Capricorn Forecast for July of 2014

The Sun transits Cancer, your 7th House of marriage, legal contracts and professional relationships until 7/22. These areas take center stage and get your immediate attention and affection as July progresses. You might find your physical energy levels to fluctuate this month but once the Sun enters Leo on 7/22 and Mars enters the more compatible water sign of Scorpio on 7/25, you find that your energy levels escalate and you tend to become more focused and detail oriented, Capricorn

Mercury (Communications, travel and your intellectual nature) opens July station direct in Gemini. Gemini represents your 6th House of work, your daily routines and puts the spotlight on your health and personal wellness. It will be important to keep up with your health, diet and nutrition regimens with Mercury in your 6th House. This is not a good time to take anything for granted in these areas. Pay serious attention to what you eat and how you take care of yourself, Capricorn. Mercury in your 6th House can be an a ideal time for getting yourself in the best shape you possibly can, personally, health wise and professionally. You become a fantastic motivator and speaker regarding your job, your health and where improvements can be made to existing programs. You will also be effective in your communications with co-workers and associates during this transit that lasts for the first 12 days of July. Mercury enters Cancer, your 7th House of marriage on 7/12 and stays there until 7/31. Mercury in Cancer brings about increased discussions where personal, legal and professional relationships are involved.  With Mercury in your 7th House, your personal and professional relationships become more established. You and a partner decide what you need individually to sustain your relationship - while a professional relationship requires more effort and communication from you. Mercury promises to iron out differences you might have in these areas, but discussions will be needed in order to keep the peace, on your end. Prepare for a few challenges and be ready to listen to the advice of others. This will help you considerably but you also need to be more receptive to others who might be having some challenges as well. In other words - Keep the lines of communication wide open and make sure you and your personal and professional associates are on the same page, Capricorn. Marriage, a legality and business relationships have the ability to make tremendous progress but it takes two, Capricorn. Know this and proceed accordingly!

Mars (Physical energy/motivation and sexuality) will be in Libra and your 10th House of prestige, authority figures and career matters until 7/25. This transit should assist you in concentrating and pouring your energy, motivation and drive into career matters. You stand to profit from being highly professional on the job throughout this transit that lasts until 7/25. You will know when certain matters should not be discussed as well as when they should be brought into the light. Your authority at work should increase and if you're seeking public recognition, give the best you have to give in order to increase your career visibility. You can gain and merit wider authority on the job, if that is what you desire. Just remember to stay focused, Capricorn. Mars exits your 10th House on 7/25 and enters your 11th House of friendships, group involvements and deals with your hopes, dreams and desires until 9/13. Your hopes and goals will be examined during Mars in your 11th House. Capricorn always has an agenda and a to do list, so make the most of having Mars in your 10th House if career and prestige are what you seek, Capricorn. Be careful with those in superior positions, such as a boss, superior or someone in authority. You could appear impatient with one who is confined to this role, so watch your temper and hold your fire until Mars enters the more compatible water sign of Scorpio, which complements your earth element, Capricorn.  

On July 12th, A Full Moon forms in your 1st House of appearances and promises to be a day you won't forget that easily, Capricorn. Circle this date on your calendar and expect the unexpected on this Full Moon. Full Moons can bring about closure or bring news that comes out of left field, Capricorn. Saturn forms an angle to this Full Moon that could bring news that could prompt a milestone event in your personal or professional life, Capricorn. You might be shocked and surprised or might stumble upon information that was not intended for your eyes to see, but you will uncover anything shady during the week of this intense and sobering Full Moon in your 1st House, Capricorn!

Venus (Love, money and all things harmonious) will begin the month in Gemini. Gemini is your 6th House of health, repairs, your daily routines and deals with your career. Expect more praise from associates and a desire to look your best could overcome you during this transit. Expect to hear good news regarding an ongoing health matter or you could gain an elevation in prestige during this time. Venus will exit your 6th House of Gemini on July 18th and enter your 7th House of marriage, legal contracts and professional relationships until 8/12. During this time, you can go far with your personal and professional plans, Capricorn. The spotlight is on you and an ongoing relationship can make it to the next level or you and a partner decide to move into together. Either way, your personal and professional relationships will become more stable, committed and you will be the recipient of serious admiration, applause and appreciation with Venus in your 7th House. 

