Venus in Virgo 8-21-9-14-2019

Venus in Virgo 


Venus (Planet of Love, beauty, attraction, and romance) enters the practical, fussy and detail oriented sign of Virgo on 8/21/2019- 9/14/2019. When the planet of love (Venus) enters the meticulous,  perfectionist and sensual Earth Sign of Virgo, some critical tendencies could surface in our closest relationships. We might find that we're expecting our love lives to be perfection, (ideal) and that's (Not Realistic!) and nothing less will do, single or coupled. (Virgo Component) The Virgo component makes us all attuned to these qualities, areas and energies. This happens everytime the Sun enters a New House /Sign.  

This placement of Venus in Virgo is motivated to live in perfect order in public but privately and underneath that pristine white dress or dress shirt is some naughty lingerie and sensual moves that will blow your mind. You (Virgo) will be drawn to a partner you can HELP improve, OR one who can improve YOU. The perfect partnership for Virgo is where both partners gain, learn and achieve together, in sync. Be careful with your love interest during this stellium, Virgo! You will have a stronger than normal aversion to sloppiness, mistakes, poor health, errors in judgment, bad habits, addictions, past issues that refuse to go away = Not the BEST way to win your precious heart, Virgo. 

You could also come across as domineering and super critical of others during this time - FOCUS on your HEALTH (mind, body and spirit)( your trifecta) and personal grooming, diet, nutrition, daily work/obligations, repair and maintenance issues and your routine should be examined, if necessary. When Venus enters Virgo, It's Virgo(s) TIME to step into the spotlight attracting new romantic partners, existing ones and new flirtations, at the very least. Why? Because whenever Venus enters your Sun Sign, the energy of Venus impacts YOU and your sign commands the spotlight. With Venus in Virgo, Virgo captures the attention of strangers, admirers and so do the themes of the House that rules Virgo in Astrology (the 6th House).  Anytime Venus tours your chart, coupled or single, it's your time to shine, gain admiration, affection, love, admirers and expect the assistance of women to be extra helpful to you during this in demand, easy-going and reassuring time. Your Planetary ruler, Mercury, is two sided/faced and has a power to carry you into a Dream career. Why? Because Mercury is a trickster, so never forget that, Virgo! Your ruling planet (Mercury) will determine how you communicate depending on where it transits and you possess information, deal with retrogrades, and you Virgo become accustomed to them, fast. Special LOVE TIP for Virgo: Laughing at yourself makes you beyond attractive to the same and opposite sex for life. 


Virgo is a loyal partner and will give of themselves tirelessly "ONLY IF" Virgo feels as though their partner is living up to his or her expectations. During this monthly transit, Virgo could meet a soul mate, have just met one or will be dealing with a potential love via your job or at the office, no matter what your marital status is. Virgo prizes travel, communications, the written and spoken word, artistic inclinations, bringing order out of chaos and intellect. Any hint of over indulgence, big messes, disorganization, clutter, over the top loud personalities, bad manners, unkempt clothing and a personality that is lazy and has less than zero goals, doesn't exercise and take care of themselves (inside out) will be seen as less than attractive to meticulous, business minded, solution oriented Virgo. And Virgo is VERY powerful during this STELLIUM transit. This (Virgo) is a sensual and highly sexual sign so, the BEST way to get into the Virgo heart is through THEIR MIND, by taking your sweet time, building a friendship, (First) and teaching them (Virgo) something valuable. SPECIAL TIP FOR YOU: VIRGOS, males and females, want to learn from a lover and this is a sign that NEEDS to be needed and can't stand being alone.  


