Pisces Forecast for July of 2014

As July opens, the Sun transits your 5th House of love, sex, children, creativity and puts a strong emphasis on your ability to take risks and gamble on a person or place throughout the month of July, Pisces. It's going to be a memorable month in that so many transits occur this month that you might find the energy surrounding you to be up down and all around, The Sun transit of Cancer will heighten your intuition and bring about a stronger connection to your home, past and family life, Pisces.

As July begins, Mercury (Communications, travel and your intellectual nature) will station direct in Gemini until 7/12. Gemini is your 4th House of relatives, residence and deals with issues past. With Mercury in the 4th House, the accent falls on serious communications when it comes to the areas of your home, security, long term negotiations, relatives, your residence and property matters. Whatever has been stalled  in the past begins to move forward and shows signs of progress throughout this transit that lasts until 7/12. Take some time to get closer to your relatives, siblings and extended family members for the first 12 days of July for ideal results. This is also your best time of the year to get organized in every sense. Spruce up your home, make repairs and focus on beginning those projects you might have been procrastinating. Mercury enters Cancer on 7/12 and stays there until 7/31. With Mercury in your 5th House, you're ready for stimulating conversations and interactions that center on love and or a creative project.  Friends, loves and the public will find you charming beyond words while in your company and when out socializing with Mercury in the compatible water sign of Cancer, Pisces. Expect greater contact with an emotional relationship/connection that refuses to go away, increased social activity and time spent with children to be areas that favor you, especially when you speak about these areas with others. If in doubt regarding an ongoing romance, seek the advice of close friends, as their input will be invaluable and can help you come to the right conclusions where any ongoing romance is involved and there will be romance, single or coupled.  

A Full Moon in Capricorn occurs on 7/12 in your solar 11th House of friends and deals with your ideal hopes and deepest wishes. Make room in your life for these special relationships on the Full Moon, Pisces. Unexpected surprises, intriguing conversation and closer bonds will occur/form between you and your social circles, but only if you're working on sustaining them and not locking yourself in isolation. This Full Moon also finds you zeroing in on your private and personal hopes and wishes at lightening speed. Your emotions could run wild on this key date. Uranus (Surprises) brings some news that promises to cement or change an ongoing romance in a direction you are beyond happy with and includes someone you captivates you, Pisces! The feelings promise to be more than mutual this month.

Mars (Physical Energy/ Motivation) will finally exit Libra, your 8th House of sex, power and self-transformation on 7/25, where it will enter Scorpio, your 9th House of overseas travel, publishing, promotions, advertising and highlights dealing with your spiritual outlook or might bring a change in your worldviews. During Mars visit of Libra and throughout the rest of 2014, you could find that your worldviews have transformed in some ways about how you view the world in which we live. You will appreciate the transit of Mars in the compatible water sign of Scorpio much more as it mixes better with your water element than air does. Until then, Mars will tour your 8th House of finance, vamping up your sexuality and motivating you to earn more money and work on financial matters and committed relationships with precision, affection and serious focus. On 7/25, Mars will enter your 9th House of and remains in your 9th House of overseas travels, publishing, legalities, spiritual views and advertising until 9/13.    

 Venus (Love and money) opens July in the flirtatious and multidimensional sign of Gemini, your 4th House of home, family, issues past and relatives. During this transit that lasts until 7/18, home and family life will suit you more so than socializing will. Expect admiration, appreciation and applause when it comes to your home life, relatives and where you could be dealing with the subject/topic of motherhood and or issues from the past. On 7/18, Venus enters Cancer, your 5th House of love, children, taking risks and anything you do for fun - such as a creative project. During this time, you can expect to make gains in your love life and receive greater appreciation for your efforts when it comes to love, sex, creative projects and taking risks, Pisces. Venus in the compatible sign of Cancer brings more appreciation and admiration into your life and you enjoy this transit that begins on 7/18 and lasts through 8/12. There will a stronger connection to a loved one, you bond closer with your children or a child, you adopt a pet or someone special consumes your time. In other words, Venus in your 5th House brings good times, pursuit of enjoying the pleasures in life and might have you and a partner in the mood to spend more time together. An emotional attachment continues to refuse to exit your life and your bond with this individual grows stronger during this transit, Pisces. Expect women to be especially helpful to you when dealing with creative assignments or a love relationship during Venus in Cancer! During Venus in Cancer, a Cancer will emerge from hiding and express a hope, wish or desire for more affection, closeness and private time with you, Pisces.  
Uranus (Events you never saw coming or dreamed possible) turns retrograde in Aries on 7/21. Aries is your 2nd House of finance, personal possessions and deals with your self-worth. Uranus will be retrograde in your 2nd House until 12/21. During this time, expect some surprises in this area and you
can find yourself dealing with unexpected surprises occurring with regards to your possessions and your earning capacities. This transit will prompt you to take a third glance at your expenses, finances and could find you scrutinizing how you spend you money more closely during this long transit. If you have been stuck in a rut, this planet will wake you up and show you what needs improvement. An Aries or a Libra will be instrumental in assisting you with any changes, surprises or assistance when it comes to your finances during this Uranus retrograde of your 2nd House of personal possessions until 12/21.

