Virgo July Forecast for 2014

The Sun transits your 11th House of friendships, group involvements, hopes, wishes and your public life, Virgo. You will be busy dealing with a sudden surge in popularity and can avoid those who are intent on creating misery and mischief while you find yourself occupied with group activities and focus more intently on your hopes, wishes and your friendships during this time.

Mercury (Your ruling planet) (Communications and travel) begins the month station direct in Gemini, your 10th House of career, prestige and public recognition. Where there were delays, endings and worries about your career last month, that all begins to change on 7/1 and how, Virgo. You could find yourself consumed with career matters, prestige, public recognition  and your pubic persona throughout this transit. Where  anything went wrong in June via these areas will turn out to be for the best ( as you find as July progresses). Mercury will be station in Gemini until 7/12. During this transit, Conversations and lots of talking/discussions occur regarding your career, a change in your job or it could be that you impress someone in a prestigious position and will be offered a more compatible position and or leave a job for that ultimately suits you better. With Venus also in your 10th House, take full advantage of this time professionally. Days that stand out are 7/6, 7/7  & 7/8. Mercury will exit your 10th House on 7/12 and enter Cancer, your 11th House of hopes, wishes and places a serious emphasis on bringing lovers closer together~ Don't be surprised if an ex-love makes an appearance during this transit that lasts until 7/31. With Mercury in your 11th House, love picks up, your friendships and social life are more fulfilling and you tend to strike a perfect balance where your overall obligations are involved. If married, you and a romantic partner will rediscover one another during this time. Mercury (communications/travel - your ruling planet) will be in the home loving sign of Cancer joining Venus (Love) which also tours your 11th House and these powerful planets (traveling in the same sign at the beginning and ending of the month) are sure to bring about about extra bonus points while you deal with powerful encounters, see the serious appreciation of your friends and the love surrounding you and your closest relationships will not go unnoticed, Virgo! Friendships come front and center and tend to be areas you speak about with fondness. You can be surprised to learn you have your own audience with Venus in Cancer. You will also feel closer ties to your family during this time as Cancer rules home and family matters, Virgo. Your greatest fulfillment throughout July will come via your professional visibility, a love relationship and your social interactions with friends and family members. You might also turn inwards and examine your hopes and wishes and discuss them privately with others during this time, personally and professionally. It is advisable for Virgo to listen to the opinions of others they might disagree with as this is when and where you can stand out and shine publicly, Virgo! Realize that there is no such thing as perfection and you will find your center/balance. It's ultra important to stress to you to stop being so hard on yourself, Virgo! People adore you and you tend to be more critical of others and yourself than other signs tend to be, Lighten up, especially when it comes to your everyday routines and those you work closely with. .

Venus (Love and Money) begins July in Gemini, your 10th House of career and authority figures. Where Venus travels is where you receive the most love and appreciation without much effort on your part, Virgo. Expect to be the center of attention when it comes to career matters, your public persona and when you deal with those in power positions and authority figures. You could charm your way out of a traffic ticket during this time and catch a break with those in power positions without much effort on your part, so make your professional aspirations clear to others and enjoy all of the applause, love and appreciation for you, your efforts and your beauty that emanates under the Cancer Sun. Venus exits Gemini on 7/18 and enters your 11th House of hopes and wishes until 8/12/14. Your friendships promise to bring you opportunities, security and increased closeness! Love also comes alive with Venus in your 11th House.   

 Mars (Physical energy/motivation and your sexuality) will wrap up its stay in Libra, your solar 2nd House and enters the more compatible water sign of Scorpio on 7/25. Caution Virgo! It will serve you well when dealing with others if you adapt a non confrontational reaction/approach with others during this long transit that comes to an end late this month! Mars can make mountains out of molehills, so it will be especially important for you to tone down what could be seen as impatient or aggressive behaviors anytime Mars travels through a sign that is not as compatible with your earth element. Scorpio is a water sign and you are an earth sign. Libra is an air sign, so this transit of Mars in Libra might have seen you dealing more closely and found your undivided focus on income, your self-worth and when you deal with possessions and property, Virgo. The 2nd House also deals with what you consider to be valuable to you whether that is a person, place or thing, this transit makes sure you decide what you want, what needs to exit your life and where you can instigate change to get to where you want to be. With Mars in your 2nd House since last year, you should have an idea now of how this long transit and passionate planet has impacted your 2nd House of finance, personal possessions, property and your self-worth. Mars will continue its transit of Libra until 7/25, when it tours Scorpio, your 3rd House of self-expression, siblings and neighborhood/community matters. You will be able to speak more effectively during this time on these subjects (every day social circles, your siblings and your neighbors) but must refrain from what can best be described as impatient or confrontational behaviors. You don;t want to alienate family members, neighbors or others close to you during this transit that lasts until 9/13. 