Where Venus (planet of love, attraction and females) travels (i.e, Sign and House) speaks to how our romantic lives play out and can tell you about where you experience attention, notice that others just take to you and your physical appearance will be appreciated and admired during this time, according to Astrology. The 6th House (Ruled by Mercury) of health, repair and maintenance matters and professional and personal matters that seem lost or undefined will get clarified during Venus in Virgo. This is a great time (for EVERYONE - not just Virgo, only) to focus on our health, pay strict/precise attention to all personal details where our appearance and lifestyle are involved. Keep up on our daily routines, ditch a bad habit for ideal results. Venus is most comfortable in Taurus and Libra. Why? Because your Ruling planet is your trump card in many ways! In Virgo, Venus isn't as comfortable, affectionate or as generous in Virgo as she is when she tours a more compatible sign such as Libra. 

To learn more about what Venus in Virgo means for you PERSONALLY AND GENERALLY; Look to your sign below to see where you (Virgo) will experience the most love, appreciation and admiration. VENUS enters Virgo on the 9th and the New Moon happens just days later the fun begins on 8/21/19 and this transit lasts until 9/14!

 Love Scope for Aries: A new/ongoing relationship could become serious, faster than you suspected, Aries! Single Aries could be putting in overtime at the office but loving the rewards and appreciation that come their way via bosses, co-workers and associates. Make overdue appointments to see doctors and take the best care of your body possible. The more energy you put into your health and career, the greater the rewards will be. Don't let something little (like an ache or pain) escalate into something dramatic, Aries. This is a great time to get a complete physical, see a doctor and tackle only those messes you know about. If you have been procrastinating, then it might be time to take a second or possibly third look at someone close to you. You could think you're in charge but a Leo, Scorpio and Pisces are not seeing it quite that way. 

Love Scope for Taurus: Single or coupled, Venus in Virgo brings about romance, more/greater interaction with children and creates an atmosphere where you take risks willingly, get seriously involved in a hobby and notice you receive serious praise from a love interest. Singles are in a great cycle for attracting a new love. Couples begin to think about taking their romance to a new and improved level. Moving in together, having a baby and a possible wedding or greater commitment to a Virgo and an Aquarius are serious possibilities.

 Love Scope for Gemini:  You could meet the love of your life through a family member, via a friend of a friend or through a sibling, in your community or while traveling a short distance from where you live. Home is where your heart wants to be but other obligations will capture your attention during the transit of Venus in Virgo transit that begins on 8/21 and ends on September 14, 2019. If you have any spare time during Venus in Virgo, TRY your hand at upgrading your home and make it your personal sanctuary by buying something little than can make a major difference in your surroundings. Turn on/up the music, throw an intimate gathering and add some bold colors to your bedroom for ideal results. A Taurus and a Scorpio are involved.

 Love Scope for Cancer:  Virgo is your 3rd House of communications, travel and your intellect. You suddenly have a strong need to keep the peace when dealing with neighbors, relatives and what you reveal, Cancer. Your diplomatic, creative and genuine side emerges as you receive praise and accolades via speaking, writing and selling, Cancer. You might also find love as close as your own community or within a few hours drive from home. This could be the REAL DEAL. It's imperative that you remain calm, look your best and work on your communication skills during this cycle. A Virgo and Gemini could be snooping on you, Cancer. Having a long talk with your mom, or a motherly figure can change the course of the rest of this year, personally and professionally, for the better.

 Love Scope for Leo: Work on appealing to a diverse audience in order to attract the love, recognition and security you seek. Not everyone knows how sensitive you really are! You must work with those who might not agree with your views, especially where finances are involved. The more open minded you remain to others, the better your chances of financial success will be, especially if they deal with the arts or performing arts. More money will be made available to you and your home life will continue to be where you feel most comfortable during this time, especially surrounded by creature comforts. A Gemini, another Leo and a Scorpio are involved.