Saturn (Karma/Lessons) resumes direct in Scorpio on 7/20. Scorpio is your 9th House of publishing, overseas travel, people from overseas and the 9th House also deals with publicity, advertising and promotion, Pisces. With Saturn in a compatible water sign, you might not feel as tested as other signs will but you will notice pressure when it comes to travel and foreign countries, higher education, publishing and legalities. Saturn wants you to learn lessons during this time. Saturn will enter your 10th House in late December, so realize that wherever you extend the most effort or create solid, lasting foundations is where you reap the greatest rewards with Saturn, Pisces. Saturn will prepare to enter your 10th House of prestige and career advancement on 12/23, so enjoy the foundations you have been building and appreciate the lessons you are learning when it comes to publishing, advertising, promotions, overseas travel, foreign countries, higher learning and legalities. These areas will seem challenging to you but you come out wiser and more mature when all is said and done.

Jupiter (Luck/expansion and prosperity) enters Leo on 7/16, your 6th House of health, wellness, daily routines until next July. With Jupiter entering your 6th House, you will find your greatest growth comes career and work efforts. During this year long transit that begins on 7/16, you will be untouchable in your career, Pisces. Expect luck, expansion and be ready for lots of offers, prosperity and new assignments to fall in your lap quite effortlessly, Pisces. During this transit that last until 8/11/15 you will be primed for a promotion or raise in salary at your place of employment. It's a time to shine where you profession is involved. Just make sure you don't make promises you might not be able to keep and try not to overexert or overextend yourself during this time. You must remember to put yourself first during this time, no matter how much you desire to help others. 

A New Moon in Leo occurs on 7/26. Jupiter is involved with this New Moon and brings about new offers where you place of employment is involved. You can feel liberated and in charge of your own choices when it comes to your daily routines, your career and your work load. Mark this date on your calendar as it promises to sprinkle prosperity into your health, work and daily routines, Pisces. There can be some drama and theatrics (Leo component) but you will enjoy the outcome of this day as you find Leo positivity contagious. 

Good dates: 7/2, 7/3, 7/4, 7/5, 7/9, 7/10, 7/16, 7/18, 7/26 & 7/29

Not so great dates: 7/7, 7/13, 7/19, 7/21, 7/25 & 7/27

The fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and an Aquarius will play special roles. You will attract people who are outgoing, talkative, creative and exceptionally original. Be aware that these individuals will find you just as intriguing as you find them. Closer bonds will form this month when socializing,  while traveling or when in engaged private/personal discussions with these fixed signs.   

Taurus July Forecast for 2014

The Sun transits your 3rd House of travel, visits, relatives, siblings, neighborhood, community affairs, short distance travel and ideas that can become viable and profitable, Taurus. A heavy emphasis falls on your family life and your powers of persuasion this month, Taurus. Jupiter (Planet of luck, prosperity and growth) is about to exit Cancer and enter into you 4th House of family, home, relatives, motherhood, issues from the past and where you live begins to show serious signs of contentment and fulfillment beginning on 7/16 and lasting until 8/11/2015. Pay attention to your good days and not so great ones and you will come out of July the winner in any personal and professional matter.  

As July opens, Mercury (Communications, travel and your intellectual nature) stations direct in Gemini from 7/1 - 7/12. Mercury begins the month in your 2nd House of earnings, finance and personal possessions, Taurus. There will be many discussions revolving around money, your self-worth and regarding your personal possessions throughout this transit that lasts until 7/12. Expect heightened activity when it comes to possessions, property and what you consider to valuable (whether that is a person, place or thing) to occur during the first 12 days of July. You will be able to sell yourself and get your point across when speaking about these areas. On 7/12, Mercury enters Cancer and tours your 3rd House of community, neighbors and siblings until 7/31. Expect siblings, writing, socializing, neighbors, travel and your neighborhood/community matters to be areas that need your voice, focus and attention. With Mercury in the more compatible friendly water sign of Cancer, you will be able to express yourself more effectively when it comes areas such as travel, family life, your residence, issues connected to motherhood, issues past and your relatives. This is a good time to bond closer with your family members, Taurus. Mercury will be in Gemini until 7/12 and transits Cancer from 7/12-7/30.

A Full Moon occurs in Capricorn on 7/12.  Capricorn is your 9th House of overseas travel, publishing and deals with higher education. This will be a fortunate day for you, Taurus. This Full Moon will involve Saturn - the planet of lessons- suggesting that you get what you have given when it comes to these aforementioned areas. Saturn is the planet that wants to teach you lessons, so if you have not been complacent, you hear some fortunate news relating to travel, a legal matter or higher education. You could also be dealing with someone from overseas or one born in a foreign country on this Full Moon, Taurus. The chances are high that you will enjoy the romance of this Full Moon and news you get will benefit you!

