New Moon in Cancer

A New Moon forms in the home and family oriented sign of Cancer on Sunday, 7/23/17. Cancer is all about feminine energy and centers on issues of home, motherhood, mothers, the past, your family, where you live now, where you have lived in the past and deals with relatives and your roots. The 4th sign of the zodiac deals with nurturing others, focusing more on our home lives, family and finds all signs becoming more concerned with where we live and our emotions become heightened during this time (Cancer is ruled by the Moon which rotates into another sign or house every 2.5 days, so emotions can run from hot to cold in seconds with this intuitive sensitive and sweet spirited sign of Cancer - that includes you too! It's the Cancer energy in the air and all signs will feel it). With a New Moon and the Sun also in Cancer should be feeling more optimist about their love lives, friendships, career and family life this week. Cancer is a water sign, so the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will be dealing with new opportunities and offers more smoothly as water is compatible when mixed with water. Gemini and Sagittarius are in the love spotlight with Venus in Gemini. The only real interference this week is with Mercury in Leo, Saturn retrograde and Chiron retrograde, there could be personal and internal indecision about love, a sense of hibernation could suddenly overcome us and we might encounter conflict in the air among in our social circles. We will find that family is where it's at this week, regardless of your sun sign! With Venus in Gemini, Mars in Cancer and Mercury in Leo, there will be some serious changes on the romantic and social front this week. Mars in Cancer brings good but surprising news to Scorpio and Capricorn. Don't be surprised if people from your past continue to emerge this week and remember that cars, computers, conversations, travel and miscommunications will occur during this time. We can experience delays and Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn who will be dealing with some serious life changes, adjustments or seriously contemplating them.

What does the upcoming Astrology say about this New Moon and you, Cancer?

Aries: Your home life, issues of motherhood, your relatives and perhaps issues past come to your attention or present you with an offer you simply cannot refuse. Either way, Aries will be in a reflective mood and might need to retreat in order to recharge his or her energy. With Mercury in shadow Leo and Mars in Cancer, this week could have its up and downs. Pay attention to what transpires on 7/11. You might feel challenged or tested by someone you trust. Avoid misunderstandings by stating the facts, Aries. Love is looking exceptionally sweet. You have much to look forward to in July, Aries. A brand new chapter occurs where your love life, children, entertainment, taking risks and your creativity soar to new heights.

Taurus: Your Relatives, siblings, self-expression, travel and short distance trips bring new offers and opportunities that can present you with a new beginning. Since the 3rd House also deals with neighbors and community issues, expect a strong need/desire to stick close to home this week. You might feel the need to get closer to family and bond closer to siblings and neighbors. With Mercury in its shadow, you could be prone to being misunderstood on 7/14. The 18th can be especially challenging with regards to your interactions with associates, Taurus. Previous conflicts with a male get repaired, restored and or removed on 7/28.

Gemini: Your Finances, your self-worth, personal possessions and what you consider to be valuable, personally, professionally and financially will be thoroughly examined and you might decide to turn in an entirely new direction in July, Gemini. With Mercury in Leo, don't be surprised if you encounter more than one romantic interest. You might have to make a choice on the 18th or 20th. Expect instant gratification on 7/29. This is your week to express yourself in such a way that you leave nothing open to misinterpretation, Gemini. July promises to open a new chapter and start the next one. Your creativity could get you noticed by someone in a power position.

Cancer: Your personal life consumes the spotlight! Talk about transformation, Cancer. This time last year you were in a different space in your love life. By now, you realize that your home life is as crucial to you as your work life is. Choose your words carefully this week as Mercury is in Leo and you could be feeling extra frisky . People could be jealous of your success but will not let you know this. Singles can meet someone with serious relationship potential when the Sun and New Moon transit your 1st House, Cancer. Make a list of those things you desire and get out there, flirt up a storm and socialize when the mood strikes. Seek the company of another Cancer, Scorpio or a Pisces for additional and special insight!

Leo: The New Moon in Cancer influences your 12th House of privacy, secrets and creativity, Leo. You can get a fresh start in a new direction but you might have to make it up to someone else first. This Moon can bring about new offers through relationships past and via any private endeavors or encounters you are engaged in. Anything you do in private that benefits you and others bring you great rewards or a chance to make things ideal for you. Home life also takes on greater significance this week. You might not seem like the sunny Leo your friends know well. You might just desire some alone time as you prepare for one of the most KEY times in Astrology next month when an Eclipse occurs and sets the stage for a massive change in your life, home, love and career are areas to watch now.

Virgo: The New Moon in Cancer transits your 11th House of friendships, groups affairs/involvements and could bring about a new beginning or a new offer where your hopes/wishes are involved. Mercury (Your ruling planet) is retrograde and this can create hassles or misunderstandings you might prefer to keep to yourself this week, Virgo. Reach out to those friends who adore, admire and appreciate you. You will be genuinely touched and amazed by the fulfillment this can bring into your week. On Wednesday, 7/12, there could be some tension or misunderstandings with Mercury (your planetary ruler) in it's shadow retrograde. Be careful in love and sexual relationships on this day, Virgo. A silent and indirect approach will suit you well this week, single or coupled.

Libra: The New Moon in Cancer impacts your 10th House of prestige, your public persona and deals with career advancement in a major way. Expect yourself to become seriously consumed with these areas and expect some surprises where your career or that of a partners changes in some way. There is a transformation occurring in this part of your chart and with Mercury in Leo, you might find interference from a male to irritate you. Realize that any interference will expose what has been kept hidden and know that a new offer is right around the corner when it comes to your career, public image and dealing with authority .

Scorpio: The New Moon in Cancer influences your 9th House of overseas travel, advertising, spiritual views and your world views will be emphasized on this date, Scorpio! You could benefit or get new offers via higher education or when dealing with any type of legal issue. Good news is received or you can expect the unexpected where these areas are involved. With Mercury in Leo, don't rush, slow down and take your time when in transit or while driving this week. Accidents are possible on 7/26 and you and someone from a foreign country could have a heated debate in August. Focus on doing your own thing, keep the lines of communication wide open and retrace your steps for errors in judgement or mistakes made while multitasking, Scorpio. The 29th finds you feeling more accomplished and in control of your personal and private life. You decide that higher learning, travel or going back to school are possible keys to your success. Your family life will also play a stronger role than normal in your week.

