New Moon in Sagittarius

A New Moon forms in the "Happy go lucky" fire sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius will benefit most from this New Moon as the New Moon brings Sagittarius a second chance to make a first impression and Sagittarius will find themselves in the spotlight this week. Sagittarius is fire energy, it rules the 9th House of higher learning, spirituality, publishing, advertising, overseas travel, foreign people and foreign cultures. We will be seeing these areas capture our attention throughout the week of this New Moon and a sense of optimism (Sagittarius component) promises to overcome each and every one of us.

So, where does this New Moon in Sagittarius promise to bring you a new beginning and bring about a fresh perspective for YOU this week? 

p.s. Always read your rising sign a.k.a your ascendant to get an even better idea of your week ahead.

Pisces: The New Moon and Venus in impact your 10th House of prestige, professional status and deal with serious, stable and durable offers for career advancement. Expect to become consumed with these areas and pay close attention to some unexpected developments where your career is involved that promise to bring a smile. Others are admiring your professional skills and although you may not realize this, you will be the recipient of news that confirms all on the weekend of the New Moon. 

Aquarius: The New Moon in Sagittarius highlights your 11th House of friendships, hopes, groups affairs/involvements, your wishes and presents a possible new beginning/offer where your friendships and an ongoing love are involved. You could be seeking more prestige or looking for a greater public position now. The New Moon in your hopes sector suggest that friends can be instrumental to your desires where these areas are involved. You notice a surge of personal popularity as social events could thrust you into the public, where you hope to shine and will. If you're seeking more recognition, look to your friends for offers, Aquarius!  The signs of Gemini, Virgo and a Sagittarius will be involved.

Capricorn: The New Moon and Venus will be touring you 12th House of privacy, secrets and fears simultaneously this week, Capricorn. You're able to make a fresh start in a new direction but you might have some making up to do with someone else, first. This Moon can brings about offers via relationships past, what you give to others unconditionally and where any secrets or past issues are involved. Anything you do in private can bring rewards - if you play fair. You might appear more intense than normal and others can sense your authenticity, so try not to put on a facade. You could yearn for some private time but other obligations continue to occupy you to no end. Relationships with females could create interference and possibly test your patience. Take a cue from Sagittarius and realize that a positive attitude will get you where you want to be. This is your best time to LISTEN to others, Capricorn, single and coupled. A Cancer, another Capricorn and an Aquarius are involved.

Sagittarius: With a New Moon in your 1st House of personality and looks, expect to be propelled into the spotlight this week, single and coupled. It's a time for your hopes and wishes to come alive. It's also a time of adjusting to new ideas, concepts and circumstances that continue to change y the day. Make your power moves on the New Moon for ideal results.Those in power will notice! If there ever was a time to shine, this is your week, single or coupled. Expect more than one admirer to capture your interest or vice verse. Woman will be especially helpful towards you this week. The signs of Cancer, Leo and a Capricorn want to have a heart to heart conversation with you.  

Scorpio: The New Moon impacts your 2nd House of finances, your self-worth, personal possessions and what you consider to be valuable, personally, professionally and financially, Scorpio. These areas need some examination and you might decide to go through with plans that are expensive to prove your point about something or someone meaningful to you. You can expect new offers where earning money, real estate collecting money and building your security are involved. The signs of Taurus, Libra and another Scorpio have ideas that promise to bring you the security you seek, single or coupled.

Libra: Venus and the New Moon will be in the compatible fire sign of Sagittarius this week, Libra. Sagittarius is your 3rd House of  Relatives, siblings, self-expression, short distance travel/short distance trips and can bring about new offers and opportunities that can present you with a new beginning that will please you. Since the 3rd House also deals with neighbors and community issues, expect a strong need/desire to stick close to home this week. You might feel the need to get closer to family and bond closer to siblings and neighbors. This is a week when you and your family, siblings and neighbors can find new solutions to old problems. The end result will thrill you. A Virgo and a Pisces have something to say!

Virgo: The New Moon in Sagittarius influences your 4th House of relatives, your residence, parents, deals with the topic of motherhood and you could even be dealing with issues connected to your past that continue to capture your full/immediate attention. Either way, Virgo will be making changes, adjustments or thinking about them when it comes to his or her home life this week, single and coupled. Venus promises to shine a light on art, beautiful possessions and money matters. Your power date is the 20th, so make sure you get out and about, Virgo! Those Virgo seeking employment could find it as close to his or her home this week. Expect opportunities that relate to your 4th House to emerge and unexpected invitations to pour in on these areas where a change is needed badly! Try not to break any hearts this week as the heart you break could be your own. And try to see others in a realistic light for ideal results. The signs of Taurus, Leo and a Scorpio play significant roles in your week, Virgo.

Leo: The New Moon in Sagittarius influences your 5th House of love, children, taking risks, hobbies, down time and creativity, Leo. Love, children, gambling and anything you do for fun will be emphasized. With a New Moon in Sagittarius, you can expect to go far with your plans, single or coupled. You can find the balance you seek, so know this and prepare accordingly. Creative projects will appeal to you and so will more time spent with loved ones. It's a good time to make room for those things you have been delaying. Projects could become ultra costly if not entirely careful. A Gemini, Virgo and a Sagittarius play memorable roles.  

