The Pig

1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 & 2019

The Pig is the most generous and honorable sign in the Chinese zodiac. Pigs have manners, class and respect for others. The Pig also has extravagant and exotic tastes. Others seek and value your friendship. You will have more friends than you know what to do with. People view you as peaceful, freedom loving and harmonious. You have talent with music and could be famous through creative endeavors. You desire a high society lifestyle insisting that you must have the best of everything and you won’t take no for an answer. Food, wine and sex get you going in the right direction. You are intelligent but watch out for a tendency to be misunderstood. 

You despise dishonesty and hypocrisy. If you make a mistake, you will be your very own worst critic. You can let guilt creep in and cause you sorrow. Avoid any tendency to be hypersensitive and self-indulgent as this will backfire. You are a great lover and you tend to put your lover on a pedestal. You tend to see relationships as how you want them to be rather than how they actually are. Little things tend to make your heart beat faster, such as flowers, gifts and simple kind gestures from others. You also love food and can truly appreciate a good meal. Your warm heart and love of family make you an excellent spouse. Though you tend to be possessive at times, you love with your heart 100% and without reservation. You tend to attract a specific type repeatedly in romance.

Corresponding Western Zodiac Sign: Pisces 
Motto: " I preserve" 
Birthstone: Moonstone 
Metal: Silver 
Tree: Acacia 
Flower: Calla Lily 
Herb: Oregano 
Color: Purple 
Most compatible with: The Sheep & Rat 
Least compatible with: The Snake & Monkey 
Lucky Number: 5

The Monkey

1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 & 2016

The Monkey is very charismatic and is considered to be the cutest and the most clever animal in Chinese culture and history. Monkeys are intelligent, adventurous and thought to be the biggest party animals. Persons born under the Monkey can expect to be famous at some point in their life. Happiest when in the public eye, charming beyond words, Monkeys love to entertain and will constantly surprise their closest friends and family members. A happy pessimist, Monkeys are quite adaptable and desire affection and attention at all times. Monkeys are also very concerned with their physical appearance. They will take great pride in their clothes and tend to be very well groomed. Female monkeys will tend to be obsessed with their hair. They will always find a way to pursue pleasure come hell or high water. They need to be aware that arrogance on their part will interfere with their ultimate success. 

Monkeys are famous for being able to outwit, outsmart and outlast their biggest enemies and opponents. And they can and will do this effortlessly and quite easily.  

The Monkeys curiosity about everything sometimes results in revolving doors with regard to their romantic relationships. Gifted at the art of seduction, Monkeys can break hearts without guilt. In Love: You can expect to share many laughs, amazing experiences and powerful memories with a Monkey. When they find a lover they are happy with, they idolize, adore and remain loyal forever. No Monkey business here!

Western Zodiac Sign: Gemini 
Motto: " I entertain" 
Birthstone: Tiger-eye 
Metal: Gold 
Tree: Sycamore 
Flower: Dandelion 
Herb: Thyme 
Color: Yellow 
Most compatible with: The Rat & Dragon 
Least compatible with: The Snake, Tiger & Pig 
Lucky Number: 10

The Sheep

1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 & 2015      

The Sheep is considered very lucky and blessed spiritually. The Sheep symbolizes prosperity and comfort in Chinese culture and history. The Sheep is the peaceful artist, the poet and the diplomat. The Sheep can’t live without love and needs constant affection in love. You are an ideal lover because you indulge your partners every fantasy and remain 100% faithful to those you cherish. You have a sensitive side and anxiety can creep in when you experience romantic doubts. Don't let this tendency cause interference in your love life because it can only lead to disappointment in your quest for an honest, tender and true soulmate. You demand that your lovers provide you with unwavering support and total devotion. Occasional time spent alone will benefit you and helps keep you emotionally balanced.