Sagittarius: The New Moon in Cancer impacts your 8th House of sex, power and other peoples money. Your enthusiasm and powerful optimistic personality is needed this week, badly, Sagittarius. Others around you could be feeling off centered, challenged or low on energy. Pay special attention on 7/9 and 7/10. These are days to remain upbeat but draw a fine line when it comes to helping others and establishing some personal space and boundaries between opposing forces. Don't get sucked into the drama of others. Females might attempt to manipulate your emotions, ideas and concepts on these dates. The good news? The weekends are starred for love, surprises and thoughtful gestures from a possible secret admirer. Someone who is a friend might want to take a relationship in a new and improved direction.

Capricorn: The New Moon in Cancer impacts your 7th House of marriage and legally binding partnerships. Your love life, legalities and professional affairs will capture your attention and Capricorn will be feeling out of touch in his or her personal and professional life this week. Caution on 7/13, Capricorn. People around you could get on your last nerve, irritate you and or annoy you to the point of you tuning them out entirely. The good news is that romantic and memorable times are in store on 7/22 & 7/23. A Taurus, Libra and a Scorpio will be taken by your charm, charisma and sex appeal.

Aquarius: The New Moon in Cancer impacts your 6th House of daily routines, work and your physical health or that of one close to you. Expect better than expected news where your career and health are involved. Remain on track, Aquarius. You're doing all the right things and love is looking up for you, single and/or coupled. There might be a debate or challenge to contend with on 7/25 but if anyone can resolve an issue fast, it''s Aquarius.

Pisces: The New Moon in Cancer impacts and shifts your attention to your 5th House of love, children, taking risks and creativity, Pisces. Love, children and anything you do for fun. Your magnetism stands out in a crowd on this date (7/23) as you catch the eye of someone you take an instant liking to. Expect the 10th and the 30th to bring about some challenges courtesy of Mercury in fiery Leo and other planetary chaos. There is nothing you cannot resolve with clear communication and Pisces is learning to expose his or her vulnerable side to a close partner.

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Aquarius Yearly for 2004

2004 Yearly Horoscope Aquarius

by Elizabeth Ellis
There are going to be some radical developments in your life this year, Aquarius. This is good news so you can relax and expect cash, love and your sex life to rapidly expand throughout 2004. January will be a warming up phase when issues of home and love will take precedence and new routines will be put into motion. You shouldn’t be surprised at how many changes are coming your way for the better, Aquarius.

A creative project begun last year could bring more money and prestige than you possibly ever could have imagined. The signs of Aries, Cancer and another Aquarius will help with professional life and be lucky for you in money matters this year. The only problem you could encounter will be a tendency to procrastinate and be lazy where love and money are concerned. Think before you speak and make certain that your loved ones understand that everyone needs an occasional day off. Try not to give in to these sudden tendencies especially in areas relating to love and money. You will find romance to be foremost on your mind throughout the year. Venus, planet of beauty will be transiting your sign of Aquarius on the 1st of January and will remain there until January 13th. You could start out the year with someone new or you could be in love and possibly get married in the beginning of the year. January, February and March will be your most memorable months of the year for sex and love. You could change your residence or you could change your marital status. Married or single, your desire for security and your marital status will play an important role in your thoughts throughout the year as Jupiter, planet of luck transits Virgo, your true love sector.

You may be very cozy with a Libra, Capricorn or Pisces. With Libra there will be attraction and a love relationship that may result in marriage. Capricorn will intrigue you and you could become friends fast and fall in love even faster. A Pisces will share secrets or you may learn about the secrets of others through a Pisces. February, March and September will be your most prosperous times for money and your love life. You will be the winner and luck will be evident during these magical months. You could also be on the verge of fame and fortune during these stellar months.

You are astrologically fated to have your every wish granted during these powerful and prosperous months of 2004. You will find that during April you have more friends than you imagined. There will be increased activity with friends, short trips and relatives in your home. Try to get along with a Taurus and a Libra during April and September. If you want to avoid controversy or drama, it will be in your best interest to draw territorial lines from the very start with either of these signs. A Virgo and a Scorpio will become your allies during April. You could be starting a new life or a new business with a Leo or a Sagittarius in May. Saturn, planet of karma will remain in Cancer, your sixth house throughout the year. The sixth house represents your job and work that must get done despite the desire to play. Since you have so much planetary support behind you, this shouldn’t interfere with your ability to balance work and play during this life-changing year. June could find you dealing with last minute changes and sudden beginnings and endings.

During July an Aries, Libra or Sagittarius will help you restore the budget, and home life will be a major focus for you. Regard August as your most challenging month of the year, Aquarius. Caution is required as you could learn the secrets of others and surprises of those closest to you. Pay attention and check the facts with a Leo, Libra and another Aquarius during this month. There could be secrets related to money and you could be directly involved. September will be a great time for travel and leisure. You may want to explore exotic places or revisit familiar places. A Virgo does care and will prove it this month. Sexual attraction will be evident throughout September thanks to Jupiter in Virgo. With this placement, you are certain to find the love of your life. A Cancer or a Capricorn could ask for a second chance during October.

October and November will be months to focus on health and fitness. Ruled by Uranus, planet of surprise and innovation, you tend to be eccentric and bohemian by nature. This year will bring out a domestic, loyal and quite conservative side of you, Aquarius. Your friends, relatives and family may not even recognize the new you at times. This won’t bother you at all because during December you will be celebrating your luck, watching your money grow and you will be at peace with your love and sex life. Congratulations!

Cancer Yearly for 2004

2004 is time to make a fresh start in the right direction, Cancer. You could experience life as you have never imagined and love every minute of it. In love and sex, you will be smiling more than in previous years. 2004 promises thrills, adventure and sexual excitement with regards to love and sex.

