Libra Forecast for July of 2014

The Sun transits your 10th House of authority, prestige, career matters, superiors, authority figures, fate, honors and public recognition, Libra.

Mercury (Self expression and travel) begins July moving direct Gemini, your 9th House of overseas travel, travel, publishing, advertising, promotions, your worldviews and spirituality. Where there were delays with travel or a relationship last month, you will find that the path is clear for travel and new beginnings. You can sign important paperwork and move forward with your plans beginning on 7/1. Expect the issue of higher education to take up much of your time and attention for the first 12 days of July. On 7/12, Mercury enters in Cancer, your 10th House of prestige, power, fate, honors and your public persona. The 10th House also deals with your career, so during this transit of Mercury in Cancer, you can shine in any social setting, get your priorities in an order that suits you and expect the possibility of a powerful position to be offered to you during this transit that begins on 7/12 and lasts until 7/31, when the planet of communications and travels enters Leo, your 11th House of hopes, wishes and your friendships.

 Venus (Love and Money) begins the month in Gemini. Gemini in your 9th House of overseas travel, publishing, advertising, promotions and deals with areas like legalities and travel. With Venus in your 9th House, your greatest love and appreciation will center around these areas. Expect to be dealing with travel, overseas travel, people in foreign countries, publishing, advertising and your spiritual views to ve areas that bring you the greatest satisfaction. Venus will exit your 9th House on 7/18 and enter Cancer, your 10th House of prestige, career and your public persona. With Venus in your 10th House, you can make tremendous gains in your career during this time. Bosses take note of your skills and one in a superior position admires you and lets you know it. Where Venus travels is where you receive the most love without much effort on your part. With Venus in Cancer until 8/12, you can expect a raise, promotion or find that your career is doing better than you anticipated. Don't be surprised if a superior asks you to tackle a serious assignment at work during this time. You could also get a raise or a bonus through your job and get closer to associates during this Venus transit of Cancer. 

Mars (Physical Energy/motivation and sexuality) continues its tour in your 1st House for the first 25 days of July, Libra. By now, you should have a greater understanding of this planet and how it has impacted your life, personally. Mars is the planet of sexuality, ambition and deals with your physicality. With Mars in your 1st House, you have made some momentous changes in your life since last October or as recently as the recent eclipse in your 1st House on April 15th/2014. Mars has turned your personal world upside down and inside out. Mars is powerful energy and when placed in the sign of marriage, legal issues and professional relationships, you can expect some serious emotional events to occur when it comes to any ongoing relationships, Libra. Whether you are single or coupled, Mars in your 1st House promises to attract admirers, heighten your temper and teaches you to rid yourself of anything or anyone that isn't performing and contributing to your expectations during this time.
You're either in a relationship that means the world to you or decide to part ways, once and for all. There is no "in between" with Mars in Libra. On 7/25, Mars enters Scorpio, your solar second house of money, income and property matters. Personal and confidential to Libra: With Mars in your 1st House for the first 25 days, you can continue to expect sweeping changes in an ongoing personal matter. You could also be dealing with a personal transformation once Mars enters your 2nd House in order to experience a rebirth of sorts and move on to the next chapter of your life! You will learn more about your finances, your self-worth and you discover that people, not things, are more important to you during this time. A special relationship involves another Libra or an Aries and you can count on these signs for guidance and assistance while Mars transits your 1st and 2nd Houses this month.    

A Full Moon in Capricorn will occur on 7/12. Capricorn is the ruler of your 4th House, so you can expect news involving family members, your residence, issues from the past and the subject/topic of motherhood to play a serious role in your day! News comes to the surface relating to this area of your life and with Pluto and Saturn involved, expect the unexpected. Try to schedule some family time on this date. Someone needs more of your love, company, attention and time on this day and might be hesitant to reach out to you for fear of being shamed in some way, Libra. 