The mere thought of an office job terrifies you. You prefer idle time and deep down you secretly want to be taken care of, emotionally and financially. Your perseverance and natural charm are endearing to the opposite sex. Members of the opposite sex consider (You) the Sheep to be very sexy

Western Zodiac Sign: Cancer 
Motto: " I depend" 
Birthstone: Sapphire 
Metal: Aluminum 
Tree: Dogwood 
Flower: Narcissus 
Herb: Mint 
Color: Light green 
Most compatible with: The Horse, Rabbit & Pig 
Least compatible with: The Ox, Rat &  Dog 
Lucky Number: 12


The Horse

1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 & 2014

The sign of happiness in the Chinese zodiac, the Horse needs to be free and independent. Skilled naturally in public speaking and conversation, the Horse has a strong yet secret desire to fit in. You're a fast talker and quite the charmer. You follow your heart and inspire others to do the same. You talk big, think big and feel most comfortable in exclusive social  settings. You're a huge flirt and you will tend to have many sexual and love relationships before you finally settle down. You can fall in love on Monday and be in love with somebody else on Friday. You are fickle and meticulous in your love and sexual relationships. 

Always in and out of love, long-term relationships are a foreign concept to you. You desire variety and may be too much of a playboy/playgirl to ever really have a long relationship or marriage. You like to indulge yourself with the very best and others will be envious of your free-spirited life style. Though you are a romantic at heart, you are constantly changing your mind and can quickly lose interest. This is where sex and love get confusing.

Western Zodiac Sign: Leo 
Motto: " I control" 
Birthstone: Topaz 
Metal: Silver 
Tree: White Birch 
Flower: Narcissus 
Herb: Parsley 
Color: Ebony 
Most compatible with: The Tiger, Sheep & Dog 
Least compatible with: The Rat, Ox & Rabbit 
Lucky Number: 8

The Snake

1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 & 

Snakes make good philosophers, missionaries and are considered to be the deepest thinkers in the Chinese zodiac. Possessing incredible wisdom and intuition, Snakes enjoy intrigue but yearn for total rest and relaxation. Snakes can be lazy, detached and reserved in their romantic life. Snakes also tend to overly analyze their love relationship(s). Highly skeptical by nature, Snakes tend to be meticulous in their search for the ideal, sensual and most perfect love partner. Snakes believe that there is such a thing called physical and mental perfection. However, In love relationships - Snakes can be jealous, insecure and vengeful when they feel wronged. They will strike back at those who have betrayed them. 

Preferring tenderness to wild passion, Snakes enjoy open displays of affection and passion. Their kindness and charm will lure prospective partners, and they prove to be solid, sensual, loyal and reliable love partners in the long run. 

The Snakes ideal match is someone who is romantic, charismatic and totally trusting. The need to always remember to steer clear from possessive types!

Western Zodiac Sign: Virgo 
Motto: " I feel" 
Birthstone: Opal 
Metal: Platinum 
Tree: Palm 
Flower: Camellia 
Herb: Fennel 
Color: Ice blue 
Most compatible with: The Ox & Rooster 
Least compatible with: The Tiger, Pig & Monkey 
Lucky Number: 3

The Dragon

1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 & 2012

The Dragon is considered the most powerful and lucky of the 12 animal signs in Chinese culture and history. Dragons are filled with kindness and have a huge hearts. They are loyal to just about anybody. Dragons are very sexy and charismatic. These are the leaders of the Chinese zodiac. They can be flamboyant at times and seem bossy. Dragons are the future leaders of the world. Dragons often are center stage in social and romantic situations. Smart and tenacious, Dragons know what they want and always seize the moment. 

Others can perceive you as being a bit over-demanding and selfish at times. Be careful of always acting entitled to attention and adoration as this can backfire. The Dragon’s irresistible charm attracts many admirers. You need to be aware of your extremely high expectations from a lover. You want a partner to be fascinated with you, to honor you and give you the love you deserve. You will either marry very young or forever be happily single. The final choice will always be up to the Dragon.

Corresponding Western Zodiac Sign: Libra 
Motto: " I reign" 
Birthstone: Ruby 
Metal: Silver 
Tree: Sequoia 
Flower: Rose 
Herb: Dill 
Color: Gold 
Most compatible with: The Rat, Monkey & Dog 
Least compatible with: The Ox, Dog & Rabbit 
Lucky Number: 2

The Rabbit

1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 & 2011

The Rabbit is the symbol of longevity in the Chinese zodiac. Outgoing, gracious and lively, you are a force to be reckoned with. You maintain peace in your life by creating a sanctuary at home. You consider your home to be the safest place in your life and the universe. You are incredibly popular but avoid getting too involved in others' business as this can and will backfire against you. You loathe conflict, haste and disorder, and you can handle pressing problems, logically. Beware of being too strong-willed, overconfident or a pushover, as this is when trouble begins. You may appear detached and indifferent to others at times. Explain your feelings twice if you have to. You, and others close to you, will be much happier as a result. 