As good as this appears, you must also be willing to let go of the past and jump into your future before someone else steals your lover or your chance. Don’t let love escape when it’s this close to you. You may find yourself suddenly up close and personal with a Leo, Libra or Capricorn and fall in love. You may also meet an Aquarius or an Aries who can and will change your life for the better. Saturn in Cancer this year will test your personal strength and bring pressures to your love and career relationships. Don’t let this throw you off balance because if you play your cards face up, you will always be rewarded and considered honest and fair. Remember how small the world is and treat others, as you would have them treat you. You will begin 2004 with Jupiter, planet of luck, in your house of social events and intimate gatherings. You also will have Uranus, planet of surprise, in your ninth house of travel, education and far away places. Beginning in January, Mars, the planet of sexual attraction will transit the sign of Aries. You could be working with the one you love or you could get involved in a passionate office romance that may lead to marriage. There are aspects that combine work with love throughout the year.

The numerical sign of number one in your chart suggests that you will experience an intense love or lust with someone whom you consider to be extremely sexy. Saturn in Cancer this year, however, indicates that there could be interference with hidden enemies in this attraction. Do not go looking for sex or love at night with just a candle in your hand, Cancer. You need to be realistic and turn the lights on when sex is over in order to get a very clear and accurate understanding of the one you are so intoxicated with this year. Watch for the signs of Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces to throw you a romantic curveball, especially during February, July or November. Anything that is dazzling or glamorous will seduce you in 2004. You may be surprised at the compliments and personal attention you receive from those sexy people this year. You could be the most glamorous person at any party you attend this year.

You will be extremely attractive to members of the opposite sex all year. Be careful with this sexuality you possess, Cancer. Realize that people are talking about you, especially during July and August. You could hear from someone you once loved or get a love letter from an ex flame during the Cancer transit. There will be a chance to correct past romantic mistakes in summer if you want to. The best time for single Cancers to find true love will be in November, when the Sun transits the compatible water sign of Scorpio, your house of true love. This will be a very sexy time for all Cancers whether they are married or single. Married Cancers will make more money together this year but one possible glitch may occur where each other’s schedules are concerned. Months to pay special attention to are March, August and October. One of you may have to be out of town alone during a critical time or vice versa. Aspects for married Cancers indicate brief separations followed by intense reunions. The strongest relationships and most meaningful will survive and endure during this ongoing Saturn placement.

Keep in mind that Saturn rewards hard work, dedication, drive and loyalty and rewards those with proven track records. Keep also in mind that if this planet wants you to get rid of someone or something, it will make certain that business gets done overnight. It’s important for anyone with Saturn in their own sign to understand that the message brought by this sign is that what comes around goes around. During October, November and December, surprises and shake-ups will produce excellent results in sex and love. You will be turned on by your progress in both personal and professional associations. As good as it gets, its only going to get better, Cancer! People love and adore your sincerity, Cancer. Your body isn’t too bad either.
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Aries Yearly for 2004

by Elizabeth Ellis
It’s getting hot in here. Are you sure you can handle the love and attention you say you wanted and needed, Aries? Get ready get set and go already! It is up to you and only you to make your love life what you want it to be. Pluto, planet of transformation has been occupying your 9th house of Sagittarius for years now. This can make for surprising developments in love where people from other places are involved.

It could also manifest in other strange but true ways such as involving elements like religion, education, fortune, extravagance, luck, casinos, gambling, athletics, athletes, weight, animals, animal issues or even other languages or long trips into your romance somehow. It may also mean someone who lives in the next town or someone from another country could be the one for you and vice versa. These Sagittarian themes will be ever present in your love life until Pluto moves into the sign of Capricorn in 2008. So for now, chill and by the end of 2004 you will know that everything you did was for the right reasons. You really can’t have it any other way so the faster you accept things, the better you will adjust to these strange but true tales. You can thank Pluto for those.

The number 9 will be especially lucky in your romantic life throughout the year. Look for a Cancer, Virgo or Sagittarius to make your romantic wishes become realities especially throughout 2004. You might need to upgrade your flirting tactics because you may have been a little rusty lately. Don’t forget about foreplay, Aries! Although you are sexually intriguing to others, you need to understand that patience and foreplay will get your lover going in the right direction. As the first sign of the zodiac, you always manage to find ways to do what needs to be accomplished and somehow you always manage to leave the sexual competition in the dust. Watch out for a Scorpio or Leo who may try and pull a secret move or a fast one on you this year. Months to be alert to are March, July and October. The year begins with Mars in Aries, your first house of personality, through February 3rd, 2004. This powerful romantic energy will enable you to go after that person you want and take it from there. You will have the charm and confidence to win just about anyone over during January and February, so use it while you can. Sexual compatibility will be present in January with a Leo or a Cancer. The Sun’s transit in Aries from March 20th - April 18th helps bond you to the one you love or lust for and keep sexual and romantic matters moving in the right direction.

Mars will transit Leo, your house of sex and romance, throughout the summer months so you really can’t make a wrong move in sex or love with that much planetary backup. You will find that your best months for romance are January and April. Take a trip during these months and make sure you bring your favorite person with you. The further the destination, the better your luck will be. Bring a Leo or a Libra with you. These two signs love going places with you. Whatever you wind up doing professionally this year, try and make an effort to somehow educate yourself more about your field or learn a new language to help out somehow. Take a new class, upgrade your skills and keep moving. These little things will make huge differences in both your personal and professional life especially throughout the fall. There are four eclipses during 2004. Eclipses have ways of bringing secrets and hidden feelings out into the open.

In October, a Solar eclipse in Libra, your opposite house can make your closest friends and sexual partner seem more like bitter enemies. This shall and will pass. Be especially kind and considerate of other peoples needs during this ultra tense eclipse. You could feel drained and want to throw in the towel or just give up around Oct 13th but hang on, Aries. It maybe best to just call in sick for the day. Things will return to normal by Halloween. November will be filled with love and spice. You will feel very needed as November closes. Once the solar dust has finally settled, a lunar eclipse will occur in December. This eclipse won’t be as strong as Octobers eclipse but you will need to adjust your attitude if you want to keep romance alive. Watch your wallet during this eclipse. You may find financial matters especially perplexing in December.

No big deal though because love looks ideal during the Holiday season. You will be celebrating 2005 with your closest friends and family, perhaps in another country. There could be news or an announcement about love or children on New Years Eve. You will end the year thinking how lucky you are to be you, Aries!