Cancer: The New Moon in Sagittarius affects your 6th House of work, daily routines, your physical health or that of one close to you. The 6th House also deals with repair and maintenance issues, Cancer. Make sure you deal with any lingering issues that relate to health, repairs and maintenance matters this week. This is your week to be of service to others, personal, professional and even family matters! Your love life is looking up, so spend some quality time with a partner on this date. This is an ideal time to assist others in their chosen fields while expecting nothing in return. Make sure to keep an eye on any nagging health issue and remain on top of your health by making doctors appointments, when needed. This could apply to you or one close to you. Another Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius will stick close to you. Watch out for these signs and make certain their and your own health and wellness are being monitored. 

Gemini: The New Moon in Sagittarius impacts your 7th House of marriage and legally binding partnerships, Gemini. Your most meaningful relationships will be greatly enhanced this week. This applies to a partner, a boss, a child/children and even extends to animals/pets. You display a more possessive and protective side that could even surprise you, single or coupled. You're the "go-to" person this week when it comes to love, diplomacy and relationships. Your love life, legalities and professional affairs will capture your attention more intensely than normal. You remain on top of personal, family and professional obligations this week but how you treat others could come back to you, so remember to practice the cardinal rule, Gemini. The BEST news is that romantic and memorable times are in store for you this week and how. A Leo, Scorpio and an Aquarius will be smitten with your charming ways, appealing charisma and outstanding sex appeal.  

Taurus: The New Moon in Sagittarius impacts your 8th House of shared resources, investments and inheritance issues/matters. The 8th House also deals with metaphysical areas, so you could be fascinated or desire to learn something new relating to this particular matter/area. This is a day to remain upbeat - but draw a firm boundary/line when it comes to assisting others with finances and shared income. Publishing and travel play a serious role in your week and so do people in foreign countries. Establish some personal space and boundaries but avoid getting involved in petty disputes with males in power who may attempt to intimidate you. You're surrounded by powerful people, Taurus. Realize that if you cannot assist them, they will assist themselves. An Aries and a Libra play stand out roles. 

Aries: The New Moon in Sagittarius influences your 9th House of overseas travel, advertising, spiritual views and your world views will be emphasized on this date, Aries! You could benefit or get new offers via higher education or when dealing with any type of legal issue. News is received or you can expect the unexpected where these areas are involved.  A  new language, perhaps? The New Moon could find you feeling more accomplished and in control of your personal and private life but expect work to consume your time, energy and attention. A Leo and a Libra could bring on some nostalgia or assist you in ways you never dreamed possible.

Pisces Monthly Forecast

Venus (Love/Luck/ Attraction) is in Aquarius from 3/1 - 3/27 your solar 12th house of self imposed isolation. This is always an interesting transit because your sign is naturally ruled by the 12th House. You might not always get what you want but you are a mutable sign that can adapt to any situation presented to you. Pisces will find March to be eye opening. This is a time when your fantasy life will be rich and full of romantic love but your head, not your heart, will take precedence over your fantasies and bring you back down to earth with practical thinking. Emotions are easy, love is the hard part, Pisces. You could be inundated with work and projects and feel that there is not enough time for love, but once you find the time you might question your existing relationship and wonder if it's what you thought it was. This is the time to listen to your intuition regarding love in all areas. This is a serious year for love for all Pisces and also a month to do some serious soul searching and come to reality about the way you love and who you love. Be emotionally honest with yourself and with others as well for the best results possible.

With Uranus aka (Surprises) entering your 2nd House of finances and income, you will encounter some shake ups with your career and unexpected out of the blue surprises where your income is concerned. You might feel in control one day and out of control the next. This transit will bring satisfaction from the gifts it bestows to your sign, Pisces. Although this transit can bring about strange occurrences and things that cannot be explained, your natural ability to navigate through the fog of Uranus should be less challenging for you than it might be for some others close to you. This is bound to be an exciting time for you, especially where your career and income are concerned. Listen to the fire signs of Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius as they will bring you much luck in these areas, Pisces.

The New Moon is in your sign Pisces on March 4th. This could be a time to review your current opportunities concerning possible new love relationships and other areas regarding your personal life. 
Full Moon is in Virgo on March 19th in your 7th House of marriage and business contracts. You may be offered opportunities which need to be solidified through contracts and may prove to be surprising and unpredictable.

In terms of love, March is going to be a standout month for all Pisces, coupled or single. It's time to come down to earth and assess your romantic life realistically. True love will stand the test of time but for those of you with lingering doubts, follow your already famous intuition and see what develops. It might get loud but you will know where you stand especially on 3/27 when Venus comes for a visit to your sign. The signs of Taurus, Libra and Aquarius will help you sort out things, while a Gemini and a Virgo could be weighing heavily on your mind.