You prefer tenderness to intense sex. You love foreplay and public displays of attention are a big turn on for you. Your kindness and charm can lure just about anyone you set your sights on. You will prove yourself to be solid, tolerant and reliable in the long run. People will always take a second look when you walk in to a room. You need a partner who appreciates your finer qualities. Find a partner who appreciates you just the way you are because love with (You) the Rabbit, is unforgettable, period. Stay away from selfish and dangerous types. You will mate for life with the right person.

Corresponding Western Zodiac Sign: Scorpio 
Motto: " I retreat" 
Birthstone: Sapphire 
Metal: Bronze 
Tree: Poplar 
Flower: Rose 
Herb: Tarragon 
Color: Gray 
Most compatible with: The Sheep, Pig & Dog 
Least compatible with: The Tiger, Rooster & Dragon 
Lucky Number: 4

The Tiger

1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 & 2010

The Tiger is a passionate and incredibly sexy partner. Yet, The Tiger also gets bored easily and detests the mundane, the average and the ordinary. You are the perfect embodiment of compassion, spirituality and knowledge. This sign loves flirting with the dark, dangerous and wild side of life. The Tiger's desire for adventure is infinite and his or her love of life is forever contagious. A natural born leader, you often amaze others with your rebellious and unpredictable ways. Follow your ambitions and you can be in control of your destiny. 

You (Tiger) will give 110% to every endeavor and will never be considered lazy or unreliable. Hard working and tremendously passionate by nature, the Tiger needs to watch out for mood swings and avoid a tendency to be overly sensitive. Deep down, you are a true romantic who is playful, sentimental and never intimidated by  a great challenge. You will always satisfy your lover sexually and many people consider you a legendary lover once the romance has ended.

Corresponding Western Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Motto: " I win"
Birthstone: Ruby
Metal: Gold
Tree: Sycamore
Flower: Carnation
Herb: Thyme
Color: Bright red
Most compatible with: The Horse & Dog
Least compatible with: The Snake & Monkey
Lucky Number: 7

The Ox

1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 & 2009

Slow and steady is your motto. Never one to rush into things, you prefer to gradually get to know someone in sex and love. The Ox represents the attainment of prosperity through hard work, common sense and relentless determination. A born leader, you are the dependable worker who never calls in sick. Utilizing a step-by-step approach, you tend to stick to routines and conventions when dealing with your everyday life, love and work. You have strong sense of integrity and many consider you to be a great friend, associate and relative. 

People see you as a mysterious and compelling personality. You have a seductive way about you and you walk gracefully. Though you are an introvert who enjoys solitude, you are a good listener and an extremely fair judge of character. Take it easy with your stubbornness, prejudice and controlling behavior. Do not let your fear of failure make you a sore loser, either. Tender and sweet at heart, you're there for your partner in the good times and the not so great times. Love means the world to you. Let others know this about you. Everyone, including you will be happier in the long run!

Western Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Motto: " I perserve"
Birthstone: Lapis Lazuli
Metal: Copper
Tree: Pear
Flower: Chrysanthemum
Herb: Sage
Color: Dark blue
Most compatible with: The Rat, Snake & Rooster
Least compatible with: The Dragon, Horse & Sheep
Lucky Number: 1

The Rat

1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 & 2020

The Rat possesses amazing charm and is blessed with an innovative nature that is legendary in Chinese culture and history. Rats thrive on activity and are always up to something. They can appear quiet but that’s hardly the case. Thrifty, fun loving and sociable, Rats cherish family and keep only a few select friends. Their good taste, clever mind and wit make them an appealing lover, yet they are true individualists at heart. Rats meticulously and carefully promote their own agendas without remorse, shame or regrets. Yet, they themselves can be naturally distrustful of others and highly secretive about themselves. It's a great idea to keep Rats rather obsessive and self involved side away from those closest to them, as this will create drama and possible legalities. They need to keep both their greedy side and sharp tongue in check, as this can create drama and legalities. Rats naturally just need to follow through with projects that they've begun. Finishing projects and accomplishing the impossible is where their personal luck will amaze their friends and enemies alike. 