Jupiter (Abundance, luck and prosperity) exits Cancer and enters Leo on 7/16 - 8/11/2015. Jupiter is the planet that brings about a change in beliefs and also promises great prosperity/abundance. With Jupiter in Cancer, you will be able to look back on the past year and see how this planet has brought you abundance when it comes to your career, dealings with those in authority or power positions and when it comes to your public persona. The job of Jupiter is expand everything it touches but Jupiter can also influence our beliefs about these areas, so once Jupiter enters your 11th House of Leo, you will notice the abundance that it can bring to your friendships, your hopes and your deepest desires, Libra. The 11th House also deals with an ex love, so don't be surprised if someone from your past hopes to rekindle a romance. Jupiter is changing signs this month and exits Cancer and enters Leo on 7/16, Libra. This transit promises to bring you a year of expansion, growth and prosperity in your friendships, where you deal with groups and when you focus on your hopes and wishes is where you stand to gain prosperity in these areas.     

On 7/20, Saturn (discipline/structure and lessons/karma) resumes direct in your 2nd House of property, income and investments. There could be a tendency to exaggerate financial facts and blow money matters out of proportion. The energy of this transit can seem daunting, especially when dealing with others, so avoid misunderstandings by utilizing diplomacy, something that comes naturally to you, Libra. Financial affairs begin to pick up steam and show signs of improvement as Saturn resumes direct motion. Just make sure you have put in the time and effort in order to reap the rewards of Saturn in your 2nd House. Saturn demands that you show up, work diligently and maintain a stable pace built with a solid foundation. Those Libras who have taken short cuts or not put in the time could be in for a shock or at the very least, a reality check when it comes to their careers and those in power positions. Saturn will exit Scorpio on 12/23 and enter the more compatible fire sign of Sagittarius, your 3rd House of self expression, neighbors/community issues and deals with family and your daily activities. When this planet retrogrades, you can get depressed easily or feel generally tested and challenged, so once Saturn resumes direct, you will know what you need to do - although it might seem depressing or you could just feel out of sorts on this day!  Realize that everyone will be feeling the same on this day, Libra, and that you're not alone! Saturn demands structure and order and might bring some delays into these areas (3rd House) once it changes signs in December on 12/23. 

On 7/21, Uranus (Surprises/Wake up calls) will turn retrograde in your 7th House of marriage, legal issues and your professional relationships until 12/21. When Uranus retrogrades, there is a tendency to experience surprises, some big changes and experience upheavals in these areas. You might be dealing with things you never saw coming and wake up calls when it comes to legal papers, a serious partnership and your professional relationships. Avoid any tendency to over dramatize events that really don't matter. You could be ultra emotional and find this area of your life to be undergoing a personal transformation throughout this retrograde that lasts until 12/21.  

A New Moon in Leo occurs on 7/26. Leo is your 11th House of your friendships, your hopes and deepest wishes. An ex love could reappear during this week. Jupiter will be in Leo - joining the Sun and New Moon forming a compatible angle to your Sun sign. Whatever transpires on this date will bring about new offers and this could have to do with children, love, romance, pets, taking risks and deals with anything you do creatively, whether it's a hobby or something you love to do, this New Moon offers you a chance to expand your life in one or more of these areas. This will be a memorable day for you!

Your best days: 7/6, 7/7, 7/13, 7/14, 7/23, 7/26, 7/29 & 7/30

Not so great days: 7/3, 7/8, 7/19, 7/15, 7/20, 7/22, 7/24 & 7/28

Signs involved: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and a Pisces will play serious roles in your life this month, Libra. These signs will be attracted to you and promise to be your personal cheering section. Virgo and Pisces encourage you when it comes to the arts, your special talents and when dealing with any form of higher education. Take a chance on love this month as you won't regret it, Libra. You receive tempting offers this month, so if they seem "too good to be true", know that your timing is excellent and offers you receive are serious, solid and durable - especially relating to romance and that goes double if they involve Gemini and a Sagittarius
! Your stars favor an attraction that turns into something beyond your wildest expectations. Pay close attention to your intuition on 7/17, as it won't let you down! You will know without knowing what to do with an ongoing romance.