Libra Yearly Forecast


by Elizabeth Ellis
This is going to be a monumental year for you in love and romance, Libra. Some major changes with regard to your marital status have arrived finally and will change your future for the best and exceed beyond your wildest dreams and expectations. Focus on creativity, music and a strong love relationship with someone very special to your heart throughout 2004.

A Cancer, Leo or a Pisces will make your heartbeat that much faster and you may find true romance with one of these signs. A Sagittarius may be sexy but friends and relatives will interfere in this relationship during 2004. You start off the year with your planetary ruler, Venus, in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is your house of true love. You will feel like going here, there and everywhere with your significant other. If you are single, this is the time to get going, Libra. You are destined to meet someone who will jump at the chance to take you out of a lonely situation. There will be an excess of energy during early January, but relax because love is never far away if you are a Libra. Slow down in February because this month is all about domestic tranquility. This could be a year when you will find a home, create a family or get married. You can and will accomplish all you set out to do this year with regards to both love and sex. You can establish new relationships in March that could change your life forever. The initials of people who will be involved here are S.A. and N. March and April could bring some intense financial pressure and social frustrations.

This isn’t that bad because you have endured much worse in the past, Libra. There are four eclipses this year. Remember the primary job of an eclipse is to reveal secrets and promote change. In April, a solar eclipse will occur in the sign of Aries, the seventh house in your chart, Libra. During this eclipse, people will appear edgy and tense and even your most trusted companion will seem to test your strength during this aggressive eclipse. Remember also that April is considered your low energy month due to the Sun’s transit of Aries.

You can and will be happy in love but not so happy with your job, health and energy levels. May should be a relaxing month and you can expect to spend much of your leisure time with friends and family during the Taurus transit. Don’t let that Taurus boss you around during June. Try to extend forgiveness to any previously troubled relationships. An Aries, Gemini or Scorpio could help mend a relationship that has been on the fence. You will enjoy spending time with an Aries and a Scorpio during the summer months. These signs love to party with you. Gemini likes to get down and will want to have more than sex with you. Jupiter, planet of luck will move into Libra on September 24th. Romance will speed up and you could be getting married during this lucky romantic streak. Jupiter brings luck to all areas of romance and it also promotes enthusiasm and optimism with regard to your outlook about love. You will experience love, laughter and energy in spades during the last quarter of 2004. The outlook is very positive for you in love and sex during 2004, Libra.

Pluto, planet of transformation will remain in your third house of friendships and relatives in 2004. You will be spending more time and attention to friends and family than normal during the year although you will want to focus on home issues and security instead. There is enough of you to go around, Libra. November will focus on travel or a possible vacation to a far away land. Plan a trip in November for best results. You will be beautiful to those who matter during the Scorpio transit. Mercury, planet of communication, will be retrograde in early December. Make sure you double-check facts, figures and numbers. The year ends with a full moon in Cancer on December 26th. This is a lucky placement for you because you will have found the ideal job in your chosen profession. There will be news of much more money on the way. You will feel enlightenment and be very encouraged by your progress, both personal and professional as 2004 winds down.

Peace and harmony will prevail in 2005, Libra. Congratulations!

Pisces Yearly Forecast

2004 Yearly Horoscope Pisces

by Elizabeth Ellis
Cancer rules your house of true love, Pisces. In 2004, Saturn, planet of karma will occupy the sign of Cancer throughout this year and will remain there until next year. This brings a sense of security to your sex life but you could find your love life a little stale and somewhat predictable at times.

You may find yourself feeling restless with any ongoing long-term associations or sexual relationships. If you are single, this is the year you can make your dreams come true, Pisces. You may meet someone new who embodies the right qualities and whom you find to be extremely enticing. There could be an age difference with this person that could have people talking. If you are married, you will need to work harder than usual to make every effort to understand where your partner is coming from. Home responsibilities and career could be areas of contention and irritation. Regardless of your marital status, this will be a year of promising beginnings, sporadic separations and sudden endings. You could change your residence or marital status more than one time in 2004.

A Libra, Cancer or Capricorn will be involved with beginnings. You could be tempted and sexually attracted to a Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius this year. If not careful with your loyalty, dramatic endings will follow. You are a mutable sign, Pisces. You share this with the signs of Gemini Virgo and Sagittarius. Keep in mind that mutable signs are fabulous communicators, can adapt to many people and places effortlessly and are also considered the playboys/playgirls of the zodiac. People find this quality fun and fascinating and they will always want to party with you until dawn. Mutable signs also tend to break cycles and outworn relationships thus creating endings so that new beginnings and fresh starts can occur. They bring energy, passion and romance to all their relationships.

Some people for whatever reasons will be jealous of your luck with money and sex this year. Be especially careful with the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. These two will want to take both your money and your love in ways that you cannot afford.

Uranus, planet of revolution and surprise, has entered Pisces and will remain there for some time. This will be a time when you can achieve success through hard work, innovative ideas and patience. Some leaders will fall while the new leaders of tomorrow emerge and you could be one of them, Pisces. There could be a tendency to shake things up in your love life thanks to Uranus in Pisces. In January, An Aries or Leo will provide you enlightenment in areas previously kept hidden or secret. Money will be involved. A Libra could learn the truth regarding a secret meeting with a Sagittarius. There will be much at stake with a Taurus, Libra or Scorpio throughout 2004. Don’t let little irritations blow out of proportion, and come clean if you must. There could be some surprises and changes with your domestic life during the first half of the year. Separations due to travel may bring about sensitive feelings with your closest love and sexual relationships. Keep yourself grounded and explain your feelings twice if you need to. February will bring secrets out in the open and hidden surprises to your attention.

A Leo and a Gemini will be looking very sexy during March and April. Are you sure you really want to go there, Pisces? There will be secrets that are never told and words that are never revealed with these two signs. Summer will be a time of increased responsibility, both emotional and financial. You will however rise to the occasion in typical Pisces fashion. Jupiter, planet of luck enters Libra on October 13th. There will be announcements, celebrations and more money on the way thanks to this Jupiter. November will bring security in love relationships that you felt had been lacking earlier in the year. November will also be your best month of 2004. Uranus, planet of surprise will go direct on November 11th. Love will be perfect and sex will seem destined. By December the pieces will finally come together and you will be happier than you thought you had the right to be. A Cancer, Scorpio and a Capricorn will be your friends for life and prove it to you this month.