Rats are often seduced by tumultuous and controversial love affairs. Though they have a tendency to be sensitive and secretive, ultimately, their undying loyalty keeps his or her love relationship always alive and fresh. Rats forever seek good communication and unconditional support from a potential love partner. Rats are fortunately gifted with a dualistic nature that can be both an ideal lover and a best friend in their love life. Their love of mystery makes them a playful and sexually intriguing lover. Rats are mesmerizing on more levels than they may even realize. 

Corresponding Western Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Motto: " I rule"
Birthstone: Emerald
Metal: Bronze
Tree: Oak
Flower: Daisy
Herb: Rosemary
Color: Warm ochre
Most compatible with: The Ox, Dragon  & Monkey
Least compatible with: The Tiger, Horse & Sheep
Lucky Number: 11


Aries Yearly Forecast - Addicted to Astrology 2016

Aries Yearly Forecast - Addicted to Astrology 2016

Uranus in Aries - A year of surprises, a few shocks and events you never dreamed possible! Have you experienced this, Aries? The planet that naturally rules Aquarius, continues its 9 year transit in your 1st House of image (personal, professional and social) and when looking back, since 2010, can you see how this planet, the planet of shocks, surprises and events you never dreamed possible has impacted your life and that of those around you? The planet will remain in your 1st House until 2019, so watch how this transit plays out and realize that this will continue its influence in your life until 2019, Aries. In your 1st House of image, you will continue to see, hear and experience events that surprise you in ways you never imagined. A side note: Whenever this planet retrogrades, it can bring about upheavals, or you could just be feeling generally unsettled where your image, personality, physical appearance, and name are involved during any Uranus retrograde in your 1st House, Aries! 

Where you have good fortune and prosperity 

Jupiter begins 2016 in your 6th House of health, and remains there until 9//9/16. The first half of 2016 finds expansion where your health, daily routines and repair and maintenance issues are involved. Jupiter promises to bring about expansion in every House this planet travels through. It is also possible that you find your beliefs about your health and daily work are expanding and you can see for yourself how this period will manifest by the time Jupiter enters your 7th House of marriage, partnerships, business partnerships, legal matters on 9/9/2016 -10/10/2017, your 7th House of partnerships, Aries. A marriage, romance, legal matter, legal documents, divorce and possible open enemies are areas that promise to bring about expansion, Aries. Your world views about people you admire and work with could undergo drastic changes, if single, you take a relationship to the next level. You could also possibly be dealing with a legal matter that could bring in a fortunate outcome. Your image, love life and house of health will be areas to pay attention to in 2016 and throughout 2017 (6th and 7th Houses) as you will be able to look back and see how these transits played out for you in both 2016 and well into 2017, Aries. Not thing is certain, with Jupiter in your 7th House of marriage, a new romance or an existing one can expand, bring you luck, success and promises good fortune where a serious partnership is involved! 

Are there Lessons or Rewards for past efforts, Aries?

Saturn (Karma/Lessons) remains in Sagittarius throughout 2016. Sagittarius is your 9th House of publishing, overseas travel, people from overseas and the 9th House also deals with publicity, advertising and promotion, Aries. With Saturn in a compatible Fire sign, you might fell less tested than other signs or you could notice pressure or great rewards with regards to travel and foreign countries, higher education, publishing and legalities, Aries. Saturn wants you to learn lessons during this time. However, if you have built solid foundations in these areas, you could see great rewards come to you during this time. Realize that wherever you extend the most effort or create solid, lasting foundations is where you reap the greatest rewards with Saturn, Aries. This is not a planet to be feared. Enjoy the foundations you have been building and appreciate the lessons you are learning when it comes to publishing, advertising, promotions, overseas travel, foreign countries, higher learning and legalities. These areas can seem challenging to you but you come out wiser and more mature when all is said and done, Aries.

Your Best times / High cycles of 2016:

Whenever Venus tours Aries, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius

When Mars tours Aries, Leo or Libra
Your High cycle time is your Birthday Month 
When Jupiter moves through any Fire sign

A simple reference guide I made for you on how to learn The Houses in your Astrology chart, that are unique to your sign, Aries. 

