Scorpio Forecast for July of 2014

The Sun transits your 9th House of overseas travel, people from overseas, travel, higher learning, publishing, legalities, advertising, promotion, idealism and highlights your worldviews and focuses in your spiritual views, Scorpio

As July opens, Mercury (communications, travel and your intellectual nature) begins the month in Gemini. With Mercury in Gemini, your conversations tend to be focused on a partner's income and matters dealing with finance. Be aware of a tendency to find yourself in an emotional and sentimental mood. A deeply committed love relationship will be in the spotlight and someone special could be making romantic plans with you. Exercise diplomacy and veer away from a tendency to be overly emotional with Venus in your 8th House. Once Mercury enters Cancer, your thoughts and conversations turn to higher learning, publishing, travel and communications, both written and spoken. Your idealism and your worldviews will also be areas that tend to shine and stand out, Scorpio. Mercury will be in Cancer from 7/12 - 7/31. Mercury in Cancer is a compatible water sign and this transit promises to feel like a welcome relief for you, Scorpio. Travel, socializing and relationships are front and center. You could also be dealing with publishing, religion/spirituality, legalities, overseas travel and people from exotic places  during this time. You enjoy the conversations you have with those closest to you with Mercury in Cancer. Mercury will enter Leo on 7/31 and as the month wraps up, the emphasis will be on you, your career and how you deal with those in positions of power and authority.

A Full Moon in Capricorn occurs on 7/12. Capricorn is your 3rd House of communications, siblings and short distance travel. You can pat yourself on the back for a job well done on this Full Moon in your 3rd House. Full moons bring news and you will be the recipient of news that involves your self-expression, siblings or issues centering on your neighborhood and community on this date! 

Jupiter (Luck, abundance and prosperity) will exit your 9th House on 7/16 and enter Leo, your 10th House of prestige, career, people in superior positions and deals with your public persona. Jupiter is a transit that is not apparent until it has left the sign it previously occupied. By early July, you will be able to look back on the past year and see all the abundance and prosperity that came into your life when it came to overseas travel, people in foreign countries, publishing, advertising, promotions, your spirituality, worldviews and legalities. Jupiter is about luck but it also deals with your beliefs, so you might also see how these areas have changed, expanded and how they impacted this one area of your life. On 7/16, the emphasis shifts to career, prestige, fate, superiors and your public persona will be the areas that promise you abundance, good fortune and lots of movement, growth and prosperity until 8/11/2015 .

Venus (Love, romance and finances) begins the month in Gemini, your 8th House of finance, other people's money and deeply committed relationships. You receive good news during this transit that promises to lift your spirits. Pay attention on 7/13! One way or another, Scorpios can expect more affection, applause and appreciation when dealing with insurance, taxes, mortgages and anything else pertaining to the 8th House. Venus in your 8th House can bring about increased financial opportunities, some mysteries and indicates more admiration and applause in a professional  or financial matter. Venus in the 8th House also deals with (love, money and greater harmony - Venus aspect) relating to everything from money, power and sex to metaphysical issues and inheritances. Venus will exit Gemini on 7/18 and enter the more compatible water sign of Cancer on 7/18 through 8/12. Cancer is your 9th House of overseas travel, higher education, publishing, advertising, foreign places/people and legal issues. You can attract love while traveling and you and a partner tend to be in complete agreement throughout this time, Scorpio.  With Venus in Cancer, single or coupled, love promises to have an exotic element to it. Singles can meet someone who fits their idea of perfection during this time while couples will get closer under Venus in Cancer. Possibilities? You could become romantically involved with someone from a foreign country. Single or coupled, Scorpios love life is looking up and more admirers promise to enter Scorpios life with the Sun, Venus and Mercury all travel together in your 9th House of travel and your spirituality/worldviews.

