The Full Moon in Gemini - - Gossip, Communication Breakdowns and RE-building

A Full Moon occurs in the mutable AIR SIGN of Gemini on 12/12 @ 12:12 PST. Mercury rules Gemini and this is the House of communications, intellect and ideas/concepts. In your Natal Chart, you are able to obtain your personal Mercury sign. This placement (in your chart) depicts how you think, the kind of mind you have and any areas that apply to the written and spoken word unique to you and only YOU. It's the 3rd House in Astrology. Gemini (YOU) are fickle, multi talented and never at a loss for words. You're like a chameleon. You could fit in anywhere, Gemini! 


Mercury (The Planet) rules both mercurial and intellectual Gemini and Virgo. However, both signs like/prefer to communicate in different ways. Gemini reflects the SOCIAL aspects of Mercury, the wonderful way they master words, gossip, and the ability to talk about anything to anybody. Virgo is/represents the critical side of Mercury. The side that likes to analyze, correct and teach, whereas Gemini is looking for the party, audience and wants a good time, like NOW! With Mercury as your ruler, you will forever be torn between two people, places and or ideas/concepts, Gemini, male or female.

THE MOOD: Kick back, relaxed, not too serious and lighthearted. However, The Full Moon opposing the Sun can make for mixed communications, especially with Mercury Retrograde this month (12/3). Everyone WATCH your communications, Internet behavior, all areas of the 3rd House..And pay attention to how you personally handle these areas. Depending on your PERSONAL planetary line up, you could make up with a neighbor (3rd House), you might have had issues with, get super emotional, begin a new romance, or make a life change, such as relocating. Some people get tired, sad and nostalgic if this is poorly aspected in their chart. Find out where your Mercury is (in what sign) to truly understand how this PLANET works in your life, it will be very helpful. Mercury will remain retrograde through the Holidays this year, so make sure you review, revise and revisit those things you treasure. Communication is key for all of us. (Gemini Component) Leave nothing left unsaid, clarify schedules and just keep in mind that this is actually a good time for some. It's all in your chart. 

ABOUT THE FULL MOON IN GEMINI Full Moon in Gemini - The Moon opposite the Sun in FIRE SIGN Sagittarius makes this a hyper day. Stop and think before you act. You could be mentally and physically overstimulated. You might desire alone time as the phone rings off the hook, texts increase and the need to quiet the mind can take over, leaving people feeling restless. This goes especially for Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces. Why? These signs are mutable meaning they break up cycles that Cardinal Signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn initiate - The fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius keep things going, despise change and want long term commitment - in most aspects of their lives. The mutable signs then come in and break up the cycles. They are too interested in the world to stay in one place, relationship or home for too long. 

(Gemini in the spotlight - Donald Trump)( - Notable Gemini = Prince)

Where does this Full Moon in Gemini occur for your Astrological Sign?

Aries = Your 11th House of FRIENDSHIPS, group involvements, hopes wishes and ex lovers? A Taurus, Virgo and a Capricorn can surprise you! 

 Taurus = Your 12th House of secrets, solitude and SPECIAL TIME WITH A LOVE!
A Gemini and a Sagittarius are loyal allies. 

Gemini = Your 1st House of IMAGE, physical appearance and your presentation.  A Scorpio and a Taurus play serious roles and hope to assist you, Gemini! 

 Cancer = Your 2nd House of money, valuables, SELF-WORTH and REAL ESTATE
A Gemini and a Pisces say the right words at the PERFECT MOMENT!

 Leo = Your 3rd House of neighbors, your community, SIBLINGS and the INTERNET! An Aries, Scorpio and another Leo have something to say.

 Virgo = Your 4th House of MOTHERHOOD, the past, HOME LIFE and family members. An Aries and a Capricorn would love to hear from you, Virgo!

 Libra = Your 5th House of CHILDREN, hobbies, romance and taking RISKS! Another Libra and a Leo continue to intrigue you. Avoid a fast talking Sagittarius! 

Scorpio = Your 6th House of REPAIRS/MAINTENANCE, daily routine and HEALTH. The signs of Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius might seem off, but they are very much in this picture. 

 Sagittarius = Your 7th House OF MARRIAGE, legal matters, hidden enemies and PROFESSIONAL ALLIANCES. A Gemini, Capricorn and a Pisces have words of wisdom for you! Listen!

Capricorn = Your 8th House of sex, other peoples money, MORTGAGE/TAXES and strange happenings. Gemini and Virgo will play loyal and fun roles.

Aquarius = Your 9th House of OVERSEAS TRAVEL, laws/regulations, publishing and WORLD VIEWS. A Gemini, Virgo and a Pisces capture your ATTENTION!

Pisces = Your 10th House of public, public standing, PRESTIGE and universal popularity. The signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius might seem lost in their own minds this month. Don't say something you might regret one day! 

Painting by Regina Serra