Aries is your 1st House

Taurus is your 2nd House

 Gemini is your 3rd House

 Cancer is your 4th House

 Leo is your 5th House

 Virgo is your 6th House

 Libra is your 7th House

Scorpio is your 8th House

Sagittarius is your 9th House

Capricorn is your 10th House

 Aquarius is your 11th House

 Pisces is your 12th House

What does this all mean? It's important in Astrology to know/learn your Houses. It's good to know this because, for example, that Venus (The planet) is in (The sign of) Gemini,  (All planets in Astrology that transit through the sign of Gemini) will always transit your 3rd House and the 3rd House is all about communications, self-expression, siblings and neighborhood/community affairs. Also, when the outer planets such as Neptune (Currently in Pisces - Your 12th House of privacy), Pluto (Currently in Capricorn - Your 10th House of prestige)  and Uranus (Currently in Aries - Your 1st House of image) you can begin to see how Astrology works on a more comprehensive level. 

A Taurus, Virgo and a Capricorn play special roles in your year, Aries. With Taurus, expect laughter, good times and the feeling that you and Taurus can work through any red tape that you encounter. A Virgo will spill secrets to you this year, Aries. You will learn what has been kept hidden from you and you might just wind up falling madly in love or building the friendship of a lifetime, Aries. There is a growing and lasting history connection with this person or you have known them for a long period of time. Regardless, you two connect in 2016 and how. A Capricorn can get your attention easily this year. You find that life with Capricorn is heaven and you adore the positive nature of Aries as Aries brings you laughter, stability and helps you with your public image, Aries.

Happy New Year!


Libra Yearly Forecast - Addicted to Astrology 2016

Libra Yearly Forecast - Addicted to Astrology 2016

Where you get Lucky and are considered most fortunate in 2016, Libra! 

Jupiter (Success/luck and prosperity) begins 2016 in your 12th House of secrets and privacy and then later this year moves into your 1st House of appearance and image in September. The biggest news this year is that the planet Jupiter, (which has been in your 12th House since last September), changes signs from Virgo into Libra, your 1st House, but not until September, so any work you do behind the scenes and away from crowds will benefit enormously in 2016 until September 9/16 when Jupiter will enter your 1st House for a year long stay until 10/10/2017. Until then, you can expect expansion and movement where anything you do that is private, in seclusion and deals with psychology, secrets and you could also have a sweetie by your side or have recently split up with a love. This current transit of luck in your 12th House will last until 9/9/2016, so that gives you the rest of 2016 and most of 2017 to make a name for yourself, Libra! Yes, the planet of luck, success and prosperity finally enters your 1st House of image and brings about expansion and luck to your image, physical appearance and personality from 9/9/2016-10/10/2017. The flip side of Jupiter is that it can bring about overconfidence. Jupiter represents growth and abundance but can bring about the ability to get lazy and possibly gain weight if not entirely careful. You can find yourself becoming more self indulgent during this time and you could gain weight with all of the sweets, exquisite and rich dishes presented to you, Libra! Jupiter is about expansion and when placed in your 1st House of appearance, it's easy to see how this planet can bring on extra pounds, if not entirely careful. Also, since Jupiter represents expansion, avoid any type of Excess as this could back fire under a supposedly lucky transit. Just pay attention beginning in September and take advantage of this fortunate, prosperous and expansive transit lasts throughout the first ten months of 2017 to see how your own life is expanding and maybe your belief systems are undergoing serious life long changes or you have met a love like no other. 

Are there lessons or rewards for the foundations you have created, Libra?

Uranus (Surprises/Shocks) is now in Aries, your 7th House of marriage, legal issues and your professional relationships where its been stationed since 2011 and remains there until 2019. Caution Libra: Whenever Uranus retrogrades, there is a tendency to experience surprises, some big changes and experience upheavals in these areas. You might be dealing with things you never saw coming and wake up calls when it comes to legal papers, a serious partnership and your professional relationships. Avoid any tendency to over dramatize events that really don't matter. You could be ultra emotional and find this area of your life to be undergoing surprises, a few shocks and events you never saw coming but there is nothing you can't talk your way out of. With Jupiter in your 1st House of image and Uranus in your 7th House of marriage, you will be attracted to a lavish lifestyle but unexpected happenings relating to marriage, legal matters, justice, partnerships and your most important relationships will continue to come at you during this transit of your 7th House of marriage, Libra.