A Full Moon occurs in Capricorn on 7/12, your 5th House of love, romance, creativity, children and taking risks. Saturn is involved in this Moon, so expect some questions to occur where you have put in the time with these specific areas, Virgo. Past efforts pay off big time as you are rewarded for consistency, details and effort where your love life, children, creative projects and taking risks are involved and pay off. You will learn where you stand in these areas on this Full Moon. Best advice: Remain patient and realize Rome was not built in a day. Successful relationships take time, energy and need to grow at there own pace, Virgo. The less patient you are, the less likely your partner will reciprocate your affections during this day, so make sure you shower appreciation for what you do have and ideally avoid a grass is greener attitude if you don't get exactly what you want, when you want it. By the 13th, you know exactly what needs to be done regarding children, an ongoing romance and where taking big risks are involved. Your creativity will figure also into this Full Moon somehow. Follow and trust those instincts, Virgo. This will be a stand out date for you this month, so circle this date on your calendar as it promises to bring you rewards for all of your determination and tenacity.

On 7/16 Jupiter (Abundance, good fortune and prosperity) will exit your 11th House and enter your 12th House of privacy, issues past and secrets until 8/11/2015. During this time, you can expect to experience prosperity when working on anything relating to your past and facing what might have gone wrong and making it right. The 12th House also deals with hospitals, institutions and government offices, so there will be growth and movement in these areas as well. Anything having to do with your time in the past as it relates to your present promises to being you great fortune and a total make over where your hopes, beliefs and wishes are concerned.

On 7/20, Saturn (Discipline/Structure) resumes direct in Scorpio, your 3rd House of communications, siblings and short distance travels. There could be a tendency to exaggerate facts and blow matters out of proportion. You will notice tension surrounding you on this date, so hold off on speaking your mind for better than ideal results. With Saturn resuming direct in your 3rd House of communications and travel, you will find that your way with words begins to resume itself. Your relationships with siblings, neighbors and family will run more smoothly and you have learned to create solid structures where these areas are involved as Virgo is one of hardest working signs in the zodiac. On 12/23, Saturn will enter Sagittarius, your 4th House of home, family issues past and deals with the topic of motherhood. Until then, you have the remaining six months of the year to learn your lessons and if needed, to begin to build more solid structures where your dealing with siblings, neighbors, short distance travels and your powers of persuasion, Virgo! Once Saturn resumes direct, you will find that communications with others close improves significantly! Pay attention to other people on this day as you will not feel as challenged as some signs will!

On 7/21 - Uranus (Wake up calls/Things you never saw coming) will turn retrograde in Aries, your 8th House of money, insurance, taxes, mortgages and also deals with personal transformation until 12/21. During this time, you turn your thoughts inward and might encounter some delays or challenges where you deal with your finances or income you share with another, Virgo. Expect some unexpected news when it comes to shared resources, money you combine with another and where you deal with taxes, insurance, mortgages, inheritances and investments. Whenever Uranus retrogrades, unexpected changes occur and there is a tendency to feel unsettled in some way or another. It could feel as though something is off where these areas are involved or you could experience some erratic situations when dealing with  

A New Moon forms in Leo on 7/26. Leo is your 12th House of privacy, secret romance, seclusion, deals with hospitals, institutions and government run agencies. Expect to hear news that promises to highlight one of these areas as Jupiter will form a smooth angle to this New Moon suggesting that offers come to you in private and involve a creative assignment or deal with issues from your past. A Leo and an Aquarius will be trusted companions you can confide in on this day!

Your best days for July: 7/1, 7/2, 7/6, 7/7, 7/8, 7/9, 7/11, 7/12, 7/18, 7/22, 7/24, 7/26 & 7/30

Not so great days:  7/3, 7/5, 7/10, 7/14, 7/15,  7/21, 7/25 & 7/27 

Signs involved: Gemini, Libra and a Sagittarius. With a Gemini, you wrap up matters from the past and decide to move forward this month. You could be romantically involved with a Gemini or decide to end this relationship altogether, Virgo. With a Libra, secrets are revealed and a closer bond is formed with a Libra this month. A Sagittarius will respect and admire your personality and appreciate your contributions, personal and professional this month.