On July 16th, Jupiter (Expansion, prosperity and movement) exits your 7th House of marriage and enters your 8th House of personal transformation, other peoples money and power, Capricorn. The 8th House deals with such diverse subjects that you could find the areas of taxes, insurance, mortgages and inheritances to be involved. Or it could have to do with sex, an ending or resources you share with someone else - like a spouse). You enjoy the theatrics and sunny nature of Leo and Jupiter is all about luck, expansion, movement and growth, so your greatest gifts will come from these areas beginning 7/16 until 8/11/2015.

On 7/20, Saturn (your planetary ruler) resumes direct in Scorpio, your 11th House of hopes, wishes and friendships. Your friendships accelerate at a faster pace and it will important that you continue to build solid foundations in personal and social relationships. Believe it or not, you can get influenced easily by the negativity of others, so avoid those known troublemakers when Saturn is moving direct in Scorpio. Saturn will enter your 12th House of secrets, issues from the deep past on 12/23 for a 2.5 year stay, so enjoy the foundations you build and appreciate the lessons (however irritating) when Saturn is moving direct in your 11th House of hopes, wishes, groups, friendships and your desires. Your friendships will also need some closer attention during this time, so make sure you are there for those enduring a tough time. You will feel tested and challenged in this area regardless but try and build solid foundations if you encounter any resistance when it comes to your 11th House of hopes, wishes, friendships, group involvements and ex loves. There is a lesson or something you might need to learn from these areas while Saturn transits your 11th House. Best advice: Confide in a Scorpio when dealing with these areas. This individual desires a greater closeness with you and knows how to keep your secrets safe!  

On 7/21,Uranus (Things you never saw coming/Surprises) turns retrograde in Aries, your 4th House of relatives, residence and family life. Expect the unexpected with Uranus retrograde in your 4th House. Uranus will be retrograde until 12/21. During this long retrograde, you can experience some shocks and surprises in your home life. Don't worry, Capricorn. Where you might have been stuck in a rut in this area of your life, Uranus will wake you up and make you aware of what needs to change and who or what might need to exit your life. An Aries and a Libra can be helpful to you throughout this retrograde transit, so don't hesitate to reach out to these signs for support or advice where your home and family are involved. Don't be surprised if you catch yourself doing some serious reflection and soul searching when it comes to your true thoughts about family and what it ultimately means to you throughout this retrograde, Capricorn!

A New Moon forms in Leo on 7/26. Leo is your 8th House of sex, power and personal transformation. This New Moon is favorable to you, Capricorn, as it brings about potential new offers to make money, gain via a partners raise in income and brings offers to catch a break on insurance, taxes, inheritances and or mortgages, Capricorn. Jupiter is involved with this New Moon suggesting expansion in your finances or you receive an offer to earn or bring in more money. 

Good days: 7/1, 7/5, 7/8, 7/12, 7/13, 7/14, 7/18, 7/20, 7/24, 7/26 & 7/31

Not so great days: 7/4, 7/9, 7/10, 7/15, 7/19, 7/22 & 7/28

Signs involved: A Taurus, Scorpio and a Libra are involved. With a Taurus and a Scorpio, physical attraction plays a serious role. A Taurus or a Scorpio will declare his or her love for you this month. You could also meet a Taurus or a Scorpio when you are traveling and this relationship could turn serious enough for marriage! Be on the lookout for Taurus and Scorpios this month, if single. A Libra will be involved in professional affairs. You find Libra mentally stimulating and this person will be a co-worker or romantic interest who expects more closeness from you and might want you t be more committed in a personal or professional environment