 Love Scope for Virgo: You rebound from a loss, either emotional or financial. During this transit, you feel right at home, personally and professionally. Remain receptive and open to showing new ways of love. Express your vulnerable, tender and shy side to that special person and once you realize it's a big world, you will travel it, Virgo. Your popularity escalates and singles attract a person from a distance, foreign country or overseas. Couples decide to embark on a new and improved chapter. Expect to be the recipient of more love, more money and personal offers from appealing prospects, single or coupled. A recent move, upcoming move or relocation to a new area brings the desired results. A Leo might not be on your wavelength this month whereas a Scorpio finds you beyond seductive. Work on mastering your own personal trifecta during this time 

 Love Scope for Libra: Release past resentments, deal with nagging issues from your past and focus on self improvement, where needed. A secret romance could heat up during this time. Forgive those who have mistreated you and focus on a beginning a creative project, new romance or finishing up an ongoing one. The mystery you project during this time will stand out to others as well as the one you really love, Libra. Romance occurs in secret, behind the scenes or takes place in a secluded area. The last thing you ever thought would happen, does and it's an eye opener. Consult a Taurus and a Sagittarius for expert assistance!

Love Scope for Scorpio: The more you assist others close to you and those not so close, the more admiration and love come your way. Friendships, your hopes and wishes are in the spotlight. Efforts you made in the past return to benefit you. Expect to gain rewards for loyalty, kindness and discretion. Under Venus in Virgo, Scorpios can turn their hopes and dreams into realities. Friends from the past return, have returned and an ex love could surprise you, Scorpio! Venus in Virgo asks that you carve out more time with your favorite friends and put just a little more into your social life for lucky results.. Write down your hopes and wishes, join a new group, talk to an old friend and get to work on expanding your social life. You won't be disappointed! A Gemini and a Sagittarius could change your mind. 

 Love Scope for Sagittarius: You could stumble upon professional information that was NEVER intended for your eyes. Don't tell a soul! Keep things simple, secret and be loyal to those who have stood by your side, no matter what you discover. You can make a fortune with the assistance of bosses, VIPs and authority figures. Expect your public reputation to be enhanced during this time. You could meet the love of your life through your job, via a co-workers or while travelling for professional obligations, Sagittarius. You gain an elevation in prestige, honor and your legacy during this time. A Cancer and a Capricorn are involved.

 Love Scope for Capricorn:  You could meet someone from a foreign country, travel overseas, or suddenly fall hard for one who shares your world views. Going back to school benefits your love life and so will legal matters and advertising. A chance meeting at a seminar, work shop or lecture could produce better than expected results. While out and about with friends, you could be introduced to someone who changes everything, in an instant. A shared interest in philosophy, publishing or travel brings good fortune and someone from a distance could be the one for you and vice verse. Expect to find a friend and love (maybe both) for life. Romance heats up for Capricorn under Venus in Virgo.

 Love Scope for Aquarius: Virgo is your 8th House of deeply committed relationships, personal transformation, birth, sex, death, taxes and other odd properties.  Aquarius, single or coupled, time to take an ongoing love relationship to the next level and beyond. Aquarius is very attracted to Virgo and the feeling is beyond mutual. Single or coupled, love is bringing Aquarius a deep sense of fulfillment, confidence and security. Expect to be dealing with an interest in subjects like Astrology, ghosts and/or life after death, past life regression and hauntings, Aquarius. An interest in these esoteric subjects leads you to one who shares your personal views and BOTH of you could fall hard, fast. Single or coupled, Aquarius will enjoy the attention that comes their way. A Virgo and a Sagittarius are involved! 

Love Scope for Pisces: A romance could get serious enough for a major commitment. Did someone say marriage, kids and a home/life together? Make you sure you're ready, willing and able, Pisces. Someone close could demand a serious commitment. Singles can expect to meet a mysterious person who catches their eye and gains Pisces undivided time, energy and attention. Couples decide to take the next step or at the very least, have a heart to heart discussion that ultimately brings them closer. 2019 is shaping up to be a year of commitment for all Pisces. You have a chance to take an idea and turn it into an empire with Venus in your 7th House. A relationship is serious, committed and continues to grow. Another Pisces and a Libra are in this picture.