Capricorn Yearly Forecast


by Elizabeth Ellis
You need to get smart about money this year, Capricorn. There will be a strong temptation to spend at every turn during this prosperous and expansive year. There will be more money in 2004 but exercise caution with your cash, especially since Neptune, planet of confusion and deception will remain in your second house of income and money matters. The temptation to spend will be overwhelming at times but use your shrewd Capricorn caution and watch how your money makes money when you save it. Make that your motto in 2004.

In addition to finances your ruling planet Saturn will remain in Cancer, where it entered last year and will remain there throughout this year. This is considered a big time placement for you with regard to sex, love and relationships of any romantic nature. Cancer is your house of sexual relationships, love and marriage. Your love and sexual relationships will be subject to scrutiny, gossip and numerous separations throughout 2004. The months of May and June could bring on big time insecurity for you in romance, Capricorn. Step away from drama and stress. You may feel lonely in a crowd during these challenging months. Not to worry though, you will overcome any romantic challenges in true Capricorn fashion and with style and class at every turn. The signs of Aquarius, Libra and Pisces will play important roles in your romantic discussions this year.

You will entertain and be entertained and you will keep a Taurus and Virgo on their best behavior. You could also be making future romantic plans or discussing the subject of love with a Taurus or Libra. January will be a time for you to make new friends and be in the spotlight. Mars, planet of passion will be in Taurus, your sector of true love from February 3rd - March 20th and could be your most sensual time for love and sex. If you are single, you could meet someone new and very promising. If you are married, sex will become even more intimate and love will assume a deeper level of understanding. A Cancer and another Capricorn could be instrumental in assisting you with important new contacts, both personal and professional during May.

You tend to be hard working, confident and ultra serious in business matters, Capricorn. Play up this image in May, July and November as these will be the right times to promote your business, beauty and any other accomplishments. You possess the ability to appeal to others on an international level. Fame and fortune are never far away for Capricorns so hang in there during April and June when you may find those closest to you moody, temperamental and out of sorts emotionally. Keep in mind that there are four eclipses this year. Watch for the signs of Aries, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio to be challenged by these eclipses. Aries may tend to be more aggressive and bossy while Taurus could get extremely quiet and suddenly need some space. A Libra could reveal a tender vulnerable side while a Scorpio could do something totally unexpected and out of the blue. Expect surprises this year from these four signs.

October and November will be months for great strides in both romance and business ventures thanks to Venus, planet of beauty, visiting the sign of Libra, your house of professional associates. Wow! The boss and someone special will be admiring your achievements and will help you acclimate to your newly elevated status. Very important people are going to reward you this year for past efforts. Don’t be shy, and by November, you will finally achieve all you have been working so diligently for. December could find you assuming a leadership role or you could be “the boss”. You are destined for the big time, Capricorn. Think of 2004 as the dress rehearsal.