New Moon in Cancer

A New Moon forms in the home and family oriented sign of Cancer on Sunday, 7/23/17. Cancer is all about feminine energy and centers on issues of home, motherhood, mothers, the past, your family, where you live now, where you have lived in the past and deals with relatives and your roots. The 4th sign of the zodiac deals with nurturing others, focusing more on our home lives, family and finds all signs becoming more concerned with where we live and our emotions become heightened during this time (Cancer is ruled by the Moon which rotates into another sign or house every 2.5 days, so emotions can run from hot to cold in seconds with this intuitive sensitive and sweet spirited sign of Cancer - that includes you too! It's the Cancer energy in the air and all signs will feel it). With a New Moon and the Sun also in Cancer should be feeling more optimist about their love lives, friendships, career and family life this week. Cancer is a water sign, so the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will be dealing with new opportunities and offers more smoothly as water is compatible when mixed with water. Gemini and Sagittarius are in the love spotlight with Venus in Gemini. The only real interference this week is with Mercury in Leo, Saturn retrograde and Chiron retrograde, there could be personal and internal indecision about love, a sense of hibernation could suddenly overcome us and we might encounter conflict in the air among in our social circles. We will find that family is where it's at this week, regardless of your sun sign! With Venus in Gemini, Mars in Cancer and Mercury in Leo, there will be some serious changes on the romantic and social front this week. Mars in Cancer brings good but surprising news to Scorpio and Capricorn. Don't be surprised if people from your past continue to emerge this week and remember that cars, computers, conversations, travel and miscommunications will occur during this time. We can experience delays and Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn who will be dealing with some serious life changes, adjustments or seriously contemplating them.

What does the upcoming Astrology say about this New Moon and you, Cancer?

Aries: Your home life, issues of motherhood, your relatives and perhaps issues past come to your attention or present you with an offer you simply cannot refuse. Either way, Aries will be in a reflective mood and might need to retreat in order to recharge his or her energy. With Mercury in shadow Leo and Mars in Cancer, this week could have its up and downs. Pay attention to what transpires on 7/11. You might feel challenged or tested by someone you trust. Avoid misunderstandings by stating the facts, Aries. Love is looking exceptionally sweet. You have much to look forward to in July, Aries. A brand new chapter occurs where your love life, children, entertainment, taking risks and your creativity soar to new heights.

Taurus: Your Relatives, siblings, self-expression, travel and short distance trips bring new offers and opportunities that can present you with a new beginning. Since the 3rd House also deals with neighbors and community issues, expect a strong need/desire to stick close to home this week. You might feel the need to get closer to family and bond closer to siblings and neighbors. With Mercury in its shadow, you could be prone to being misunderstood on 7/14. The 18th can be especially challenging with regards to your interactions with associates, Taurus. Previous conflicts with a male get repaired, restored and or removed on 7/28.

Gemini: Your Finances, your self-worth, personal possessions and what you consider to be valuable, personally, professionally and financially will be thoroughly examined and you might decide to turn in an entirely new direction in July, Gemini. With Mercury in Leo, don't be surprised if you encounter more than one romantic interest. You might have to make a choice on the 18th or 20th. Expect instant gratification on 7/29. This is your week to express yourself in such a way that you leave nothing open to misinterpretation, Gemini. July promises to open a new chapter and start the next one. Your creativity could get you noticed by someone in a power position.

Cancer: Your personal life consumes the spotlight! Talk about transformation, Cancer. This time last year you were in a different space in your love life. By now, you realize that your home life is as crucial to you as your work life is. Choose your words carefully this week as Mercury is in Leo and you could be feeling extra frisky . People could be jealous of your success but will not let you know this. Singles can meet someone with serious relationship potential when the Sun and New Moon transit your 1st House, Cancer. Make a list of those things you desire and get out there, flirt up a storm and socialize when the mood strikes. Seek the company of another Cancer, Scorpio or a Pisces for additional and special insight!