Your relationships with an Aries and a Libra will bring laughter and beauty to your life during December. Your most memorable months for 2004 are March, June and November. You will be lucky in love this year and despite those numerous beginnings, separations and endings, it would not have happened any other way. Be sure you know what you really want this year, because you are going to get it, Pisces!

Sagittarius Yearly Forecast


by Elizabeth Ellis
By nature, your outgoing, optimistic charming ways tend to attract VIP’s and persons in powerful positions. This year will be no exception either, Sagittarius. You are due to gain recognition in your professional life, and sexual and romantic satisfaction will follow close behind.

Your public image and professional affairs will demand extra time and responsibilities but the rewards that follow will be worth it. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly want to start or end a relationship in January. Music will play and home affairs may dominate more than you expected throughout the year. The signs of Taurus, Libra and Scorpio will play important roles in these areas. Love and sex will tend to be all or nothing for you in 2004. You are the playboy/playgirl of the zodiac and people always want to have sex with you right here right now. You have more sexual invitations and tend to date more than most other signs and you know deep down that you are quite the charmer. You radiate the right combination of social charm and possess charismatic beauty to lure pretty much anyone in for a one-night stand at the very least. Here is the weird news, Sagittarius. During this year one-night stands and casual sex will not appeal or contain the allure they did in 2003. A Virgo, Leo or a Pisces could change your mind at the last minute so try not to make promises you cannot keep to your sex or love partners during this adventurous and highly erotic year.

You will have more opportunities for sex than you know what to do with, Sagittarius. Make certain you know whom that person or special playmate really is inside as opposed to their outer beauty and that you can trust them implicitly. Pluto, planet of transformation remaining in your sign until 2008 will find you in a sexual or romantic fog at times. Remember that this planet is trying to teach you a valuable lesson and the sooner you learn it, the easier life will be. Finish what you start and step out of the haze you have been calling your love life. A Cancer or Aquarius may spill your intimate secrets and you may not be there to defend yourself. Make sure that if you want your private life to remain private, be exclusive with your words. The sign of Sagittarius is connected naturally with luck. Ruled by Jupiter, planet of luck, you tend to be lucky in travel and money and 2004 will be no exception.

Mars, planet of passion and sexual energy will visit Aries, your true love sector, from January through early February. You will find January to be an action packed month and there will be celebrations and other adventures on your personal agenda during this fantastic month for sex and love. Love will make you smile and sex will be especially memorable with a Virgo, Leo or Pisces. There will be talk of moving in with someone special. Perhaps, this will be a year that you do settle down and get serious once and for all, Sagittarius. You will be working hard for your money when Venus retrogrades Gemini during May through June. Hold your fire when your heart tells you and practice restraint, will you? A Cancer or a Pisces could light your sexual fire in July. Venus, planet of beauty, will transit the sign of Gemini and sexual relationships could flourish during the summer months. You can make a fortune with Scorpio in September. The chaotic energies of October’s eclipses will find you skipping town for an overdue vacation. Bring an Aries or another Sagittarius for laughter and good times. November will find you concerned with your marital status if you are single, and married Sagittarians can expect to feel like newlyweds throughout 2004.

December will bring surprise gifts, good news and good will from your nearest and dearest. You are going to get your way after all. Venus presence in your sign boosts your sex appeal. Others will be mesmerized and possibly in love with you. People will look to you as a role model in December. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year. Smile, Sagittarius, because all eyes will be on you in 2005.

Scorpio Yearly Forecast for 2004

You might as well face it, you are addicted to love, Scorpio. Believe it or not, you crave love and loyalty from your favorite playmate more than any other sign in the zodiac. You are emotional, sensual and very alluring to members of the both opposite and same sex in general.

They don’t call you the sexiest sign of the zodiac for no reason. People who like to play with fire are almost always instantly attracted to you. Did someone say fire? The signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius find you glamorous and mysterious. These fiery fire signs like to play with fire and don’t mind getting burned so be forewarned, Scorpio. There could be an ex Aries or Leo who may feel betrayed by you. 2004 will be a year where you will be more involved with both sex and love than you have in previous years. Although these are two entirely different worlds for you, this year will change your perceptions about sex, love and relationships as well. Your ideas about these areas of life are subject to sudden and abrupt changes. You may find that Aries, Virgo or Capricorn want to be more than friends, while a Taurus will want you to sign on the dotted line. Gemini and Sagittarius may tempt you but you would wind up regretting it later, Scorpio! There will always be secrets whenever you deal with these mutable, fickle signs. Uranus, planet of surprise, will occupy Pisces this year. Pisces is your house of true love. You may suddenly stumble into a relationship that is controversial yet sexually intoxicating. You could also suddenly be torn between two lovers or two relationships. Be your exclusive self despite numerous temptations this year or there will be a price to pay, legal or otherwise.

Be aware of some upcoming detours on your personal journey for justice and true love. Did someone say “lawyer”? It takes more than just looks to get on your private list of both friends and lovers. Although you may appear conceited to others at times, quite the contrary, Scorpio! Underneath it all, you are a powerful, loyal and funny friend. It is you that executives want to hire and consult with.

It is also you who is there for others during both good times and the not so great times. You also bring the gift of humor to all situations both good and bad. Follow rules and behave, Scorpio, because you have no other choice this year! A Taurus and another Scorpio may light up your social and or romantic life. These fixed signs bring perspective and passion to your life. Venus, planet of romance will transit Pisces from January 14 through February 7th. January and February promise luck, money and sudden twists and turns in your love life. There will also be four eclipses this year. May and October will be very memorable months featuring beginnings, endings and reunions in your sex and love life. Surprises usually occur in your life on a regular basis with regard to work and play. You don’t go looking for the unusual; it finds you instead. Get ready, Scorpio, because there are even more surprises this year of a pleasant nature and you couldn’t be happier when final results are in and announcements are made. March, July and November will be your most memorable and luckiest months of the year. Jupiter, planet of luck will be in Virgo throughout 2004. You experience luck through taking care of your health especially in 2004.

