Venus in Libra - 10/16 - 11/7/17 - The URGE to MERGE

About Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra - This Venus placement is an outgoing, peace loving and partnership oriented Venus . Elegance, GRACE and refinement in all things are mandatory for you.  This Venus wants to share their life, making sure that love is reciprocated and harmony prevails. This is not a Venus who likes to be alone. Caution: if this placement is in your chart - you might settle with a partner rather than be alone and this can and will always back fire for you, so try and work on quality people as opposed to settling for just anyone. PARTNERSHIPS, business, status, money, love and legalities, legal matters, injustice and the fight for justice are where it's at during Venus in Libra.

About Venus in Libra and YOU!

Venus in Libra also demands UNITY, BALANCE AND BEAUTY in everything,  With The Sun, Mars and Venus in Libra, This is the TIME to have important discussions, business and personal. Libra loves nothing more than to keep the scales balanced and we all will be feeling the need, desire and urge to merge with a partner or companion with Venus in the 7th House, We all find ourselves taking inventory by making sure we ALL have quality people in love, business and our personal lives. Having status or lots of money will appeal now and so will socializing, parties and weekend getaways!. This also applies to legal matters. The 7th House is where we turn the emphasis away from work and deal with partners, past, present and future! It (Venus in Libra) loves to focus on art,beauty, the urge to merge AND your marital status, whether that be single, married or living together. We see the energy shifts to love, legal matters, divorce and marriage during this transit that lasts until 11/7. P.S. Venus in Libra despises being alone. If your single and reality kicks in, you won't be happy and will spend more time, money, effort and energy into looking for a partner during this transit. We will all awaken during this Venus as it is a great time to socialize, throw parties, show your romantic side, attract a lover with status and money, analyze your most important relationships, especially where love, work and any legal matters are involved. Libra and Aries command the LOVE spotlight during this transit as affection, love and admiration are coming for you, Libra. Aries will feel low on energy but can expect partnerships to undergo serious transformations. Talk about surprises, Aries!

So where will you gain the most love and affection? I have created a list of where (What House) YOU can expect the most attraction, affection and loving energy. 


Venus enters in your 7th House of marriage, lawsuits, legal cases, divorce and serious commitments until 11/7. Your popularity will increase as you attract glances of attractive strangers everywhere you look, Aries. A current romance - if single - could be up for a serious discussion while couples might engage in serious conversations with Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Scorpio. Conversations could focus on getting support where you both desire to speak your mind. Expect love, kind words, a hug from a stranger, some extra TLC and this extends to your professional life as well, Aries. The kindness of strangers, associates and love interests could astound you, Aries. With Venus in Libra, you can charm your way into any one's heart, Aries. Females will be especially helpful. Be selective and discreet when dealing with past loves and relationships past for BEST results. A Libra, Leo and a Scorpio could be on your mind and forever in your heart.


Venus transits your 6th House of health, work, repairs, maintenance and daily maintenance should bring a sense of frustration to your life today, Taurus. You have been through so many changes lately that the stability you are currently experiencing will seem like a welcome relief. You are rebuilding some elements of your life while welcoming some new and improved situations as well. This is a compatible transit (Libra, YOU and Aquarius are Air signs), so you can expect to feel some relief during this time. The signs of Taurus, Aries and an Aquarius are involved. You could go from single to married in one hot minute during this time. Make sure you keep up to date with your health, work and dealing with newcomers, Taurus. 


Venus  occupies your 5th House of fun, excitement, children, gambling, taking risks that pay off and love affairs. You find that you have more fun to look forward to, Gemini. You will be a success in public, private and behind closed doors. Get ready for surprises and the unexpected. This is YOUR TIME to enjoy being a bit selfish, Gemini. Expect to hear some good news related to another Gemini, Aquarius and a Capricorn. There is a strong emphasis on romance, taking risks and children this weekend. Why not go out and show off that sex appeal? You can go from single to coupled, FAST!


Venus just entered your 5th House while Venus has now entered Libra (Your 4th House of family, the past, home and motherhood) until 11/7. With Venus (love) and Jupiter( luck, expansion and good fortune) favor your 4th House now, Cancer. The 4th House speaks to family, your roots, relatives, where you live now and where you have lived in the past and where you will live in the future. The 4th House also deals with the past and motherhood, so EXPECT these areas to gain serious momentum. You feel a strong need to comfort those closest to you. The signs of Taurus, Virgo and a Scorpio will surprise you, Cancer. An unexamined sadness, event or a big change in one area of your life could be in order and on your agenda. Home life plays a big role. It's up to you to make your domestic life what you want it to be, Cancer. You know who you can count on and they know who you are, Cancer. 


