Cancer Yearly for 2004

2004 is time to make a fresh start in the right direction, Cancer. You could experience life as you have never imagined and love every minute of it. In love and sex, you will be smiling more than in previous years. 2004 promises thrills, adventure and sexual excitement with regards to love and sex.

As good as this appears, you must also be willing to let go of the past and jump into your future before someone else steals your lover or your chance. Don’t let love escape when it’s this close to you. You may find yourself suddenly up close and personal with a Leo, Libra or Capricorn and fall in love. You may also meet an Aquarius or an Aries who can and will change your life for the better. Saturn in Cancer this year will test your personal strength and bring pressures to your love and career relationships. Don’t let this throw you off balance because if you play your cards face up, you will always be rewarded and considered honest and fair. Remember how small the world is and treat others, as you would have them treat you. You will begin 2004 with Jupiter, planet of luck, in your house of social events and intimate gatherings. You also will have Uranus, planet of surprise, in your ninth house of travel, education and far away places. Beginning in January, Mars, the planet of sexual attraction will transit the sign of Aries. You could be working with the one you love or you could get involved in a passionate office romance that may lead to marriage. There are aspects that combine work with love throughout the year.

The numerical sign of number one in your chart suggests that you will experience an intense love or lust with someone whom you consider to be extremely sexy. Saturn in Cancer this year, however, indicates that there could be interference with hidden enemies in this attraction. Do not go looking for sex or love at night with just a candle in your hand, Cancer. You need to be realistic and turn the lights on when sex is over in order to get a very clear and accurate understanding of the one you are so intoxicated with this year. Watch for the signs of Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces to throw you a romantic curveball, especially during February, July or November. Anything that is dazzling or glamorous will seduce you in 2004. You may be surprised at the compliments and personal attention you receive from those sexy people this year. You could be the most glamorous person at any party you attend this year.

You will be extremely attractive to members of the opposite sex all year. Be careful with this sexuality you possess, Cancer. Realize that people are talking about you, especially during July and August. You could hear from someone you once loved or get a love letter from an ex flame during the Cancer transit. There will be a chance to correct past romantic mistakes in summer if you want to. The best time for single Cancers to find true love will be in November, when the Sun transits the compatible water sign of Scorpio, your house of true love. This will be a very sexy time for all Cancers whether they are married or single. Married Cancers will make more money together this year but one possible glitch may occur where each other’s schedules are concerned. Months to pay special attention to are March, August and October. One of you may have to be out of town alone during a critical time or vice versa. Aspects for married Cancers indicate brief separations followed by intense reunions. The strongest relationships and most meaningful will survive and endure during this ongoing Saturn placement.

Keep in mind that Saturn rewards hard work, dedication, drive and loyalty and rewards those with proven track records. Keep also in mind that if this planet wants you to get rid of someone or something, it will make certain that business gets done overnight. It’s important for anyone with Saturn in their own sign to understand that the message brought by this sign is that what comes around goes around. During October, November and December, surprises and shake-ups will produce excellent results in sex and love. You will be turned on by your progress in both personal and professional associations. As good as it gets, its only going to get better, Cancer! People love and adore your sincerity, Cancer. Your body isn’t too bad either.
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