Leo Yearly Forecast

2004 Yearly Horoscope Leo

by Elizabeth Ellis
You will rediscover yourself this year, Leo. You will experience love and have amazing sex throughout 2004. This is a new era for you and you couldn’t be happier. Congratulations! You endured seven years of chaos in relationships thanks to Uranus, planet of shake-ups and surprises in Aquarius, your zodiac opposite house of romance and true love. This was no walk in the park.

You would be the first to admit the past seven years were rather intense, dramatic and full of surprises at each and every turn. It’s all over now, so breathe that overdue sigh of relief already because 2004 promises the lions and lionesses of the universe nothing less than the royal treatment. You will be able to choose from a long and sexy list of admirers just waiting for you. That’s right. All you have to do is show up, Leo. You could be hot and heavy with a Cancer, Sagittarius or a sexy new Aquarius. A Capricorn could also come in at the very last minute and turn things upside down for you in sex and love matters. Anything goes in 2004 and you should be feeling youthful, energized and happy once and for all with sex and love relationships. Uranus now in Pisces takes emphasis away from stale redundant sex and love dramas. Relationships in 2004 will be magical, fun and not so much work. You will also find your lover to be much more attentive than you previously imagined. A Virgo will surprise you. You can get the sexual affection you crave in 2004 that you may have felt was missing last year. As January begins Mercury will be retrograde in Sagittarius, your house of true love. Just don’t make any promises you cannot keep, Leo. This is a short visit so don’t think for a second that people don’t adore you anymore, they do!

You may feel blue during the beginning of January, but February and March will brighten up your mood and sex drive. A Taurus and a Scorpio could be climbing to the top and you may want to join them during March. You could make money with these two signs, Leo. Pluto, planet of transformation, will retrograde in Sagittarius, your romance sector, from March through August. Planets in retrograde are ideal times to review, revisit and rebuild your attitude with regard to those particular areas of life. You dear Leo may have to make a romantic choice once and for all.

Someone this year is going to issue a declaration of love or you could get a romantic ultimatum. Decide once and for all what you are going to do about your marital status. Do you want to be single, married or casual? The choice is yours and only yours. Aries and Pisces may want to share secrets with you of a sexual nature in April. Uranus in Pisces will give your sex life sizzle and you may find yourself experimenting in sexual situations you thought you would or could never do, naughty Lion. You are kinky this year, or so lovers will say. These are the lovers that will keep coming back for more. You will be lucky in sex whether you are a male or female. You and another Leo will not only look good together, you will make music together. It could happen very quickly and escalate from there.

August will be a standout month. Remember not to upstage another Leo while you are in public together. The outcome of this relationship, however, may not be what either of you had anticipated. Be very careful with another Leo especially during 2004. The Pisces transit will enhance creativity as never before and inspire your desire to act, paint, dance or pursue something that is personally meaningful to you. You may feel driven or obsessed with a new hobby. Prepare to succeed with a Taurus, Virgo or Scorpio in a creative or business endeavor throughout summer and through fall. Aspects for making money during this time are ideal. Jupiter, planet of luck will enter Libra, your party house, on September 24th and will remain there throughout the end of the year. This is a magical placement for you. Romantic and sexual compatibility are practically handed to you. You didn’t even have to leave the house! You will be surprised by who attends your parties this year. You will be popular, charismatic and sexy beyond belief throughout 2004.

Your best months for the year are February, May and November. Your most memorable months are February and September. You may discover that changes you made in your professional and personal zones at the end of 2003 were to your benefit in more ways than you imagined. Isn’t great to always be right, Leo?