Take extra care of your health throughout the eclipse months, as you could be vulnerable to accidents or illness during these highly charged months. Months to be alert are April, May and October. Ruled by Pluto, planet of obsession, someone could fall hard for you this year while someone else will be playing your kind of music. Love will be confusing, controversial yet enticing but you are strong and if you are equally discriminating, you could be in love by the time summer rolls around. The fall months will find you needing a little rest and relaxation. Hang out with a Virgo or Libra if you need clarity or advice. You will look your best in shades of red, black and snow white this year, especially in October, November and December.

Intuitive beyond words, you possess amazing powers of intuition and some Astrologers insist you are psychic. Make your dreams come true this year because you can, Scorpio!

Taurus Yearly Forecast


by Elizabeth Ellis
Hang on; Taurus, Situations at home and work are not half as bad as you are making them out to be. Why do you feel the need to worry about things over which you have no control? Love is looking especially cozy and warm for you this year. You naturally respond to ‘taking things slowly” in love and sex matters. You do this because you feel you need a partner who is as dedicated and thorough as you.

You can and will wait a long time for the right person, Taurus. Tone down any pickiness this year and watch how much easier your life becomes. It will simply amaze you if you just smile and say “yes”. The whole idea about 2004 is transformation in just about every area of your life. If you felt lost or trapped in 2003, 2004 will seem as different as night and day for you. Look for the signs of Cancer and Capricorn to make your deepest wishes become realities this year. Aquarius and Pisces can also help you out at the right time in 2004. There will be elation in romance especially in October when a Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse fall in your first house of charm and personality on October 27th. You will have both the confidence and the cash to score big points with your favorite fans. Jupiter, planet of luck in Virgo, your house of true love will make 2004 very memorable with regard to sex and love. Pressure will build at various times, but as a fixed sign, you have the capacity to weather any heavy emotions or drama. The only thorn in 2004 is that you may experience some major or hopefully minor trouble with relatives. Another Taurus or a Libra could suddenly explode and you may be left giving explanations to others. Behave, Taurus, because people close to you, especially children, will be watching. Saturn, planet of change and transformation, will be in Cancer, your third house.

This takes emphasis away from money and turns to communications with others. This is all good news, Taurus. Where you felt burdened financially in 2003, 2004 will close that chapter of your life and you couldn’t be happier. The year begins with Jupiter in Virgo, sex and love will become a priority for you in January and throughout the year so get ready to meet someone new or start giving little presents to your significant other.

You will feel romantic or you may even be in love as the year opens. Open your heart to new situations and new persons throughout the year, Taurus. This applies to friends, lovers and casual acquaintances. Jupiter will be in Virgo until September 24th. If you have been looking for love in all the wrong places, your luck is about to change. If you are already in a committed relationship, you will find love even more rewarding this year. If you are married, love will glow and you may experience what feels like a second honeymoon during this Jupiter cycle. Plan a trip together during July if you are married. Single or married, go after whatever what you desire in both sex and love, Taurus. You have only the strongest planetary support behind you so remain calm, cool and confident for best results. Pluto’s transit through Sagittarius, your house of sexual fulfillment, has only made you more resilient and sexier to others. You will learn all about love during this long transit.

Pluto entered Sagittarius in 1995 and will remain in your house of sexual fulfillment until 2008. You are lucky in love and sex this year and it looks like that’s not going to change anytime soon, Taurus.

Virgo Yearly Forecast


by Elizabeth Ellis
Virgos can expect to hit the jackpot in both romance and sexual encounters during 2004. Jupiter, planet of luck, is currently in your sign, Virgo. This transit will last from January through the end of September. Expect the signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces to be involved in sexual and romantic relationships close to your heart.

You have the power, strength and sex appeal to make your wishes realities throughout 2004, Virgo. Beginning in January, your planetary ruler, Mercury, will retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius. This may cause chaos or flare-ups with family members. There will be discussions regarding your marital status in January and your family will be directly involved. Plead the fifth when family members or someone close gives you the third degree during this short but most forgettable transit, Virgo! February and March will be passionate and memorable on a romantic and sexual level. The temperature will be rising during these two steamy months. Mercury will then retrograde the signs of Aries and Taurus during April. You may stumble upon something written on a piece of paper that could change your future for the better during this perplexing month. Watch out for another Virgo or Gemini to be involved with this note or document. If you find yourself forced to make social rounds, be sure you express yourself very clearly or love could pull a disappearing act if you are too critical. You will find that April will be a challenging month, but if you remain calm, love will stick by you through thick and thin.

Listen to a Taurus or a Leo if you need help during retrograde periods. You will feel much better if you listen to these signs, especially in April. Your biggest challenge this year will present itself during summer and it may have to do with a Sagittarius or a Leo. Remain calm and be confident. You and Sagittarius will discuss matters involving home and security. Serious efforts on both sides must be mutual in order for the relationship to progress to the next level. A Leo will keep you grounded and feeling rather sentimental where the past is concerned.

You could also learn life lessons and the basics of day to day living with an Aquarius. During 2004 and especially through the summer months you will have tons of charisma and sex appeal. Regardless of your marital status, people will come over and want to party and play. There could be moments this year where you might trade in the old for the new. This could apply to your job, friends, lover or your wardrobe. One thing is for certain, Virgo: you will be concerned with fashion and health. Maybe you were right after all. You could and will notice throughout the year that your perceptions and standards of beauty change and seem way different then they used to be. You could notice that people you thought were “not so hot” could suddenly seem “extremely hot”. If one thing is for certain, you will be consulted on matters involving fashion, beauty, health or health related concerns. It does pay to take care of your body and you will notice the beauty in those closest to you from the inside out during 2004. You will be radiating sex appeal throughout the Jupiter presence in your chart. July will be a four star month for you in many ways. The emphasis will be in your eleventh house of friends and wishes. You will be smiling because wishes will become realities during this magical month. There are indications that celebrations, weddings and reunions will be taking place perhaps in a distant city. You also will be having mind blowing sex with your favorite person and celebrating this love with your closest friends.

You may come to the conclusion in August and September that there really is no place like home. August born Virgos may feel the need to escape a confining romance whereas September Virgos will just escape in front of everyone. You could very well be celebrating your holidays with new people from faraway places. The initials S. A. and J. figure in the names of people you will find sexually attractive this year. As 2004 ends, you can get your sexual satisfaction and this theme will dominate your love and sex zone throughout most of 2005. The best is yet to come, Virgo.

