Sagittarius Forecast for July 2014

The Sun transits your 8th House of security systems, savings, finances, sex, deeply committed relationships insurance, inheritance, security, taxes, insurance, investments, property matters, a partner's resources and sheds light on shared income matters, Sagittarius.

Mercury (communications and travel) begins the month in Gemini, your 7th House of marriage and stays there until 7/12. Mercury in Gemini brings about increased discussions where personal, legal and professional relationships are involved.  With Mercury in your 7th House, your personal and professional relationships become more established. You and a partner decide what you need individually and as one to sustain your relationship while a professional relationship might require more effort or communication from you. Mercury will enter Cancer, your 8th House on 7/12- 7/31. With Mercury in your 8th House, your thoughts could turn to family, relatives, issues past and your home life (Cancer component). Expect areas such as life after death, your own mortality and metaphysical subjects to interest you. Expect your beliefs on these subjects to be examined and thoroughly discussed amongst people you trust. Your communications will never get dull this month. 

A Full Moon in Capricorn and your 2nd House falls on July 12th. This Full Moon impacts your personal possessions. Money, how you earn it, save it and spend it will all come into view and up for review on this date. It will serve you well to take a closer look at your finances on this date. Start thinking about a realistic savings plan or consider how you can maximize your finances. You learn a valuable lesson about how you spend your money on this date, it could be good news or it could involve the money of a close partner.  

Mars (Physical energy/motivation and drive) will be in Libra and your 11th House of friendships and groups and puts an emphasis on your hopes and wishes. With Mars in your 11th House, you can take the initiative, win friends and influence people. You will be successful in interactions with groups and where friendships are involved. Your communication skills, written and spoken, promise to stand out in a positive light. While you might be exceptionally content during this time, issues involving money and differences in values could occur with a friend or via a group with which you're involved. This is a month to listen to the input of others and tone down what could be perceived as impatient, short fused or hasty behaviors. Consider all options before you make a life changing and irreversible decision. You hold the winning cards, so play your hand wisely. Friendships could end suddenly, so think things through, Sagittarius. Mars can bring about beginnings and endings regarding your friendships and/or group involvements this month. Play your cards right and you can have it all and then some! Travel is definitely a serious possibility, especially overseas travel during this transit that lasts until 7/25, when Mars enters Scorpio, your 12th House of privacy, secrets and issues from the deep past. With Mars in your 12th House, you will learn to pause, think and learn to let yourself go. There could be some secrets that emerge or a love relationship that begins in private during this time, Sagittarius.

Venus (Love and Money) begins the month in Gemini, your 7th House of marriage and legal partnerships, Sagittarius. This transit is starred and ultra favorable for you with regards to romance, partnerships and legal matters. Expect to receive admiration, increased popularity and a potential new admirer, if single. Venus will be in Gemini until 7/18. On 7/18, Venus enters Cancer, your 8th House of sex, power and personal transformation until 8/12. You bring focus, determination and tenacity when it comes to your finances during this time. Money you share with others will also be a fortunate area for you during this time, Sagittarius. With Venus in the 8th House (Cancer), your charisma and sex appeal deepen and others find you intoxicating and seductive. Expect more compliments and affection from others where your sexuality is prominent and others will notice, Sagittarius. Venus will occupy Cancer until 8/12. With Venus in Gemini during 7/1 - 7/18, Don't be surprised if a Gemini or another Sagittarius professes his or her love, respect and admiration for you, personally and or professionally (or both).

Jupiter (Luck, prosperity & your planetary ruler) has been in Cancer, your 8th House of sex, power and self-transformation and enters Leo, your 9th House of overseas travel, publishing, advertising, promotion, legalities, higher education and people from overseas on 7/16. This expansive time brings good fortune and prosperity to these areas. People from foreign countries, distant lands and your beliefs, worldviews and spirituality promise to expand, grow and show you good fortune. During this expansive time, you could travel overseas or meet a love interest while dealing with higher education/learning. Jupiter will transit Leo from 7/16-8/11/15.

On 7/20, Saturn (lessons/structure/karma) will resume direct in your 12th House of secrets, privacy and issues past where it will remain direct until 12/23. Saturn is all about learning to build from the ground up, brick by brick and minute by minute. Saturn is referred to as father time in Astrology because Saturn needs to make sure you have matured and grown and most importantly, treated yourself and other people with care and compassion. The message of Saturn is that we reap what we have sown, so if you have not made any effort, no rewards will be given. By now you should have an idea of how this transit has played out in your life. With Saturn in your 12th House, you could be feeling pressure and challenged  when it comes to secrets, secret matters and things you might prefer to keep private. During Saturn in Scorpio, some of your secrets were made public, so you could find this transit to being about some moodiness when it comes to all areas of the 12th House but mostly privacy concerns - since Scorpio is a private water sign! Saturn will enter your 1st House of appearance on 12/23, so keep the faith and realize that the truth will always set you free, Sagittarius. Share some of your secrets with a Scorpio this month, Sagittarius. 
On 7/21, Uranus (Surprises/things you never saw coming) turns retrograde in Aries, your 5th House of love, romance, children, risk taking and creative projects and hobbies. You might have to review a romance or a creative project during this time. Also surprises with your children could occur and this will prompt you to look within where answers are needed in relation to a love relationship, a creative assignment or where you're dealing with a child. You will be examining your ideals and asking yourself the big questions about these areas during this transit that lasts until 12/21.

A New Moon occurs in Leo on 7/26, Sagittarius. Leo is your 9th House overseas travel, publishing, advertising and highlights your worldviews and spirituality, Sagittarius. Jupiter (Your planetary ruler) forms a smooth angle to this New Moon suggesting good fortune, expansion and news received or a new offer is handed to you with regards to someone who lives or is from overseas.

Your best days: 7/6, 7/7, 7/12, 7/13, 7/29, 7/30 & 7/31

Your not so best days: 7/4, 7/5, 7/18, 7/21, 7/22, 7/24 & 7/28

Signs involved: A Cancer and a Capricorn are involved. With Cancer, you can make up for lost time this month, Sagittarius. A Cancer will be attracted to your personality, taken with your charm and helps you deal with issues of security. A Capricorn helps you see beyond the pettiness of everyday living and encourages you to instigate changes you might have been on the fence about. A Taurus or a Virgo will attract you and get your personal attention - but there will be distance, barriers or a total transformation in this relationship this month. Pay attention on 7/13.