Mars (physical energy/motivation and drive) will be in Libra and continues to occupy your 12th House of privacy and seclusion until 7/25. There could be some tense moments during this time as arguments and controversy behind the scenes could threaten your sense of peace and harmony. Avoid crowds as accidents are possible throughout this transit. Secrets, confidential information and private agreements will be involved. You could feel obligated to someone confined to home or a hospital or otherwise confined in some way. Fulfill your promises to one who needs your assistance and take nothing for granted where your personal life is involved. Expect to feel tired and low on energy during this transit. You might be unmotivated and find it hard to manage your daily routines. Pace yourself throughout this transit, Scorpio. Mars is your co ruler, so you can feel its effects more strongly than others signs can. The good news is that your luck and timing is about to change in a major way beginning  on 7/25 and lasting until 9/13.

Jupiter (Luck, prosperity and movement) exits Cancer on 7/16, your 9th House of higher learning, foreign places/people, publishing, promotions and advertising and enters in Leo on 7/16 until 8/11/2015.This year long transit in Leo brings luck, movement, growth and prosperity to your 10th House of prestige, your public persona, your career and dealings with those in positions of power. Expect to see lots of growth in these areas during this time. Your beliefs could change about your possessions or you could figure out what money means to you and who and what you truly value. The flip side to this generous planet is the ability to get lazy and hope for these opportunities to arise without any effort. As long as you leave your home, socialize, network and place yourself where you hope to be career wise - Jupiter can and will offer growth and abundance during this yearlong transit.

On 7/20, Saturn (discipline/structure/lessons and karma) resumes direct in your sign, Scorpio. You can begin to return to working on projects that have previously stalled. It will be imperative that you continue to create solid structures and build strong foundations in personal, professional and social relationships Saturn will exit your sign in December and enter Sagittarius, your solar 2nd House of money and personal possessions on 12/23. During this direct movement of Saturn - it will pay off if you take care of yourself physically, professionally, health wise and personally. This is a good time to end a destructive habit and your health can become a serious factor during this time. Give special care to you skin, bones and teeth when Saturn transits your 1st House, Scorpio And realize that you will continue to feel more tested and challenged in your personal and professional life during this time!

On 7/21, Uranus (Surprises/Things you never thought possible) turns retrograde in Aries until 12/21. Aries is your 6th House of health, daily work, service to others and focuses on your daily routines. With Uranus retrograde, expect some unexpected and surprise events to occur relating to your career, health and while being of service to others during this long retrograde that lasts until 12/21. Caution Scorpio: You could tend to take things way to personally during this time and you might even make big decisions in haste. A slow and steady pace is your best way to navigate the retrograde of Uranus. Uranus is the planet that seeks to make sure you do not get stuck in a rut, so if you have been in one, expect a wake up call pertaining to your health, your work and where being of service to others is involved. The idea here is wake you up if you have been stuck in a rut. Avoid a tendency to exaggerate the facts and work on those areas that might need a second or third look! Be mindful of your relationships with others and especially where you career, health and working relationships are involved.  

A New Moon forms in Leo on 7/26 in your 10th House of prestige, your public persona and deals with your career status. You could receive a new offer on this date as The Sun, Jupiter and a New Moon will occupy Leo, making for some serious expansion and longevity to these offers you receive relating to career matters. Your associates and bosses will be in a generous mood and people in power positions might have a surprise or two for you, Scorpio!

Best days: 7/1, 7/4, 7/6, 7/7, 7/12, 7/15, 7/16, 7/18, 7/20,  7/25, 7/26, 7/27 & 7/31

Not so great days: 7/5, 7/8, 7/19, 7/21, 7/22, 7/24, 7/28 & 7/30.

Signs involved: Taurus, Leo and another Scorpio are involved. With a Taurus, special attention needs to be given to your best days and not so best days above. A Taurus could present you with a gift, shower you with unexpected affection and can be counted on for guidance when dealing with your personal, health, social and professional affairs. With Leo, there will be lots in intensity and physical attraction. There will be no middle ground with a Leo this month, it's all or nothing at all where a Leo is involved in your life this month, Scorpio. Another Scorpio could profess an undying attraction to you. During this month, your views will be verified and while you will be on the right side of the law - some people are intent on creating mischief. Listen to your famous intuition on 7/13, Scorpio! You might be tested and feel challenged by a group of people who might not wish for you to succeed but you can win these same people over to your point of view via your personal charm and with both the written and spoken word. Listen to your heart on 7/19 & 7/20!