Venus transits your 3rd House of short distance travel, neighbors, neighborhood matters, siblings, transportation, intellect, communication, the Internet and short trips. These areas are up for discussion and review. You might feel confused, frustrated by delays in these areas, but try and be accepting, loving and spontaneous for best results. Major changes are right in front of you, personal and professional, Leo. Socializing, learning and focusing on you, only YOU, will hit the spot. You could find yourself concerned with others itineraries, your own, siblings and recent events that have time sensitive deadlines which could seem to go on forever and ever. A domestic adjustment will be involved in and your neighborhoods will continue to be up for discussion. You either find a neighborhood that works for everyone or you meet a new friend who turns romantic, FAST! A Virgo, Libra and a Capricorn play key roles. 


Venus transits your 2nd House of income, real estate, your values, money and personal possessions, Virgo. You might find yourself wanting to take EXTRA special care of those you care and love deeply. The current lunation can help you find valuable items for a discount price. Tone down any extravagant purchases and find ways to express your love for another via creative, NOT financial ways. You don't need to break the bank or go overboard when it comes to love. Spend time with your family and make sure you don't go overboard when it comes to SPENDING on what you don't really have, need or want. An Aries, Leo and a Pisces will display strong opinions about the discussion of money, values and and other important topics throughout this time. Listen, Virgo! You can expect some surprise gifts, attention and you receive a gift from another that becomes a prized possession, Virgo. Enjoy this transit as it brings good news, affection and romance into your life!  You figure out what means the most to you, including friends, loves and what you own.


Venus (your ruling planet) transits your 1st House of appearance, image and personality. This is your romantic time of year. You can expect to be the center of attention at parties, gatherings and even at home. Friends will compliment your style, sense of humor and ability to win over any crowd via the written and spoken word thanks to Mercury in Libra. Your body language will appeal to others with Mercury (Communications) and Venus (admiration and good energy) in your 7th House of marriage. Pay attention to the body language of others. You display natural artistic inclinations/abilities that others will be seriously impressed with. Share your hopes, ideas and dreams with others. Show them that actions, not words are what matter most. Bottom line: An Aries, Leo and a Pisces bring on entertainment throughout this transit. 


Venus transits your 12th House of secrets and seclusion, Scorpio. There is more going on behind the scenes than others might realize. Changes, feeling in sync with your values and self, a sense or feeling of being misunderstood is emphasized. This placement (12th House) demands the need for adaptability, seclusion, time spent alone and demands versatility. Try to let go of past memories, especially when it comes to the deep past and things/relationships you might not want to let go of. You are sentimental at heart and have an excellent sense of humor. Think in terms of establishing new memories. Proceed bravely into your future and love will find you, Scorpio, that is, if it hasn't already. A Taurus, Virgo and a Capricorn play serious roles throughout this transit that lasts until 11/7. Your time to prepare is now and feel free to get comfortable, focus on your career, love and any secrets, if you have any.


Venus enters/tours your 11th House of friends, hopes and wishes this week until 11/7, Sagittarius. You could be thinking of friends and lovers that you would love to reconnect with, if single. There are those you might have doubted who have ultimately proven you wrong and vice verse. Reach out to those individuals, social circles and family members who have always been there for you, Sagittarius. It's time to make peace with former enemies and take responsibility for mistakes made in the heat of an argument. Remember it takes two to tango!  On the flip side, you can expect increased social activity, group involvements and your wishes and hopes for the future will get clarified. An Aries, Taurus and a Virgo can surprise you, more so than you ever suspected. 


Venus transits your 10th House of status, public reputation and prestige this week until 11/7, Capricorn. You could be feeling unusually confident or certain and confidence with regards to the public perception of you, your personal affairs and your standing and prestige. There is room for serious advancement when it comes to opportunities for expansion in your career. Expect to make amazing strides through FRIENDS you know well and the public as well. Friends, acquaintances and family members will be instrumental in helping you get to the top, where you naturally belong. A Taurus, Libra and a Sagittarius will inspire you to be the best you can be. You will know exactly where you stand when it comes to your career, your reputation and status during this transit.  


Venus currently entered your 9th House of foreign travel, distant places and higher education, Aquarius. You could be looking into these areas as a sense of wanderlust overcomes you. Be sure to check dates, times and places twice if you need to be somewhere on time during this time. Be sure not to misunderstand anthers pain, loneliness and or frustration. This is the time for serious, deep and meaningful discussions with those you love regarding your plans for the future and theirs too, Aquarius. Someone from a distance has their heart set on you!  A Taurus, Gemini and a Pisces hold a special place in your tender heart, Aquarius. A Sagittarius is involved and your intuition about this person is on target, Aquarius. 


Venus enters in your 8th House of power, transformation, money, rebirth and topics considered taboo until 11/7/17. There could be some surprises in store for you when it comes to the way you interact with those closest to you and even in your interactions with newcomers. Try and resist the urge to go to extremes as friends and family are more receptive than you might realize. The opposite sex finds you attractive and any legal, business and marriage agreements are clarified. Single or coupled, Pisces figures out where they stand financially  sexually and a secret is revealed that could change EVERYTHING. Pay attention on the New Moon in Libra. An Aries, Scorpio and a Leo play entertaining roles and find you beyond fascinating. A Virgo could be your soul mate, Pisces!