 Mars (Sexuality/Motivation and physical energy) in Libra remains in your 6th House of health, career and your daily routines where Mars has been since last year. By now, you have an idea of how this planets energy works/functions. With Mars in your 6th House,  you could find your work load increases or you might have disagreements with a co-worker or a boss during this time. By now, you have learned that hard work is required more than ever but you also need to strike a balance with Mars in your 6th House. The good news is that on 7/25, Mars enters Scorpio, your 7th House of marriage, legal contracts and professional associations.You can expect time spent with a love interest to make your heart beat that much faster. Passion is in the air but so are tempers throughout this time. As long as you refrain from coming across as short tempered or aggressive, you will have it made during this powerful transit in your personal life until Mars enters your 8th House on 9/13. Your sexuality will be prominent and others will find you to be the most interesting person in the room. You will exude sex appeal and your sexuality heightens with Mars in Scorpio!  

Venus (Love and Money) (your ruling planet) begins the month in Gemini, your 2nd House of personal possessions and income. During this time that lasts until 7/18, you could be offered more money via offbeat and innovative job offers during this time, Taurus. Venus in your 2nd House is all about appreciation, affection and much luck without effort when it comes to your finances, your earning capacities and brings your personal possessions into the spotlight. You will be complimented on your fabulous taste in everything from your home, to your skills and can expect some offers to bring in more money during this time, Taurus. Before you scoff at the idea, think about it seriously because if you're single, someone who is not your usual type could sweep you off your feet this month when you are working in tandem with others in a foreign or unusual setting during this time. Venus exits Gemini on 7/18 and enters in Cancer until 8/12. With Venus in your 3rd House, you will positively sparkle in social atmospheres, when dealing with writing, speaking, expressing your views and gaining the attention of someone who has you in mind for a special but secret assignment. Another bonus? Your relationships with your family, your relatives, your home, issues from the past and the subject of motherhood will be the focus throughout this time. Expect more love and closeness to occur with siblings, neighbors, within your community and while taking short distance trips. You could bee running errands and meet a potential love interest by going about your daily business, so look your very best when out and about, if single and if looking!  

On 7/16 Jupiter (Prosperity/good fortune and expansion) enters Leo, your 4th House of relatives, residence and deals with issues from the past. Jupiter has been in your 3rd House of communications since last July, so by now you should be able to see all the movement and growth when it comes to your personal communications, writing, travel, siblings, neighbors and short distance travels that have occurred in this key area of your life. Beginning July 16th until August 11th, 2015, the fun really begins for you, Taurus. Jupiter will transit your 5th House of love, romance, children, anything you do creatively and where taking risks and gambling are involved. Your home life promises to expand during this year long fortunate time for you

On 7/20, Saturn (Discipline/Structure) resumes direct in your 7th House of marriage. There could be a tendency to exaggerate the facts and blow minor matters out of proportion on this day. Good news, Taurus. Your personal and professional matters begin to show signs of serious improvement but they won't lack challenges and the occasional sense that you're feel tested and challenged somehow. Be patient and exercise diplomacy on this date for ideal results. Another Taurus or a Scorpio will play a serious roles in these areas throughout this transit that lasts until late December (12/23) of this year. You can count on a relationship to become more serious and more committed if you have put forth the effort during this transit that lasts until late December, single or coupled, love promises to have a karmic and fateful feel to it throughout the rest of this transit that lasts until 12/23 when Saturn enters your 8th House of sex, power and personal transformation.

 On 7/21, Uranus (Surprises/ Wake up calls and things you never saw coming) turns retrograde in your 12th House of privacy, hospitals, institutions and deals with matters that are private until 12/21/14. With Uranus retrograde in your 12th House, you might tend to experience some issues from the past that you might not have been aware of or you could find that a matter from your past returns, to your surprise, Taurus. Best advice: Tone down exaggerating the facts and work on taking a second look at issues that you might have buried from not only yourself but also the secrets other people want you to keep disclosed or people might not disclose secrets to you. The 12th House rules psychology, mediation and encourages creativity, so channel your Venus beauty into something that you love to do in privacy and know that during this time your energy can get turned inwards as you seek to look at patterns, explore issues from the deep past and you might even work on a creative assignment during this time. Just don't be surprised if you uncover information quite unexpectedly that was not meant for you to hear about when it comes to a marriage, legal contracts and a professional endeavor/association, Taurus.   

A New Moon falls in Leo on 7/26. Leo is your 4th House of home and family life. Jupiter, The Sun and Jupiter are involved in this New Moon suggesting major expansion and luck where your residence and relatives are involved. Expect to receive news relating to money and your home life on this New Moon, Taurus. You could fix/spruce your home up for a profit, decide to move or finally sell your home on this date! Expect good news, Taurus. The 4th House also deals with the topic of motherhood and could bring up issues relating to the past. Either way, expansive and good news relating to these areas occurs.

