Cancer July Forecast for 2014

The Sun transits your 1st House of appearance, personality and popularity. Circumstances tend to benefit you, and your personality stands out this month as others find your company entertaining, attractive and mysterious, Cancer.  

Mercury (Communications, travel and self-expression) will begin July moving direct in your 12th House of privacy. For the first 12 days of July, you could doubt yourself, isolate and feel the need to escape daily pressures, Cancer. Realize that you benefit from work done in seclusion and will experience more luck when speaking with others from a distance as opposed to face to face. With Mercury in Gemini, you could also desire some solo time, Cancer. Venus will also be in Gemini as the month begins, so with Mercury and Venus in your 12th House at the same time, you can expect some gains where any work you do in seclusion or deal with issues like hospitals, institutions and government agencies. Classified information will possibly come to light. Remain even keeled and do research, Cancer. You could inadvertently see something that was not intended for you to see when Mercury transits your 12th House. Take extra special care of your health during this time. Dreams could be intense and work done behind closed doors will ultimately work out to your benefit, Cancer. You could even uncover secrets that have been withheld from you, Cancer. On 9/12, Mercury enters your 1st House, the truth comes to light and you can effectively negotiate your way via the written and spoken word and cut through previous red tape. Good news, Cancer! Mercury will transit your 1st House of appearances and fresh starts from 7/12 until 7/31, when it enters Leo, your 2nd House of finance. With Mercury touring your 1st House from 7/12-7/30,  your confidence picks up, you begin to emerge from hiding, your mental faculties bounce back and the public takes notice of you and your way with words. Expect to shine in pubic situations with Mercury in your 1st House from 7/12-7/31, Cancer. Your presence and way with words promises to captivate others.

Venus (Love and money) begins the month in Gemini until 7/18. Gemini is your 12th House of secrets, privacy and receptiveness, Cancer. A romance that you prefer to keep private consumes your time, energy and focus during Venus in Gemini or you prefer to spend your time alone and any work you do creatively in isolation (away from other people) promises to bring about recognition, publicity and profit.
Venus will be in Gemini until 7/18 and once Venus enters your 1st House on 7/18, you will be ready to make announcements and serious decisions regarding your love life. Venus will transit your 1st House until 8/12, so realize this is your best time of the year to attract a new love, if that is what you desire. Couples will get closer, a proposal could occur, you and a partner could decide to move in together and love looks more promising than ever during this timer. Venus brings about more love, money and appreciation from others. You're in your element during this transit and you notice the accolades, admiration and appreciation headed your way. Your love life gains momentum and your creativity escalates throughout this transit that lasts until 8/12. You will enjoy the love and support you receive from those who matter most, Cancer. Expect to shine in public and in private during the best time of the year for you when Venus transits your 1st House. Another Cancer and a Capricorn will be strongly attracted to you throughout the transit of Venus in your sign, Cancer. July promises to increase your popularity and boost your visibility.  

    Mars (Physical Energy/motivation) begins the month in Libra, your 4th House of home and family. This month, Mars  enters the more compatible water sign of Scorpio on 7/25. Libra is your 4th House of home, family, issues from the past and brings about the topic of motherhood, Cancer. With Mars in Libra since last year, by now you should be able to look back and see how this powerful planet has impacted your 4th House of home, residence, real estate, issues from your past and anything having to do with motherhood have consumed your time, energy and attention. You might have felt others have been misunderstanding you in these areas and not been able to grasp what you have dealt with in your home and family life. The good news? Mars will exit your 4th House of endings and enter your 5th House of love, romance, children creativity, taking risks and anything you like to do for fun on 7/25 until 9/13. Mars in Scorpio will heighten your sexuality, make you more appealing sexually to others and a casual relationship could get serious fast during this time. You will enjoy Mars in your 5th House as Scorpio is a compatible water sign and really puts an emphasis on your romantic life during this emotionally and sexually charged time.      