Leo Yearly Forecast

2004 Yearly Horoscope Leo

by Elizabeth Ellis
You will rediscover yourself this year, Leo. You will experience love and have amazing sex throughout 2004. This is a new era for you and you couldn’t be happier. Congratulations! You endured seven years of chaos in relationships thanks to Uranus, planet of shake-ups and surprises in Aquarius, your zodiac opposite house of romance and true love. This was no walk in the park.

You would be the first to admit the past seven years were rather intense, dramatic and full of surprises at each and every turn. It’s all over now, so breathe that overdue sigh of relief already because 2004 promises the lions and lionesses of the universe nothing less than the royal treatment. You will be able to choose from a long and sexy list of admirers just waiting for you. That’s right. All you have to do is show up, Leo. You could be hot and heavy with a Cancer, Sagittarius or a sexy new Aquarius. A Capricorn could also come in at the very last minute and turn things upside down for you in sex and love matters. Anything goes in 2004 and you should be feeling youthful, energized and happy once and for all with sex and love relationships. Uranus now in Pisces takes emphasis away from stale redundant sex and love dramas. Relationships in 2004 will be magical, fun and not so much work. You will also find your lover to be much more attentive than you previously imagined. A Virgo will surprise you. You can get the sexual affection you crave in 2004 that you may have felt was missing last year. As January begins Mercury will be retrograde in Sagittarius, your house of true love. Just don’t make any promises you cannot keep, Leo. This is a short visit so don’t think for a second that people don’t adore you anymore, they do!

You may feel blue during the beginning of January, but February and March will brighten up your mood and sex drive. A Taurus and a Scorpio could be climbing to the top and you may want to join them during March. You could make money with these two signs, Leo. Pluto, planet of transformation, will retrograde in Sagittarius, your romance sector, from March through August. Planets in retrograde are ideal times to review, revisit and rebuild your attitude with regard to those particular areas of life. You dear Leo may have to make a romantic choice once and for all.

Someone this year is going to issue a declaration of love or you could get a romantic ultimatum. Decide once and for all what you are going to do about your marital status. Do you want to be single, married or casual? The choice is yours and only yours. Aries and Pisces may want to share secrets with you of a sexual nature in April. Uranus in Pisces will give your sex life sizzle and you may find yourself experimenting in sexual situations you thought you would or could never do, naughty Lion. You are kinky this year, or so lovers will say. These are the lovers that will keep coming back for more. You will be lucky in sex whether you are a male or female. You and another Leo will not only look good together, you will make music together. It could happen very quickly and escalate from there.

August will be a standout month. Remember not to upstage another Leo while you are in public together. The outcome of this relationship, however, may not be what either of you had anticipated. Be very careful with another Leo especially during 2004. The Pisces transit will enhance creativity as never before and inspire your desire to act, paint, dance or pursue something that is personally meaningful to you. You may feel driven or obsessed with a new hobby. Prepare to succeed with a Taurus, Virgo or Scorpio in a creative or business endeavor throughout summer and through fall. Aspects for making money during this time are ideal. Jupiter, planet of luck will enter Libra, your party house, on September 24th and will remain there throughout the end of the year. This is a magical placement for you. Romantic and sexual compatibility are practically handed to you. You didn’t even have to leave the house! You will be surprised by who attends your parties this year. You will be popular, charismatic and sexy beyond belief throughout 2004.

Your best months for the year are February, May and November. Your most memorable months are February and September. You may discover that changes you made in your professional and personal zones at the end of 2003 were to your benefit in more ways than you imagined. Isn’t great to always be right, Leo?

Gemini Yearly Forecast

2004 Yearly Horoscope Gemini

by Elizabeth Ellis
Jupiter, planet of luck, will be in your fourth house of home and family this year. At the same time Pluto, planet of transformation will occupy your seventh house of marriage and finally Uranus, planet of surprise, will occupy your tenth house of career and public relations.

This is the time to get down and dirty when it comes to serious business both in and out of the bedroom, Gemini. In 2004 with this massive buildup of energy in so many crucial areas of your life, it is imperative that you to step away from the dramas surrounding you and focus on the details of every agreement. Get commitments in writing and make sure you have signatures. Legal matters could dominate down the line if you are not extra cautious with your relationships, both personal and professional this year. Be sure that you see relationships as they are and not how you desire them to be. Focus on making yourself emotionally and financially secure and be happy with who you really are. Whatever your current role is at the moment there were times in 2003 where you may have experienced some chaos in a very significant relationship and wondered whether things would change. What do you really need, Gemini? Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something and wants you to figure it out for yourself. You may have begun to feel this intense influence in December.

Be aware that certain people may be keeping secrets from you. These people for whatever reasons feel that this is for your own good. If you are persistent however, they will eventually come around and share them with you. Be patient and persistent, Gemini! You will notice that Aries and Libra are your closest friends during this year. They could teach you things you have wanted to learn but never had the opportunity until now. Traveling with a Sagittarius will be lucky for you this year. If you are in a relationship with a Sagittarius or another Gemini, you could be lucky together this year. One of you may suddenly receive an inheritance or experience another type of sudden financial luck. Ruled by Mercury, you tend to fall in and out of love easily. You, Gemini, more than any other sign, have the capacity to bounce back from any failed romances rather quickly.

Your planetary ruler Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius until January 5th. If you are married, this could bring some misunderstandings and dissention in 2004. If you are determined to make a marriage work, this is the year to travel together and make extra special efforts. Single Gemini’s will have thrilling adventures in sex and could find true love during the period of January 14th – February 7th when Venus will transit Pisces. You will play a very important role in teaching others lessons this year, Gemini. You could be the musician, actor, writer, entertainer and star of any show. You will mesmerize groups of people, not just one person. Keep your wits about you during March and April when the spotlight will shine directly on you. You will notice that the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces play important roles in your home and sex life this year. Summer will stir up sentimental thoughts of long ago and far away and the desire to travel.

