer and your 4th House. This finds you happier and fulfilled with regards to where you stand in family relationships. Pay close attention to events that transpire on 7/18 - 7/20. To navigate this transit, be agreeable and utilize tact when dealing with others close to you. Your home life promises to take on greater importance throughout this transit and you might be overly protective of family members and feel nostalgic, slightly possessive and more connected to your family than ever during this transit. The Sun, Jupiter and Mercury will occupy the emotional and sentimental sign of Cancer during this time which promises to heighten your intuition and bring out serious discussions with your family members! Don't be surprised if you find yourself desiring an even greater closeness with family members during this time, Aries. Mercury will enter Leo, your 5th House of creativity, love and children on 7/31, so expect the emphasis to shift to these areas once Mercury enters Leo at the end of July! Mercury (Communications and travel) begins the month moving direct in Gemini from 7/1 through 7/12. Mercury is the planet of self expression and travel. The good news? Previous misunderstandings will fade into the background once Mercury stations direct in your 3rd House of communications, self-expression, siblings and neighborhood/community matters, Aries. Any confusion or delays you experienced when Mercury was retrograde will began to recede away and you can finally make tremendous progress when speaking, while traveling and when dealing with your siblings and family members. Computers, cars and all things relating to transportation move forward more smoothly with greater ease and you will be in a mood to celebrate. Mercury stations direct in your 3rd House until 7/12, when it enters Cancer, your 4th House of home, family, residence, relatives and deals with the topic of motherhood and issues from the past

Mars (Your ruling planet - which deals with sexuality, your motivation and physical energy) remains in your 7th House of marriage, legal contracts and professional affairs until 7/25. Mars has been in Libra since last year, so by now you should have a greater awareness and understanding when it comes to your ruling planet and how the energy gets dispersed when in your 7th House of marriage. During July, You will be getting closer to a romantic partner via a stronger commitment or saying farewell altogether. It's all or nothing once Mars enters Scorpio, your 8th House of deeply committed relationships until 9/13. With Mars in Libra until the 25th, single or coupled, the focus has turned to relationships, love and professional associations and your  greatest motivation and physical energy have been directed in this area. A new romance began if you're single (or the prospect of one did/will), you could be dealing with legal issues, contracts and paperwork also during this time. You might have noticed during Mars in Libra that women have been and continue to be instrumental in assisting you when you need advice, support or help with any ongoing romance! Couples could have married, had a child or decided to part ways. With Mars, there is not in between. You're either interested or not interested at all. Once Mars enters Scorpio, expect this theme to continue.    

A Full Moon falls in Capricorn 7/12. Capricorn is your career and prestige sector and this Full Moon brings professional matters front and center. Saturn forms an angle to this Full Moon suggesting that news you receive relates to career matters, Capricorn is your 10th House of prestige, career and public visibility while Saturn deals with issues such as maturity, lessons and hard work, Aries. You will hear news that excites you if you have put forth the dedication, effort and time. Those Aries who might have taken short cuts will learn that they still have more work to do on this date. It's all about how you have given to others and also how you have treated yourself when it comes to your career on this date.

Jupiter (Expansion/prosperity and abundance) will exit your 4th House of home, relatives, residence, issues past and also the 4th House deals with the topic pf motherhood. Where Jupiter travels is where you get the greatest good fortune in Astrology. Jupiter effects can be subtle in that you might not see instant results or any results until the transit has ended. When you look back to last summer and think about home, family, residence, relatives, issues past and the subject of motherhood, you should be able to see how much growth, abundance and movement has occurred. On 7/16, Jupiter will enter your 5th House of love, romance, creative projects and as your  5th House will be prosperous areas for you in terms of growth, abundance and greater fortune. This should be a stand out month for you, Aries. Family life will be to your liking and love looks up and can go beyond your wildest expectations and far with your plans. Jupiter will tour your 5th House for an entire year - On 7/16 until 8/11/2015, you are in one of the best cycles for attracting abundance in these exciting areas.