A Full Moon forms in Capricorn on 7/12, in your 7th House of marriage, divorce and deals with legal affairs and career matters. This Full Moon is another day to mark on your calendar as the bigger relationships in your life cause you to scrutinize your personal, legal and professional goals. Go with the flow and know that emotions, yours and those of others close to you, will be heightened with the Sun in Cancer opposite the Full Moon in Capricorn. You gain a greater insight into your love relationships and insist on justice and being well compensated for your efforts where these areas are involved. 

On 7/16, Jupiter (Luck, expansion and movement) will exit your 1st House and enter your 2nd House of income, your self-worth and focuses in on your personal possessions, Cancer. This transit usually takes place over time but is serious enough to bring about financial offers where and when you least expected them. With Jupiter in your 2nd House, a business could grow exponentially, expand into foreign territory and or you could receive a serious raise or promotion at your place of employment. This transit could also change your beliefs about money and possessions during this time. You might learn to view your finances in a new light courtesy of Jupiter in your 2nd House. Realize that this is a slow moving planet and its effects are not felt as strongly as other planets are, but when you look back, you always see where Jupiter brought good fortune your way. 

On 7/20, Saturn (Discipline/Structure) resumes direct in your 5th House of passion, romance and creative hobbies. There could be a tendency to exaggerate facts and blow small matters out of proportion on this day. Your love life, relationships with children, taking risks and creative projects begin to show signs of growth and renewal but you could have overblown expectations when it comes to a certain love relationship. Lie low on this date, Cancer. All is not exactly as it appears on the surface. While Saturn moves direct in Scorpio until 12/23, you might decide to refrain from taking any kinds of risks and avoid a secret romance - if possible - as you might learn to regret it. Avoid mixing business with pleasure during this transit for ideal results. And try not to react to others on this day as the mood surrounding you can feel tense and cold hearted. A Scorpio will be involved and might change his or her mind where an ongoing romance is involved. Scorpio will be attracted to you but other obligations (yours or a Scorpios) can interfere in a relationship this month. Exercise patience with a Scorpio for ideal results.

On 7/21, Uranus (Things you never imagined/surprises) turns retrograde in your 10th House of prestige and career advancement. During this extended transit that lasts until 12/21, you might find yourself experiencing some surprise events in this area of your life. Uranus is the planet that wakes you up where you might have been stuck in rut and lets you know what part of your life might need another look, Cancer. Your 10th House of career might undergo some internal evaluation on your end throughout the next 6 months, Cancer. By the time Uranus stations direct in Aries in December, you might decide to venture out on your own or make radical changes in career matters. Your intuition is your greatest asset and will guide you into making the right moves when it comes to professional matters and your public persona. An Aries and a Libra will play serious roles when it comes to making any type of spur if the moment career decision.  

On 7/26, A New Moon forms in the outgoing and dramatic sign of Leo. Leo is your 2nd House of personal possessions and deals with what you consider to be valuable to you, Cancer. This could be something as basic as a treasured collection, to a favorite sweater or item in your home that brings you emotional security and a feeling of ease when it comes to your self-worth and earning capacities, Cancer. 
Good days: 7/5, 7/8, 7/10, 7/11, 7/13, 7/14, 7/18, 7/23,7/25 & 7/26

Not so great days: 7/1, 7/3, 7/7, 7/19, 7/20, 7/21, 7/22 & 7/28

Sings involved:  Another Cancer, Capricorn and a Pisces will be involved. With Pisces, whatever was lost promises to be found this month, Cancer. Another Cancer will be instrumental in helping you bring order out of chaos. A Capricorn could be a love interest or someone you're ultra close with. A Capricorn is someone you can confide in, take risks with and someone who professes his or her loyalty to you. This is a special month for you in romance, Cancer. Take advantage of the options you have and realize that life is looking more promising than you imagined it ever could be, especially on the romance front!