Virgo Yearly Forecast


by Elizabeth Ellis
Virgos can expect to hit the jackpot in both romance and sexual encounters during 2004. Jupiter, planet of luck, is currently in your sign, Virgo. This transit will last from January through the end of September. Expect the signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces to be involved in sexual and romantic relationships close to your heart.

You have the power, strength and sex appeal to make your wishes realities throughout 2004, Virgo. Beginning in January, your planetary ruler, Mercury, will retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius. This may cause chaos or flare-ups with family members. There will be discussions regarding your marital status in January and your family will be directly involved. Plead the fifth when family members or someone close gives you the third degree during this short but most forgettable transit, Virgo! February and March will be passionate and memorable on a romantic and sexual level. The temperature will be rising during these two steamy months. Mercury will then retrograde the signs of Aries and Taurus during April. You may stumble upon something written on a piece of paper that could change your future for the better during this perplexing month. Watch out for another Virgo or Gemini to be involved with this note or document. If you find yourself forced to make social rounds, be sure you express yourself very clearly or love could pull a disappearing act if you are too critical. You will find that April will be a challenging month, but if you remain calm, love will stick by you through thick and thin.

Listen to a Taurus or a Leo if you need help during retrograde periods. You will feel much better if you listen to these signs, especially in April. Your biggest challenge this year will present itself during summer and it may have to do with a Sagittarius or a Leo. Remain calm and be confident. You and Sagittarius will discuss matters involving home and security. Serious efforts on both sides must be mutual in order for the relationship to progress to the next level. A Leo will keep you grounded and feeling rather sentimental where the past is concerned.

You could also learn life lessons and the basics of day to day living with an Aquarius. During 2004 and especially through the summer months you will have tons of charisma and sex appeal. Regardless of your marital status, people will come over and want to party and play. There could be moments this year where you might trade in the old for the new. This could apply to your job, friends, lover or your wardrobe. One thing is for certain, Virgo: you will be concerned with fashion and health. Maybe you were right after all. You could and will notice throughout the year that your perceptions and standards of beauty change and seem way different then they used to be. You could notice that people you thought were “not so hot” could suddenly seem “extremely hot”. If one thing is for certain, you will be consulted on matters involving fashion, beauty, health or health related concerns. It does pay to take care of your body and you will notice the beauty in those closest to you from the inside out during 2004. You will be radiating sex appeal throughout the Jupiter presence in your chart. July will be a four star month for you in many ways. The emphasis will be in your eleventh house of friends and wishes. You will be smiling because wishes will become realities during this magical month. There are indications that celebrations, weddings and reunions will be taking place perhaps in a distant city. You also will be having mind blowing sex with your favorite person and celebrating this love with your closest friends.

You may come to the conclusion in August and September that there really is no place like home. August born Virgos may feel the need to escape a confining romance whereas September Virgos will just escape in front of everyone. You could very well be celebrating your holidays with new people from faraway places. The initials S. A. and J. figure in the names of people you will find sexually attractive this year. As 2004 ends, you can get your sexual satisfaction and this theme will dominate your love and sex zone throughout most of 2005. The best is yet to come, Virgo.