Your Best times / high cycles of 2016:

Whenever Venus tours Libra, Aquarius and Aries 

When Mars Tours Libra, Aries and Aquarius 

Your High Cycle time is your Birthday Month 

When Jupiter moves through your 1st House, Libra

Know your Houses - A simple reference guide I created on how to understand/learn the Houses in your own personal chart that are unique to you.

Cancer is your 10th House

Leo is your 11th House

Virgo is your 12th House

Libra is your 1st House

Scorpio is your 2nd House

Sagittarius is your 3rd House

Capricorn is your 4th House

Aquarius is your 5th House

Pisces is your 6th House

Aries is your 7th House

Taurus is your 8th House

Gemini is your 9th House

What does this all mean? It's important in Astrology to know your Houses. It's good to know this because it helps you to learn whenever you read, for example that Venus (the planet) occupies the sign of Cancer, All planets in Astrology that transit through the sign of Cancer) will always transit your 10th House and the 10th House is all about your career, reputation and social standing. Also, when the outer planets such as Neptune (Currently in Pisces - Your 6th House of health, wellness and daily routines), Pluto (Currently in Capricorn - Your 4th House of home, family life, motherhood, issues from the past and relatives)  and Uranus (Currently in Aries - Your 7th House of marriage, legal contracts, papers and partnerships in general) you can really begin to see how Astrology works on a more comprehensive level.  

The signs of Aries, another Libra and a Pisces play key roles in your year, Libra. With Aries, it's serious, comforting and at times a bit stormy but the love you share with an Aries will prove to be durable. With another Libra, you indulge in the good life. Music, good fun and pleasure will be highlighted. Another Libra is your ideal partner and understands you more so than you might ever suspect. A Pisces is concerned with your health, issues surrounding your daily routines and wants you to be the best you can be. This relationship keeps you motivated and lifts your spirits whenever you might question yourself, Libra. In 2017, Libra drops the indecisive nature and takes more initiative and becomes more outspoken.  

Happy New Year!

Capricorn Yearly Forecast - Addicted to Astrology 2016

Capricorn Yearly Forecast - Addicted to Astrology 2016

Ruled by Saturn, you are the taskmaster of the zodiac. You believe in building solid structures in your love life. And your love life could transform/slowly but surely in 2016, Capricorn. With Pluto in your 1st House, expect to tear down in order to rebuild on some level. You get reality checks that could be jarring, but you're efficient and can solve any dilemmas easily. 

Caution Capricorn: A relationship should not be approached the same way you approach your career this year. These are two separate areas and even though you are the master executive - at the end of the day, you need love just as much as you need your rest and some occasional time off from your career. In 2016, you are learning to juggle career and love and you learn the two are not mutually exclusive. This year you're being asked to look at everything in your life differently and that includes your love life, Capricorn.
Love is not always work and in 2016, Capricorn is seeking a close relationship even more and is up for making a serious commitment to the person who can make them feel loved on a consistent level. You're eager, passionate and can overcome any odds, however great they might appear. Look for lovers who appeal to you on an instinctual level first. And be sure to take your time, Capricorn. Many will be drawn to your powerful presence during this long transit of Pluto in your 1st House. Just remember that your personal success is tied to romance in 2016, not just to your profession, Capricorn. Mixing business with pleasure can lead to serious trouble in 2016. It's best to think about big changes before you leap into them, Capricorn. You're a cardinal sign and unless someone or something can hold your attention, you might not stick around for too long. Conversely, if you find someone who can match you on every level, you will be ready, willing and able to seriously commit to that person, for life. 

Your ruling planet is Saturn, the planet of father time, responsibility and is concerned with foundations and structure. It is imperative that Capricorns learn this lesson at an early age and they often do. They also seem older beyond their years as children and as they age, they get younger, internally and externally. Capricorns are the sexiest seniors around!  So, time is almost always an issue for you. Whether it's decades, clocks, watches, maps, deadlines or your own timing in life or lack there of, Capricorn. If anyone makes lists everyday for the day ahead, it's you, Capricorn! You quickly learn that you must work hard and assume responsibility, but you ideally also want to have fun while you're doing both, so you are notorious for mixing love and business.  