Taurus Best days:  7/9, 7/10, 7/12, 7/13, 7/14, 7/18, 7/19,  7/23, 7/26, 7/27 & 7/28

Not so great days: 7/4, 7/7, 7/15, 7/20, 7/22, 7/24, 7/25 & 7/29

An Aries and Libra will be involved. With an Aries, a love relationship could be getting hot and heavy. You become closer with an Aries this month and express your feelings dynamically. With a Libra, there will be a barrier but you ultimately come out on top. A Libra will find you attractive and might wish to take a friendship and turn it into something much more. With Aries and Libra this month, light will be shed on areas previously dark or restricted! You emerge victorious in a love relationship and can go far with your plans this month, Taurus. Happy July!  


Capricorn Forecast for July of 2014

The Sun transits Cancer, your 7th House of marriage, legal contracts and professional relationships until 7/22. These areas take center stage and get your immediate attention and affection as July progresses. You might find your physical energy levels to fluctuate this month but once the Sun enters Leo on 7/22 and Mars enters the more compatible water sign of Scorpio on 7/25, you find that your energy levels escalate and you tend to become more focused and detail oriented, Capricorn

Mercury (Communications, travel and your intellectual nature) opens July station direct in Gemini. Gemini represents your 6th House of work, your daily routines and puts the spotlight on your health and personal wellness. It will be important to keep up with your health, diet and nutrition regimens with Mercury in your 6th House. This is not a good time to take anything for granted in these areas. Pay serious attention to what you eat and how you take care of yourself, Capricorn. Mercury in your 6th House can be an a ideal time for getting yourself in the best shape you possibly can, personally, health wise and professionally. You become a fantastic motivator and speaker regarding your job, your health and where improvements can be made to existing programs. You will also be effective in your communications with co-workers and associates during this transit that lasts for the first 12 days of July. Mercury enters Cancer, your 7th House of marriage on 7/12 and stays there until 7/31. Mercury in Cancer brings about increased discussions where personal, legal and professional relationships are involved.  With Mercury in your 7th House, your personal and professional relationships become more established. You and a partner decide what you need individually to sustain your relationship - while a professional relationship requires more effort and communication from you. Mercury promises to iron out differences you might have in these areas, but discussions will be needed in order to keep the peace, on your end. Prepare for a few challenges and be ready to listen to the advice of others. This will help you considerably but you also need to be more receptive to others who might be having some challenges as well. In other words - Keep the lines of communication wide open and make sure you and your personal and professional associates are on the same page, Capricorn. Marriage, a legality and business relationships have the ability to make tremendous progress but it takes two, Capricorn. Know this and proceed accordingly!

Mars (Physical energy/motivation and sexuality) will be in Libra and your 10th House of prestige, authority figures and career matters until 7/25. This transit should assist you in concentrating and pouring your energy, motivation and drive into career matters. You stand to profit from being highly professional on the job throughout this transit that lasts until 7/25. You will know when certain matters should not be discussed as well as when they should be brought into the light. Your authority at work should increase and if you're seeking public recognition, give the best you have to give in order to increase your career visibility. You can gain and merit wider authority on the job, if that is what you desire. Just remember to stay focused, Capricorn. Mars exits your 10th House on 7/25 and enters your 11th House of friendships, group involvements and deals with your hopes, dreams and desires until 9/13. Your hopes and goals will be examined during Mars in your 11th House. Capricorn always has an agenda and a to do list, so make the most of having Mars in your 10th House if career and prestige are what you seek, Capricorn. Be careful with those in superior positions, such as a boss, superior or someone in authority. You could appear impatient with one who is confined to this role, so watch your temper and hold your fire until Mars enters the more compatible water sign of Scorpio, which complements your earth element, Capricorn.  

On July 12th, A Full Moon forms in your 1st House of appearances and promises to be a day you won't forget that easily, Capricorn. Circle this date on your calendar and expect the unexpected on this Full Moon. Full Moons can bring about closure or bring news that comes out of left field, Capricorn. Saturn forms an angle to this Full Moon that could bring news that could prompt a milestone event in your personal or professional life, Capricorn. You might be shocked and surprised or might stumble upon information that was not intended for your eyes to see, but you will uncover anything shady during the week of this intense and sobering Full Moon in your 1st House, Capricorn!

Venus (Love, money and all things harmonious) will begin the month in Gemini. Gemini is your 6th House of health, repairs, your daily routines and deals with your career. Expect more praise from associates and a desire to look your best could overcome you during this transit. Expect to hear good news regarding an ongoing health matter or you could gain an elevation in prestige during this time. Venus will exit your 6th House of Gemini on July 18th and enter your 7th House of marriage, legal contracts and professional relationships until 8/12. During this time, you can go far with your personal and professional plans, Capricorn. The spotlight is on you and an ongoing relationship can make it to the next level or you and a partner decide to move into together. Either way, your personal and professional relationships will become more stable, committed and you will be the recipient of serious admiration, applause and appreciation with Venus in your 7th House. 

On July 16th, Jupiter (Expansion, prosperity and movement) exits your 7th House of marriage and enters your 8th House of personal transformation, other peoples money and power, Capricorn. The 8th House deals with such diverse subjects that you could find the areas of taxes, insurance, mortgages and inheritances to be involved. Or it could have to do with sex, an ending or resources you share with someone else - like a spouse). You enjoy the theatrics and sunny nature of Leo and Jupiter is all about luck, expansion, movement and growth, so your greatest gifts will come from these areas beginning 7/16 until 8/11/2015.