Venus (Love and Money) begins the month in Gemini, your 3rd House of self-expression, siblings and neighborhood, Aries. With Venus in your 3rd House, you could find an ideal location for your family to live in, you get closer/more involved with your siblings and neighbors. Short distance travel will also benefit you during this time. If single, this is one of your very best months to meet someone captivating, on your wavelength especially when taking short distance trips and there will be lots of movement and activity in this area as July will be a social, busy and fulfilling month.
With Venus in Gemini, you will attract the admiration of others close but you will need to avoid getting emotional when discussing certain issues (Cancer component). Venus will exit Gemini and enters your 4th House on 7/18. Venus will be in your 4th House until 8/12/14. You will find that home life is where it's at for you during this time. You will be so connected to home life and your family that you might prefer to stay home and work on a home repair project or get all caught up on home improvements. Do it, Aries!

On 7/20, Saturn (Discipline/Structure/Lessons) resumes direct in your 8h House of shared resources, sex and personal transformation. There could be a tendency for you to exaggerate facts and blow minor matters out of proportion. There can also be a sense of sadness or depression on 7/20. Be patient and exercise diplomacy on this date for ideal results. You could notice that tension and irritability are in the air and everyone will be feeling it on some level, Aries. For you, Saturn in your 8th House can bring about a rebirth in one area of your life. You decide under the influence of Saturn what needs to change, what needs to stay and who might need to exit your life. you will also be more willing to walk away from anything that doesn't contribute or bring value to your life. Your focus, dedication and willingness to transform yourself promises to benefit you, Aries. This is a good time to ditch a bad habit or rid yourself of things, people and ideas that no longer serve a useful purpose to you. Lie low on the 20th as emotions are heightened for all signs on this date. It's the Cancer component/energy and you can find it to be overly emotional, Aries). Saturn will exit Scorpio on 12/23 and enter the more compatible sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is your 9th House of higher education, publishing and overseas travel. Saturn is the planet that expects maturity from you. It comes in and asks you the big questions and wants to know how much you have learned from experiences past and how you are applying them to your present or not applying them. Saturn in your 9th House can bring about tests and challenges when it comes to people in foreign lands, while you pursue higher education and when dealing with travel, Aries. A Scorpio will be helpful to you with regards to money and your home life during the Saturn transit in Scorpio!  

Uranus (Wake up calls/Surprises and thing
s you never imagined possible) turns retrograde in Aries (your 1st House) on 7/21 until 12/21. During this Uranus retrograde, there will be a tendency to experience surprises and deal with sudden and totally unexpected upheavals that you never imagined possible, personally! During this long retrograde, Aries, events come to your attention that are related to your personal life and might find you overreacting to small but insignificant details. Tone down your temper and take a clue from Libra and practice the art of diplomacy during this transit. You will learn surprising facts about finances (yours and shared income) via unusual ways but you will emerge from any sudden experiences/events a much wiser person for it, Aries, single or coupled!  

A New Moon forms in the compatible fire sign of Leo on 7/26. The Sun, a New Moon and Jupiter will be involved in this New Moon which suggests that you receive a new offer when it comes to love, romance or when you deal with a creative project. This is a date to circle on your calendar, Aries. You have what it takes to bring about new offers relating to a creative project, you gain more admirers, single or coupled on this expansive and promising day, Aries! 

Good days: 7/7, 7/9, 7/18, 7/21, 7/23, 7/24, 7/26, 7/28
Not so great days: 7/8, 7/12, 7/13, 7/15, 7/16, 7/22, 7/31

The signs of Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius will play serious roles in your month, Aries. A Cancer helps you make a decision about a relationship or this individual will be instrumental in assisting you where your love life is involved. You could also discover what has been kept hidden with a Cancer this month. Family secrets could be involved. A Capricorn will elevate your morale, encourages you reach higher and fulfill your potential, personally and professionally. An Aquarius helps you win friends and influence others over to your point of view.