You could visit a foreign country, experience new culture, learn a new language or suddenly want to relocate. Think big and your dreams will follow in 2004, Gemini! You will find the number 8 to be especially lucky for you this year. Whatever occurs, your summer months are ideal for travel and love. During fall, there could be a sexual spark with another Gemini, Scorpio or a Leo that could change both of your lives in more ways than you may imagine. If you think it’s fun now, then wait for it to get even better. You will find November to be the most romantic, prosperous month of 2004 and December will bring financial worries to an end. December will bring peace with former adversaries and you will be lucky in love as the New Year approaches. The best is yet to come, Gemini!

Capricorn Yearly Forecast


by Elizabeth Ellis
You need to get smart about money this year, Capricorn. There will be a strong temptation to spend at every turn during this prosperous and expansive year. There will be more money in 2004 but exercise caution with your cash, especially since Neptune, planet of confusion and deception will remain in your second house of income and money matters. The temptation to spend will be overwhelming at times but use your shrewd Capricorn caution and watch how your money makes money when you save it. Make that your motto in 2004.

In addition to finances your ruling planet Saturn will remain in Cancer, where it entered last year and will remain there throughout this year. This is considered a big time placement for you with regard to sex, love and relationships of any romantic nature. Cancer is your house of sexual relationships, love and marriage. Your love and sexual relationships will be subject to scrutiny, gossip and numerous separations throughout 2004. The months of May and June could bring on big time insecurity for you in romance, Capricorn. Step away from drama and stress. You may feel lonely in a crowd during these challenging months. Not to worry though, you will overcome any romantic challenges in true Capricorn fashion and with style and class at every turn. The signs of Aquarius, Libra and Pisces will play important roles in your romantic discussions this year.

You will entertain and be entertained and you will keep a Taurus and Virgo on their best behavior. You could also be making future romantic plans or discussing the subject of love with a Taurus or Libra. January will be a time for you to make new friends and be in the spotlight. Mars, planet of passion will be in Taurus, your sector of true love from February 3rd - March 20th and could be your most sensual time for love and sex. If you are single, you could meet someone new and very promising. If you are married, sex will become even more intimate and love will assume a deeper level of understanding. A Cancer and another Capricorn could be instrumental in assisting you with important new contacts, both personal and professional during May.

You tend to be hard working, confident and ultra serious in business matters, Capricorn. Play up this image in May, July and November as these will be the right times to promote your business, beauty and any other accomplishments. You possess the ability to appeal to others on an international level. Fame and fortune are never far away for Capricorns so hang in there during April and June when you may find those closest to you moody, temperamental and out of sorts emotionally. Keep in mind that there are four eclipses this year. Watch for the signs of Aries, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio to be challenged by these eclipses. Aries may tend to be more aggressive and bossy while Taurus could get extremely quiet and suddenly need some space. A Libra could reveal a tender vulnerable side while a Scorpio could do something totally unexpected and out of the blue. Expect surprises this year from these four signs.

October and November will be months for great strides in both romance and business ventures thanks to Venus, planet of beauty, visiting the sign of Libra, your house of professional associates. Wow! The boss and someone special will be admiring your achievements and will help you acclimate to your newly elevated status. Very important people are going to reward you this year for past efforts. Don’t be shy, and by November, you will finally achieve all you have been working so diligently for. December could find you assuming a leadership role or you could be “the boss”. You are destined for the big time, Capricorn. Think of 2004 as the dress rehearsal.

Leo July Forecast

The Sun transits your solar 12 House of secrets, isolation and what is occurring behind the scenes as July opens. You will be privy to secrets and you could have a few juicy secrets of your own, Leo. This month is going to have it's ups and a few moments. However, there is nothing you can't handle now with the personal planets of Venus (Love) in Gemini, Mars in Libra and Mercury in your sign - all in compatible signs to your Sun. You will feel confident, gain momentum in your confidence and radiate personal appeal when you step out, whether it's for a night on the town or a  simple lunch with friends, Leo stands out and others are mesmerized by their charms.

On July 3rd, Mars (Drive/Ambition) enters Libra and your 11th House of friendships. on July 3rd so mark this day on your calendar, Leo. Also, there is a Full Moon in Capricorn on this date. Capricorn is your area of work and honors. You will be thrilled as you receive news on this date regarding your career and it turns out to be good news, Leo. You will feel confident and others will express their admiration for your contributions, especially professional. Personal also looks up for all Leos.

You notice as July opens that your way with words is powerful. You will do well in sales, public speaking and anything regarding writing and publishing. It's a time to shine and get others to follow your hopes and desires, personally AND professionally, Leo.
Mercury (Communications) opens the month in your sign Leo. This is an excellent time to  speak up for yourself and give your best presentations to those whom you hope to win over, personally and professionally. From July 14th - August 8th - Mercury turns retrograde in your sign, so it remains vital that you remain up to awareness when it comes to communicating the BEST you can during this retrograde -  Misunderstandings, accidents and reflection are always likely to occur during Mercury retrograde as Mercury is the planet of Communications and rules everything from the written to the spoken word , so remain alert. Mark April 6th on your calendar, Leo. You will notice a shift!

Jupiter (Luck/Expansion) is now in Gemini and your 11th House of friends, hopes and your deepest wishes, Leo. You could find that you gain tremendous expansion in this area of your life. You will be exposed to newcomers, an ex can resurface and you could fall madly in love something you have hoped for comes to materialize during this year long visit of Jupiter in your 11th House, Leo. For even more information about how this extended prosperous planet will benefit you, look to the 11th House or if you have a natal chart, look at the House that Gemini falls in. That will be the area where the strongest growth, luck and expansion take place. You will find yourself to be popular and you will learn where you stand with friends this month. Love and career are looking beyond up. This transit of Jupiter will last until next June so maximize this planet by figuring out where you will experience the most growth, Leo.  
A new Moon occurs on July 19th in the home loving sign of Cancer. Cancer is water and Leo is fire. This new Moon will bring Leo and new opportunity. Even though Mercury will be retrograde on this date, the New Moon in Cancer can bring about strong intuitive feelings about everyone you encounter. You will be sensing your physic nature and you might even scare yourself with your own accuracy this month, Leo. You will find a deeper meaning in your relationships with friends, family and a serious love relationship. Single Leos could have more admirers than they know what to do with. If single, avoid isolation in July, Leo. 

 A Gemini and a Sagittarius will play important roles through out the month.