On 7/20, Saturn (your planetary ruler) resumes direct in Scorpio, your 11th House of hopes, wishes and friendships. Your friendships accelerate at a faster pace and it will important that you continue to build solid foundations in personal and social relationships. Believe it or not, you can get influenced easily by the negativity of others, so avoid those known troublemakers when Saturn is moving direct in Scorpio. Saturn will enter your 12th House of secrets, issues from the deep past on 12/23 for a 2.5 year stay, so enjoy the foundations you build and appreciate the lessons (however irritating) when Saturn is moving direct in your 11th House of hopes, wishes, groups, friendships and your desires. Your friendships will also need some closer attention during this time, so make sure you are there for those enduring a tough time. You will feel tested and challenged in this area regardless but try and build solid foundations if you encounter any resistance when it comes to your 11th House of hopes, wishes, friendships, group involvements and ex loves. There is a lesson or something you might need to learn from these areas while Saturn transits your 11th House. Best advice: Confide in a Scorpio when dealing with these areas. This individual desires a greater closeness with you and knows how to keep your secrets safe!  

On 7/21,Uranus (Things you never saw coming/Surprises) turns retrograde in Aries, your 4th House of relatives, residence and family life. Expect the unexpected with Uranus retrograde in your 4th House. Uranus will be retrograde until 12/21. During this long retrograde, you can experience some shocks and surprises in your home life. Don't worry, Capricorn. Where you might have been stuck in a rut in this area of your life, Uranus will wake you up and make you aware of what needs to change and who or what might need to exit your life. An Aries and a Libra can be helpful to you throughout this retrograde transit, so don't hesitate to reach out to these signs for support or advice where your home and family are involved. Don't be surprised if you catch yourself doing some serious reflection and soul searching when it comes to your true thoughts about family and what it ultimately means to you throughout this retrograde, Capricorn!

A New Moon forms in Leo on 7/26. Leo is your 8th House of sex, power and personal transformation. This New Moon is favorable to you, Capricorn, as it brings about potential new offers to make money, gain via a partners raise in income and brings offers to catch a break on insurance, taxes, inheritances and or mortgages, Capricorn. Jupiter is involved with this New Moon suggesting expansion in your finances or you receive an offer to earn or bring in more money. 

Good days: 7/1, 7/5, 7/8, 7/12, 7/13, 7/14, 7/18, 7/20, 7/24, 7/26 & 7/31

Not so great days: 7/4, 7/9, 7/10, 7/15, 7/19, 7/22 & 7/28

Signs involved: A Taurus, Scorpio and a Libra are involved. With a Taurus and a Scorpio, physical attraction plays a serious role. A Taurus or a Scorpio will declare his or her love for you this month. You could also meet a Taurus or a Scorpio when you are traveling and this relationship could turn serious enough for marriage! Be on the lookout for Taurus and Scorpios this month, if single. A Libra will be involved in professional affairs. You find Libra mentally stimulating and this person will be a co-worker or romantic interest who expects more closeness from you and might want you t be more committed in a personal or professional environment

Aquarius Forecast for July of 2014

The Sun transits your 6th House of daily routines, fitness, health matters, pets, employment, work, associates and repair and maintenance issues throughout the Suns transit of the emotional, intuitive and sentimental sign of Cancer until 7/22, Aquarius, when the Sun exits Cancer and enters your 7th House of marriage, legal contracts and professional associations.

As July begins, Mercury (communications, travel and your intellectual nature) resumes direct motion in Gemini until 7/12. Gemini is your 5th House of love and romance. Gemini is a compatible air sign, so you could find this transit zeroing in on your love life and romance at a pace you feel comfortable with. Children and creative ideas and projects are also properties of the 5th House. Expect the first twelve days of July to be filled with serious and stimulating conversations where these areas are involved, Aquarius. On 7/12, Mercury enters Cancer and your 6th House of work, routines and your health. Caution Aquarius: this placement could find you short tempered as work life will appear stressful at times with constant calls, texts, emails and nonstop activity. Take your time during the 12th - 31st and pace yourself where career, your health, your daily routines and your work life are involved. You could feel overwhelmed with responsibilities throughout this transit, but hold your temper and keep your opinions to yourself when it comes to the input or opinions of others. You could feel challenged and overloaded during this transit of Mercury in the water sign of Cancer, Aquarius. Best advice! It's to your ultimate benefit to say as little as possible around criticism or you could risk putting an important professional relationship in jeopardy.  Your month will center strongly on your daily work, routines, personal health and career issues. You might feel as though your career needs to trump your love life at times as the pressure is on you big time and you could be required to perform overtime in order to fulfill costly but much needed necessities and ongoing obligations.

A Full Moon occurs in Capricorn (Your 12th House of privacy) on July 12th. You might desire some alone time on this date, as the emotions of others can seem too intense or over the top and you might need some time out to rest, retreat and recharge. It will serve you well to take a "moment for yourself" on this date - even if it's just for an hour. Your intuition will be running on overdrive on this Full Moon (Cancer component) and Saturn is involved suggesting that you give what you get when it comes to matters from the deep past.    