Leo: The New Moon in Cancer influences your 12th House of privacy, secrets and creativity, Leo. You can get a fresh start in a new direction but you might have to make it up to someone else first. This Moon can bring about new offers through relationships past and via any private endeavors or encounters you are engaged in. Anything you do in private that benefits you and others bring you great rewards or a chance to make things ideal for you. Home life also takes on greater significance this week. You might not seem like the sunny Leo your friends know well. You might just desire some alone time as you prepare for one of the most KEY times in Astrology next month when an Eclipse occurs and sets the stage for a massive change in your life, home, love and career are areas to watch now.

Virgo: The New Moon in Cancer transits your 11th House of friendships, groups affairs/involvements and could bring about a new beginning or a new offer where your hopes/wishes are involved. Mercury (Your ruling planet) is retrograde and this can create hassles or misunderstandings you might prefer to keep to yourself this week, Virgo. Reach out to those friends who adore, admire and appreciate you. You will be genuinely touched and amazed by the fulfillment this can bring into your week. On Wednesday, 7/12, there could be some tension or misunderstandings with Mercury (your planetary ruler) in it's shadow retrograde. Be careful in love and sexual relationships on this day, Virgo. A silent and indirect approach will suit you well this week, single or coupled.

Libra: The New Moon in Cancer impacts your 10th House of prestige, your public persona and deals with career advancement in a major way. Expect yourself to become seriously consumed with these areas and expect some surprises where your career or that of a partners changes in some way. There is a transformation occurring in this part of your chart and with Mercury in Leo, you might find interference from a male to irritate you. Realize that any interference will expose what has been kept hidden and know that a new offer is right around the corner when it comes to your career, public image and dealing with authority .

Scorpio: The New Moon in Cancer influences your 9th House of overseas travel, advertising, spiritual views and your world views will be emphasized on this date, Scorpio! You could benefit or get new offers via higher education or when dealing with any type of legal issue. Good news is received or you can expect the unexpected where these areas are involved. With Mercury in Leo, don't rush, slow down and take your time when in transit or while driving this week. Accidents are possible on 7/26 and you and someone from a foreign country could have a heated debate in August. Focus on doing your own thing, keep the lines of communication wide open and retrace your steps for errors in judgement or mistakes made while multitasking, Scorpio. The 29th finds you feeling more accomplished and in control of your personal and private life. You decide that higher learning, travel or going back to school are possible keys to your success. Your family life will also play a stronger role than normal in your week.

Sagittarius: The New Moon in Cancer impacts your 8th House of sex, power and other peoples money. Your enthusiasm and powerful optimistic personality is needed this week, badly, Sagittarius. Others around you could be feeling off centered, challenged or low on energy. Pay special attention on 7/9 and 7/10. These are days to remain upbeat but draw a fine line when it comes to helping others and establishing some personal space and boundaries between opposing forces. Don't get sucked into the drama of others. Females might attempt to manipulate your emotions, ideas and concepts on these dates. The good news? The weekends are starred for love, surprises and thoughtful gestures from a possible secret admirer. Someone who is a friend might want to take a relationship in a new and improved direction.

Capricorn: The New Moon in Cancer impacts your 7th House of marriage and legally binding partnerships. Your love life, legalities and professional affairs will capture your attention and Capricorn will be feeling out of touch in his or her personal and professional life this week. Caution on 7/13, Capricorn. People around you could get on your last nerve, irritate you and or annoy you to the point of you tuning them out entirely. The good news is that romantic and memorable times are in store on 7/22 & 7/23. A Taurus, Libra and a Scorpio will be taken by your charm, charisma and sex appeal.

Aquarius: The New Moon in Cancer impacts your 6th House of daily routines, work and your physical health or that of one close to you. Expect better than expected news where your career and health are involved. Remain on track, Aquarius. You're doing all the right things and love is looking up for you, single and/or coupled. There might be a debate or challenge to contend with on 7/25 but if anyone can resolve an issue fast, it''s Aquarius.

Pisces: The New Moon in Cancer impacts and shifts your attention to your 5th House of love, children, taking risks and creativity, Pisces. Love, children and anything you do for fun. Your magnetism stands out in a crowd on this date (7/23) as you catch the eye of someone you take an instant liking to. Expect the 10th and the 30th to bring about some challenges courtesy of Mercury in fiery Leo and other planetary chaos. There is nothing you cannot resolve with clear communication and Pisces is learning to expose his or her vulnerable side to a close partner.

#ArtistoftheDay Painting by Alison Johnson