Full Moon in Pisces - September 14th/15th, 2019

Full Moon in Pisces on 9/14/15, 2019: Everyone should watch out for drinking excessively during this Full Moon. Sensitive souls will be feeling super delicate and prone to escapism. Don't drown your sorrows in something that could be dangerous for you. You could take matters too far under this influence, pun intended. Channel your energy into something creative, such as music, movies and surrounding yourself with positive people and places. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces listen up! 

 Full Moons 
Bring up attraction to the same/opposite sex. Think romance, for better or worse! 
Are great for harvesting crops
Bonding with your tribe
Coming forward with secrets 
Times of great creativity
Listen to music 
Have a gathering 


The Full Moon in Pisces touches your 12th House of secrets, seclusion, the need for isolation and your best kept hidden talents on 9/14, Aries. It's time to slow down, tone down and step out of the limelight as you could find others around you in a mood to argue about the most insignificant topics. Avoid crowds, irritability and being impatient with others. Create a sense of independence without alienating those closest to you. If you feel trapped or stuck in any situation - take a time out! You could find that it is in these moments of solitude, that you have your most inspirational ideas and you can and will make a final decision about love and stick with it - once and for all. Lavish attention on yourself first and then cheer friends up after you have taken some time for you, Aries. Another Aries, Libra and a Leo will prove that love can be counted on.


The Full Moon in Pisces is preparing to enter your 11th House of hopes, wishes, organizations and your friendships. You might find that you're surrounded by those who might seem ("a bit outrageous)". You could experience feeling undervalued for your contributions and hard work. Love could seem to be unpredictable early this weekend and you might make a serious decision to fix areas that you feel are not progressing as you had hoped. This might involve taking a risk but deep down you always have a plan and know how to execute it, Taurus. Try to remain grounded, in a realistic head space or you ultimately will be let down and sorry for impulsive decisions or actions. The signs of Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius could be feeling nostalgic and might need to confide something important and confidential. Reach out to those you have not seen lately, Taurus. You won't regret it! A Sagittarius desires more alone time with you, Taurus!


The Full Moon in Pisces tours your 10th House of prestige and career and authority figures. This is a powerful week for you, Gemini. You're coming into prominence where your career and public reputation are concerned. New faces, places, and people can assist you in ways you have only dreamt about.  In love, something exciting is developing, even if you do not see it yet. Expect a Virgo, Sagittarius and an Aquarius to steal your heart and capture your attention. You have much to look forward to, so focus and remain on track and as balanced as possible. Also, make certain you remain polite when you interact with authority figures, people in positions of power and your parents. People you would never guess possible are observing you and your capabilities, talents, and skills. Make sure you give the best you have to give to your career and your reputation. Be aware of hidden enemies as someone might not be telling the entire truth. A Taurus and a Scorpio have something to tell you. Inquire, research and investigate! 


The Full Moon in Pisces transits your 9th House of overseas travel, faraway places, higher education, legalities, spirituality and your world views, Cancer. There are serious changes coming at you from every direction possible this year. There could be a conversation you accidentally overhear that could change the course of your current career and take you on a different path that is tailor made for you, Cancer. Take a look at this time last year and see how much progress you have made. Remain in control of how you express yourself for ideal results. Don't be too quick to let others know how you feel about everything, Cancer. Pay close attention to your ultimate goals and make sure that your dreams and hopes are an expression of who you are and what you want to accomplish. A Gemini, Libra and an Aquarius are involved and have suggestions you should listen to.


The Full Moon in Pisces transits your 8th House of life changing circumstances, sex, and resources you share with others. You could be concerned about your finances or you may receive news that initially seems overwhelming but will pave the way for a new and improved future. You will need to adjust your attitude on Wednesday, Leo. Realize that you are defined by the way you treat others, not by the amount of money in your bank account, Leo. Gossip and past secrets could come out when and where you least expect, so avoid participating in rumors or a scandal could erupt. The more you adopt a kinder and gentler approach, the easier your life can and will be. The signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius and a Capricorn will play important roles in your week. Adopt a positive attitude when it comes to deeply committed relationships, your home and family life and money or resources you share with others, Leo.