Venus (Love and Money) begins the month in Gemini. Gemini is your 5th House of love children and creative projects. Venus enters in Cancer on 7/18 and remains in Cancer until 8/12. With Venus in your 5th House as July begins, expect to be feeling the love and experiencing a surge in your personal popularity. A serious attraction is involved and a relationship can be formed, cemented and make serious progress with Venus in your 5th House. Enjoy the romance in the air and know that if you focus on anything relating to children, your children, creative projects, the arts and taking risks, these will be areas that you can make gains and receive applause and the most admiration. You could even make money from anything you do for fun during this time, Aquarius. On 7/18, Venus enters Cancer, your 6th House of career, associates and deals with your daily routines. A desire to look your very best will come into play with Venus in your 6th House. you could also focus more on your health and wellness during his time. People will be taking note of your personal grooming and health practices, so make sure you remain looking your best to really maximize the potential affection, love and applause that comes your way effortlessly with Venus in your 6th House. With Venus in Cancer, you could attract a Cancer and or a Capricorn, Aquarius, single or coupled! 

Mars (Physical Energy/Motivation) will begin to wrap up its stay in Libra, your 9th House of overseas travels, legalities and publishing on 7/25, when it enters Scorpio, your 10th House of public persona, your prestige and deals with your superiors. With Mars in your 9th House, by now you have learned about changes in your spirituality and when dealing with your worldviews. Your energy could have turned inwards during this time and you might have taken a deeper or closer look at higher education, spirituality or you could have reexamined your worldviews. Since the 9th House also rules foreign countries and foreign places, you could have began a new passionate romance with someone from overseas or began a relationship through a place of  higher learning or via a legal matter. Try and remain above the law during Mars in your 9th House, Aquarius. Legal issues might not go in your favor and be be costly during this time. Also, try and not get into any heated debates with those who hold opposing viewpoints from you - especially when it comes to religion or your spiritual views for perfect/ideal results. Serious interactions with someone from a foreign country or foreign travel is a another possibility with Mars is in Libra, the partnership oriented sign. On 7/28, Mars will enter your 10th House of career, public persona and prestige and stays there until September. During this transit your career becomes a more serious focus. You will posses the tenacity and become more motivated with career matters and your professional relationships with Mars touring your career sector.   

Saturn (Lessons/Karma) turns direct on July 20th in Scorpio. Scorpio is your 10th House of honors, prestige and centers on your career and career matters, Aquarius. You could feel restricted or challenged in these areas with Saturn moving direct. You learn lessons and create solid foundations with the help of Saturn, Aquarius. You could be feeling insecure regarding your place in the public and get withdrawn when Saturn moves direct in your 10th House of prestige, public persona and your career. It might feel as though career advancement is being delayed or tested in some way and you might have no other choice but to remain silent and keep to yourself about how you wish to fit in to public. On the other hand, if you have been working diligently and created solid foundations and built serious structutes in your career matters, you will receive rewards, possibly a promotion or a rise in salary for your professional efforts and hard work. 

Uranus (Things you never imagined possible, surprises and wake up calls) (Uranus is also your planetary ruler) turns  Retrograde on 7/21 in Aries, Aquarius. Aries is your 3rd House of siblings, self-expression, travel and deals with your neighborhood and community matters. During this long retrograde which lasts until 12/21, your planetary ruler might have some surprises in store where these specific areas are involved. Whenever your ruling planet retrogrades, there is a tendency to turn inwards, create worst case scenarios and possibly examine what is wrong and what might need improvement. Caution Aquarius: Avoid losing your temper or turning small issues into bigger ones throughout this long retrograde in your 3rd House. Uranus is the planet that gets you out of a rut, if you have been stuck in one - and this powerful planet will let you know what needs to change and what needs to go. During this time, you can be dealing with surprises and some possible erratic events within your home/residence, Aquarius. You may decide to relocate, spruce up or sell your home. Just tone down any overreactions or worrying you might have when dealing with home and your family life during this time. You could be prone to excessive worrying, so realize that all will work out as long as you avoid turning small matters into bigger ones than they actually are, you will fair far better than you thought!    

Jupiter (Luck, prosperity and expansion) enters your 7th House of marriage and legally binding relationships on 7/16 for a year long stay. Jupiter will exit your 6th House on 7/16 and enter Leo, your 7th House of marriage, bringing you a year of serious growth, good fortune and if you are going through a divorce, this transit should make it easier to separate, Aquarius. Single Aquarius will enjoy the transit of Jupiter in their 7th House of marriage as it speaks to important changes ahead in love, career and legal breaks - for the better, Aquarius, single or coupled. This is an important change of signs for you because Jupiter expands everything it touches, and when placed in your 7th House, a love relationship expands and turn serious, fast. Single Aquarius will not be single much longer with Jupiter entering their 7th House of marriage for an entire year. Jupiter will exit your 7th House on 8/11/15 so get out, be seen and know the power is within you, Aquarius! This should be an exciting time for all Aquarius as professional relationships also promise to broaden and introduce you to new beliefs and new ways of looking at your personal and professional relationships. Legal matters also promise to benefit you during this time, Aquarius.  