Where you get lucky and find success, expansion and good fortune.

Jupiter begins 2016 in the methodical compatible Earth sign of Virgo. Virgo is your 9th House of spirituality, Capricorn. People from foreign countries, distant lands and your beliefs, world views and spirituality promise to expand, grow and reveal good fortune according to Astrology. During this expansive time, you could travel overseas, work with people overseas, create an advertising campaign, work on publishing/writing or you meet a love interest while dealing with higher education/learning, possibly on a college campus, in a university setting or while overseas. A Virgo will play a serious role in this area of your life during Jupiter in Virgo. The planet of good fortune will be in your spiritual sector until it enters the cardinal and compatible sign of Libra, your 10th House of career, prestige and public persona). With Jupiter in your 10th House beginning on 9/9/16-10/10/17, you will then see expansion in all areas relating to the 10th House until next October, Capricorn.

Are there Lessons or Rewards for you in 2016, Capricorn?

Saturn (Lessons/Tests of maturity) continues in your 12th House of secrets, privacy and issues past that need to remain hidden where it will remain throughout 2016, Capricorn. Saturn is all about learning to build from the ground up, brick by brick and minute by minute. Saturn is referred to as father time in Astrology because Saturn needs to make sure you have matured and most importantly, treated yourself and other people with care, compassion and handled yourself with maturity and built solid structures. It's about being prepared and putting in effort! The message of Saturn is that we reap what we have sown, so if you have not made any effort, no rewards will be given. By now you should have an idea of how this transit has played out in your life. With Saturn in your 12th House, you could be feeling pressure and challenged  when it comes to secrets, secret matters and things you might prefer to keep private. During Saturn in Scorpio (2013-2015), some of your secrets were made public, so you could find this transit to bring about some moodiness when it comes to all areas of the 12th House but mostly privacy concerns - since the 12th House rules isolation and all things you keep hidden! 

Your best times/ high cycles of 2016:

Whenever Venus tours Capricorn, Taurus and Cancer

When Mars tours: Capricorn, Pisces and Taurus
Your high cycle time is your Birthday month
When Jupiter moves through a compatible Earth sign - (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) 

Learn about your Houses - A simple reference on how to learn your Houses and understand which signs hold rulership over each House in your personal Astrology chart that is unique to you, Capricorn.

Libra is your 10th House

Scorpio is your 11th House

Sagittarius is your 12th House

Capricorn is your 1st House

Aquarius is your 2nd House

Pisces is your 3rd House

Aries is your 4th House

Taurus is your 5th House

Gemini is your 6th House

Cancer is your 7th House

Leo is your 8th House

Virgo is your 9th House

What does this all mean? It's important in Astrology to know your Houses, whenever you read, for example that Venus (The planet) is in (the sign of) Sagittarius, (All planets in Astrology that transit through the sign of Sagittarius) will always transit your 12th House and the 12th House is all about privacy, things that are hidden from view, solitude and secrecy. Also, when the outer planets such as Neptune tour (Currently in Pisces - Your 3rd House of communications), Pluto (Currently in Capricorn - Your 12th House of privacy)  and Uranus (Currently in Aries - Your 4th House of home, motherhood, relatives and the past) you can begin to see how Astrology works on a more comprehensive level.   

The signs of Taurus, Libra and a Scorpio are involved in 2016, Capricorn. You and Taurus compliment one another in a wonderful way. You instantly relate and mate for life, Capricorn. A Scorpio also intrigues you. You admire the determination and tenacity of Scorpio like no one else can. A relationship or association with a Scorpio can lead to the ultimate fulfillment of your hopes and dreams. Know this when you get short fused with a Scorpio. This person could play a vital role in your future success. Try not to let Scorpio get away. The good news is that once Jupiter enters Scorpio in October of 2017 (next year), you see the results of your efforts and Scorpios as well. A Libra could feel caught between your fondness for one friend over another. A Libra might feel under appreciated in this relationship in 2016. Make sure to let Libra know HOW much you love this person, especially in September and December, Capricorn. Happy New Year as we head into the end of a 9 year cycle. You will be ready to embrace the future in 2017, and how.Happy New Year, Capricorn!