The Full Moon in your 7th House (opposite sign) can bring about positive developments of a personal, romantic and professional nature, Virgo. Don't withhold your true feelings or keep hidden information from anyone you have a close relationship with this week, Virgo. Realize that people are seeking you out for answers to their own dilemmas, personal and professional. The public and your inner group finds you beyond charming, down to earth and helpful when it comes to solutions to their most private and intimate problems. Another Virgo and a Pisces have something to say! You can be seen as a therapist of sorts to everyone you encounter this week.Enjoy the romance of this Full Moon week and realize that upcoming events promise to bring you the fulfillment you have been secretly craving. You might take a moment of silence or a breather from an intense love relationship. 


The Full Moon transits your 6th House of health, repair and maintenance issues this week, Libra. Take some time for yourself and follow your own counsel and listen to your own intuition. There is a love relationship that could have you questioning your future with this individual. Realize that everyone will be edgy this week and know that the best offense is your greatest defense. Do not allow petty complaints, emotional manipulation and the misbehavior of others to dampen your intellectual and communication skills this week. Others will try to outsmart you, Libra. If coupled, an honest approach can forge a new beginning - this could be the start of something very special if you're currently dating. The choice is ultimately up to you, Libra. An Aries, Gemini and a Sagittrius will play intense, compassionate and friendly roles.


The Full Moon in Pisces transits your 5th House of love and passion, what you prefer doing for fun and also rules taking risks, Scorpio. Children and creative endeavors are also ruled by the 5th House. Use your creatively wisely in order to get one step ahead of the competition. You overhear something this week that promises to deliver success in a business, family or personal matter (or all three) and this news could potentially catapult you to success and greater fortune. Take your time, Scorpio. The signs of Taurus, Leo and Aquarius have your attention, personally and professionally. You have much to gain by spending time with children, focusing on a passion and spending time with those you love and trust this week. Pay serious attention to your love life, single or coupled. You will figure out where you stand in love and other areas that mean the most to you, Scorpio!


The Full Moon in Pisces on Friday transits your 4th House of home, family matters, relatives, motherhood and the past, Sagittarius. You struggling between wanting to be two places simultaneously, this week. There are lessons to be learned from an ongoing domestic, home or a monetary manner. You're known for your optimism, resilience and persistence, so it would be to your advantage to accept what comes your way and ultimately make the best of what transpires, for the better. You could be feeling impatient in matters related to love and relationships, personal and professional. Slow down, Sagittarius! You notice that the moods of those around you appear to be over the top. Avoid regrets, words said in haste and move straight into your future. An Aries, Virgo and a Capricorn play compelling roles in your week.


The Full Moon in Pisces on Saturday transits your 3rd House of contracts, siblings, neighbors and communications, Capricorn. Your interactions with those around you could be off kilter or you may question some information coming at you that might not be valid, accurate or true. Keep conversations with others close light hearted and as humorous as possible for ideal results this week. You could notice that those closest to you are feeling restless, agitated or frustrated. Try to be the voice of reason and avoid any strong opinions that could be misconstrued. The signs of Cancer and another Capricornm could be especially restless on Friday. Just focus on your own thing and you should be fine. In other words, do YOU on this Full Moon! You have knowledge and you know more than most - that - Knowledge is power. Know this and proceed accordingly this week, Capricorn.


The Full Moon in Pisces on Wednesday impacts your 2nd House of income, valuables and your personal possessions. Jupiter creates a deep desire to work on a creative venture, project and brings luck and prosperity into matters regarding your finances, Aquarius. Money is coming your way, especially those Aquarius who have been working diligently this year. You could be extremely successful in the field of technology and anything creative or futuristic. There is fame, fortune and notoriety headed your way. Stay focused; realize that your friends and family could be extra sensitive with the energies building from the sensitive Pisces Moon into the bold, brash and impetuous Aries Moon. The issue of finance is weighing heavily on all Aquarius, lately. Realize this is universal, Aquarius. You have what it takes to transform your life into something that makes you happy. Focus on you and the rest promises to take care of itself. The signs of Cancer, Scorpio and a Gemini promise to be supportive.


The Full Moon is getting ready to enter your 1st House of charisma, personality and your appearance, Pisces. You make serious gains if you put forth the effort and dedication needed to accomplish your goals and ambitions. Whenever the Full Moon transits your 1st House, it could be a low energy time for you, so wrap up loose ends and focus on the things you want most accomplished before the end of September. You will be surprised to find that with little effort, the rewards will be better than you ever expected. You won't have to work too hard this weekend and whatever you want will come to you quite effortlessly. In love, you're either on track or cementing a relationship that has serious potential to last. You can make a great impression, especially on another Pisces. A Virgo will have romantic news to share with you.