A New Moon forms in Leo on 7/26. This will be a stand out stellar day for you, Aquarius. With Jupiter (Expansion/growth and prosperity) in the mix, you can expect offers regarding marriage, legal issues or a professional matter to get clarified and you could even be offered a serious raise or promotion at your place of business. Love and professional relationships get a green light and its all systems go for Aquarius on this New Moon. You might feel low on energy but will be excited by the advancement and abundance offered to you, so you might not even care if you feel low on energy and tired on this New Moon because you will be busy savoring new offers.

Good days: 7/1, 7/7, 7/12, 7/13, 7/18, 7/19, 7/22, 7/23, 7/25, 7/26, 7/28, & 7/30 

Not so great days: 7/3, 7/6, 7/8,  7/11, 7/20, 7/21, 7/24, & 7/31.

Signs involved: Virgo and a Pisces will play special roles in your month, Aquarius. With a Virgo, you gain stronger sense of security and this extends to work, family life and your personal possessions. A Virgo will be your lucky charm this month, Aquarius. A Virgo might also wonder about traveling with you this month. With Pisces,  you share everything. Secrets are exchanged, stories are told and this relationship gets better with each passing day. A Pisces will offer excellent financial advice to you this month and it would serve you well to listen to a Pisces when it comes to earning additional income  

Aries July Forecast for 2014

The Sun transits your 4th House of family, residence, motherhood, the past, ownership, community and property issues. Expect these areas to play important roles in your life throughout the month of July, Aries. It's going to be a fast paced month, filled with non stop activity, so be prepared for lots of social stimulation, Aries.

As July begins, Mercury (Communications, travel and your intellectual nature) will station direct in Gemini until 7/12 and then enters in Cancer on 7/12 until it enters Leo on 7/31. Mercury begins the month in Gemini. Gemini is your 3rd House of short distance travel, siblings and deals with your neighborhood. Any time Mercury transits your 3rd House, your communication skills stand out and your ability to effectively communicate with the public, with neighbors, via your home life and within your community will be heightened. On 7/12, Mercury enters Cancer and your 4th House. This finds you happier and fulfilled with regards to where you stand in family relationships. Pay close attention to events that transpire on 7/18 - 7/20. To navigate this transit, be agreeable and utilize tact when dealing with others close to you. Your home life promises to take on greater importance throughout this transit and you might be overly protective of family members and feel nostalgic, slightly possessive and more connected to your family than ever during this transit. The Sun, Jupiter and Mercury will occupy the emotional and sentimental sign of Cancer during this time which promises to heighten your intuition and bring out serious discussions with your family members! Don't be surprised if you find yourself desiring an even greater closeness with family members during this time, Aries. Mercury will enter Leo, your 5th House of creativity, love and children on 7/31, so expect the emphasis to shift to these areas once Mercury enters Leo at the end of July! Mercury (Communications and travel) begins the month moving direct in Gemini from 7/1 through 7/12. Mercury is the planet of self expression and travel. The good news? Previous misunderstandings will fade into the background once Mercury stations direct in your 3rd House of communications, self-expression, siblings and neighborhood/community matters, Aries. Any confusion or delays you experienced when Mercury was retrograde will began to recede away and you can finally make tremendous progress when speaking, while traveling and when dealing with your siblings and family members. Computers, cars and all things relating to transportation move forward more smoothly with greater ease and you will be in a mood to celebrate. Mercury stations direct in your 3rd House until 7/12, when it enters Cancer, your 4th House of home, family, residence, relatives and deals with the topic of motherhood and issues from the past

Mars (Your ruling planet - which deals with sexuality, your motivation and physical energy) remains in your 7th House of marriage, legal contracts and professional affairs until 7/25. Mars has been in Libra since last year, so by now you should have a greater awareness and understanding when it comes to your ruling planet and how the energy gets dispersed when in your 7th House of marriage. During July, You will be getting closer to a romantic partner via a stronger commitment or saying farewell altogether. It's all or nothing once Mars enters Scorpio, your 8th House of deeply committed relationships until 9/13. With Mars in Libra until the 25th, single or coupled, the focus has turned to relationships, love and professional associations and your  greatest motivation and physical energy have been directed in this area. A new romance began if you're single (or the prospect of one did/will), you could be dealing with legal issues, contracts and paperwork also during this time. You might have noticed during Mars in Libra that women have been and continue to be instrumental in assisting you when you need advice, support or help with any ongoing romance! Couples could have married, had a child or decided to part ways. With Mars, there is not in between. You're either interested or not interested at all. Once Mars enters Scorpio, expect this theme to continue.    

A Full Moon falls in Capricorn 7/12. Capricorn is your career and prestige sector and this Full Moon brings professional matters front and center. Saturn forms an angle to this Full Moon suggesting that news you receive relates to career matters, Capricorn is your 10th House of prestige, career and public visibility while Saturn deals with issues such as maturity, lessons and hard work, Aries. You will hear news that excites you if you have put forth the dedication, effort and time. Those Aries who might have taken short cuts will learn that they still have more work to do on this date. It's all about how you have given to others and also how you have treated yourself when it comes to your career on this date.

Jupiter (Expansion/prosperity and abundance) will exit your 4th House of home, relatives, residence, issues past and also the 4th House deals with the topic pf motherhood. Where Jupiter travels is where you get the greatest good fortune in Astrology. Jupiter effects can be subtle in that you might not see instant results or any results until the transit has ended. When you look back to last summer and think about home, family, residence, relatives, issues past and the subject of motherhood, you should be able to see how much growth, abundance and movement has occurred. On 7/16, Jupiter will enter your 5th House of love, romance, creative projects and as your  5th House will be prosperous areas for you in terms of growth, abundance and greater fortune. This should be a stand out month for you, Aries. Family life will be to your liking and love looks up and can go beyond your wildest expectations and far with your plans. Jupiter will tour your 5th House for an entire year - On 7/16 until 8/11/2015, you are in one of the best cycles for attracting abundance in these exciting areas.

Venus (Love and Money) begins the month in Gemini, your 3rd House of self-expression, siblings and neighborhood, Aries. With Venus in your 3rd House, you could find an ideal location for your family to live in, you get closer/more involved with your siblings and neighbors. Short distance travel will also benefit you during this time. If single, this is one of your very best months to meet someone captivating, on your wavelength especially when taking short distance trips and there will be lots of movement and activity in this area as July will be a social, busy and fulfilling month.
With Venus in Gemini, you will attract the admiration of others close but you will need to avoid getting emotional when discussing certain issues (Cancer component). Venus will exit Gemini and enters your 4th House on 7/18. Venus will be in your 4th House until 8/12/14. You will find that home life is where it's at for you during this time. You will be so connected to home life and your family that you might prefer to stay home and work on a home repair project or get all caught up on home improvements. Do it, Aries!

On 7/20, Saturn (Discipline/Structure/Lessons) resumes direct in your 8h House of shared resources, sex and personal transformation. There could be a tendency for you to exaggerate facts and blow minor matters out of proportion. There can also be a sense of sadness or depression on 7/20. Be patient and exercise diplomacy on this date for ideal results. You could notice that tension and irritability are in the air and everyone will be feeling it on some level, Aries. For you, Saturn in your 8th House can bring about a rebirth in one area of your life. You decide under the influence of Saturn what needs to change, what needs to stay and who might need to exit your life. you will also be more willing to walk away from anything that doesn't contribute or bring value to your life. Your focus, dedication and willingness to transform yourself promises to benefit you, Aries. This is a good time to ditch a bad habit or rid yourself of things, people and ideas that no longer serve a useful purpose to you. Lie low on the 20th as emotions are heightened for all signs on this date. It's the Cancer component/energy and you can find it to be overly emotional, Aries). Saturn will exit Scorpio on 12/23 and enter the more compatible sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is your 9th House of higher education, publishing and overseas travel. Saturn is the planet that expects maturity from you. It comes in and asks you the big questions and wants to know how much you have learned from experiences past and how you are applying them to your present or not applying them. Saturn in your 9th House can bring about tests and challenges when it comes to people in foreign lands, while you pursue higher education and when dealing with travel, Aries. A Scorpio will be helpful to you with regards to money and your home life during the Saturn transit in Scorpio!  

Uranus (Wake up calls/Surprises and thing
s you never imagined possible) turns retrograde in Aries (your 1st House) on 7/21 until 12/21. During this Uranus retrograde, there will be a tendency to experience surprises and deal with sudden and totally unexpected upheavals that you never imagined possible, personally! During this long retrograde, Aries, events come to your attention that are related to your personal life and might find you overreacting to small but insignificant details. Tone down your temper and take a clue from Libra and practice the art of diplomacy during this transit. You will learn surprising facts about finances (yours and shared income) via unusual ways but you will emerge from any sudden experiences/events a much wiser person for it, Aries, single or coupled!  

A New Moon forms in the compatible fire sign of Leo on 7/26. The Sun, a New Moon and Jupiter will be involved in this New Moon which suggests that you receive a new offer when it comes to love, romance or when you deal with a creative project. This is a date to circle on your calendar, Aries. You have what it takes to bring about new offers relating to a creative project, you gain more admirers, single or coupled on this expansive and promising day, Aries! 

Good days: 7/7, 7/9, 7/18, 7/21, 7/23, 7/24, 7/26, 7/28
Not so great days: 7/8, 7/12, 7/13, 7/15, 7/16, 7/22, 7/31

The signs of Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius will play serious roles in your month, Aries. A Cancer helps you make a decision about a relationship or this individual will be instrumental in assisting you where your love life is involved. You could also discover what has been kept hidden with a Cancer this month. Family secrets could be involved. A Capricorn will elevate your morale, encourages you reach higher and fulfill your potential, personally and professionally. An Aquarius helps you win friends and influence others over to your point of view.